Monday, November 08, 2010

CMLL 52MX 11/6/10 (taped 10/31/10)

Bam Bam/Electrico/Ultimo Dragoncito vs Pequeno Olimpico/Pequeno Warrior/Pierrothito

- That mask Bam Bam wore in his entrance is not going to put an end to any of the rumors surrounding his orientation.
- This is an actual solid lineup of mini's but it is a Sunday show... so I'm not sure what to expect.
- Is this the first time they've come out and said Pequeno Olimpico used to be Cicloncito Ramirez?
- Interesting question of the week: Did Pequeno Warrior agree to drop his mask by the end of the year in exchange for taking Bracito's mask earlier in the year? Will Electrico be the one to take it? Will CMLL get called out for the fraude of having Peq Warrior unmask again in DF?
- Excellent finish to the first fall with a crazy dive by Electrico and the other tecnicos hitting their respective finishers.
- Second fall is clipped right away.
- Electrico getting his mask ripped by Warrior so this is a Sunday and Friday feud it seems.
- Someone got their wires crossed on the comeback b/c Pierrothito just stands there when Bam Bam superkicks him.
- Bam Bam ends up outside and takes a plancha from Pierrothito!
- Rudos wrap up the fall with Electrico basically walking into Peq Warrior's finisher.
- Third fall has the Bam Bam showcase. The guy is amazing. Reminds me so much of Ricky Marvin who was clearly miles ahead of almost everyone in CMLL when he finally chose to leave b/c he was going nowhere. Sadly there is no mini's division in Japan for Bam Bam.
- Dragoncito and Bam Bam with dual flip planchas!
- Electrico counters Peq Warrior's finisher! UNEXPECTED! Warrior then gives up too early to Electrico's submission but it's okay. They need to fix that before the mask match though.

Valiente/Maximo/Toscano vs Okumura/Taichi/... YOSHIHASHI?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!?

- Who decided Yoshihashi could finally get back on TV?
- Japanese attack during the entrances. Is this a feud? I swear Maximo and Valiente have been paired up with the Japanese a lot lately.
- Taichi's big boot looks unpleasant to take.
- Hey look, Yoshihashi has a finisher! We may never get to see it again!
- For someone who supposedly only teamed with the Invasores so she could get a shot at Amapola, Marcela looks awfully happy to be posing with them in the Ras De Lona clips.
- Toscano and Valiente lead the tecnico comeback and Maximo hits a tope suicida on Taichi!
- Valiente hits an incredible double springboard rana and then finishes off Okumura! Awesome!
- The doctor at ringside seems strangely not into watching Maximo try to kiss Taichi. Sell it doctor!
- And now Toscano is stripping. Where's the FF button...
- Yoshihashi has TWO moves! This calls for a seperate luchablog post!
- Japanese team takes it as cleanly as I've seen in a while. Not as bad as I thought it'd be.


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