Sunday, November 07, 2010

CMLL Puebla 10/25/10 (taped 10/11/10)

Tigre Rojo/Stigma vs Ares/Espiritu Maligno

- Have not been overly impressed with what I've seen from Stigma but he's young so I assume he will improve. He's certainly way ahead of most of the GDL locals making TV.
- Stigma may be able to work as 'Electro' if he ever gets called up to the main roster seeing as though he remarkably resembles Electrico.
- Nice cutoff spot as Ares spears Stigma out of nowhere!
- Not much happening in this rudo beatdown...
- WHOA WHAT A FUCKING ARMDRAG BY STIGMA! THAT'S HOW TO WIN ME OVER! Lots of rope bounces and then a 360 armdrag off the SECOND ROPE!
- Double neato submissions for the... no wait... down to Stigma vs Espiritu! Amazing how finishes like this never even enter the minds of the wrestlers/bookers working in DF.
- After some nice nearfalls Espiritu gets the win by throwing Stigma on his face from a Splash Mountain position and then locking on a reverse Indian Deathlock! Fun short match.

Astral/Shockercito/Ultimo Dragoncito vs Bracito De Oro/Pequeno Nitro/Pequeno Warrior

- Bracito may be a rudo now but he still loves whoever that is on his football jersey.
- I do not expect anything out of this match except Shockercito/Bracito feuding.
- Astral enters with a double springboard moonsault and thus I do not get the privelage of seeing him smash his head into the mat like he did in Guadalajara.:(
- Astral goes for an armdrag and Nitro tries a clothesline. Ugly.
- One more blown spot before the finish as the rudos take fall one.
- Astral climbs the ropes for a plancha in the second fall! Ultimo Dragoncito follows with a safe (by his standards) flip plancha!
- Reinera gets Bracito De Oro to submit.
- Rudos remain in control to start the third fall so Bracito can toss Shockercito around.
- Astral finds another fancy way to enter the ring without smashing his head!
- Astral moonsaults off Pequeno Nitro's back and sends him out with a rana! Then he follows with a running somersault plancha!
- Bracito low blows Shockercito for the DQ! Crowd was more into this feud than I thought they'd be.

Blue Panther/Hijo Del Fantasma/Toscano vs Vangelis/El Terrible/Misterioso II

- Terrible/Panther open with some decent matwork.
- Fantasma/Misterioso up next and I expect Misterioso to lead Fantasma through the same exchange he goes through with every CMLL tecnico.
- Yep, there it is.
- Vangelis takes a bump to the floor and Toscano follows with a simple pescado. I'm thinking after breaking his leg on a running somersault plancha and then recently taking a big fall off a springboard plancha we won't be seeing anything else out of Toscano other than a tope suicida or pescado.
- Panther tries to boost Fantasma into a rana but Terrible power bombs him and then both tecnicos are forced to give up.
- Second fall is quick as Fantasma rolls up Terrible while his partners are distracted. Vangelis is in absolute shock.
- Hijo Del Fantasma with a wild tope suicida!
- Toscano with another pescado!
- Panther tries a pescado as well but Vangelis pulls him outside only to have his head meet the ringpost soon afterwards.
- Some nearfalls and near submissions...
- Terrible ends up outside and eats a Fantasma pescado! The remaining two tecnicos put the rudos away for the win. Better than I expected.

Mistico/La Mascara/Mascara Dorada vs Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero/Mr. Niebla

- Rudos attack La Mascara during his entrance.
- Triple submission gives the first fall to the rudos.
- La Mascara takes out Ultimo with a tope suicida and Dorada almost killed Niebla with a moonsault bodyblock inside the ring as Mistico hits La Mistica to even the falls up.
- Dorada gets in exchanges with Atlantis and Niebla before bailing so La Mascara can face Ultimo Guerrero who runs away.
- Mistico does the same.
- Double running somersault planchas from Dorada and Mistico!
- La Campana wins it for La Mascara and the tecnicos! Usual post-match challenges afterwards. Highlighs at the end show a Rey Cometa asai moonsault, Fuego diving over the top onto Skandalo and Pegasso doing his Ludxor dive onto an unsuspecting Nitro except this was a REAL unsuspecting Nitro who was looking at the crowd and was shocked when Pegasso landed beside him. Oops...

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