Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This, That & The Other Thing

- I absolutely loved loved loved LOVED IWRG's 9/16 show. Top-to-bottom just great stuff with the good looking matches delivering and the terrible looking matches turning into better than average bouts. The opener was exactly what all IWRG openers should be. They worked the mat... they had simple little exchanges... Mixteco beat up on Super Halcon... and they did a fun finish. This is how you develop good workers. Let a veteran just guide them through a simple match. I want more of this! Segunda was my man Brazo Metalico back teaming with Dynamic Black against Nemesis and Imposible. I expected this to be good and it was! Brazo Metalico is great and I cannot wait till he starts getting elevated on IWRG cards so he can work with the veterans. Dynamic Black was pretty toned down but he had some moments where he was carrying Imposible which is always great to see from a young tecnico. Imposible used this undescribeable submission in the second fall that is right up there fighting for #1 new creative submission with Comando Negro's finisher. Great finish. Great match! Next up was the previously mentioned Comando Negro and Freelance continuing their feud. Lots of brawling early on but good brawling. Tecnico comeback had the usual insane dive from Freelance where he could have easily broken his back on the guardrail. Third fall never kicked into high gear but did have an amazing double dive from the rudos which was totally unexpected. Magia Negra did an asai moonsault into the crowd! WHO IS THIS MAN?!?!?!!? Freelance vs Comando Negro will be epic when it takes place. Hopefully on a Thursday rather than a Sunday. Semi-main was Dr. Cerebro vs Decnis. Right away I was amused by Nemesis coming out to second Decnis. This match was fantastic. Seriously. In order to hate this match you have to be the most anti-AAA guy in the world b/c Decnis turned in an incredible performance and completely hung in with Cerebro on the mat. How about that first fall finish? HOW ABOUT IT??? Loved the way they played off last week's finish in the third fall and that finish... oh that finish... DEATH TO DECNIS!!! Highly reccomended match. Best IWRG match in a while and I can say that b/c I've seen a lot of recent IWRG.:D Main event was where I expected to fall asleep (was watching this at like 2am). It was the AAA vs IWRG Torneo Cibernetico with such names like CIBERNETICO, ESPIRITU, MASCARA ANO 2000 JR. & SILVER KING. But whoever put this together was a genius. We didn't even see Cibernetico for the first 10+ minutes and they skipped the usual annoying BS of having the teams pretend to work the mat/get annoyed with each other early on and just went straight to the exchanges and dives. I was impressed with how everyone worked so good together. Gato Eveready and Hijo De Pirata in particular although they have worked with each other in the past. Even Ciber got in on the action finally and took a bump! That's much more than I expected from him in this match. The eliminations weren't fast and furious so you had time to breathe and they saved the nonsense until only three guys were left and that's when Cibernetico/Silver King chose not to get along. If all the Torneos keep being worked like this one I'm all for non-stop weekly AAA vs IWRG Torneos! Highly reccomended show but if you don't have the time (which makes you an IDIOT! STOP IGNORING IWRG!!!) go for the segunda and top two. I see the newest week of IWRG TV is on youtube but it's only top 3. Holding out for my privatized megaupload version hopefully with the bonus two matches to start.

- CMLL Puebla 9/13/10 was a two match show. But from looking at the listings you wouldn't guess which two matches would be the good ones. It ended up being the opener with the locals and semi-main. The locals were on fire. It wasn't on the level of their 3/22 match but it was pretty damn good. They skipped the segunda with Bronco. BOO! Tercera was Cancerberos or Infernales (can we just officially add Nosferatu already?) vs Stuka/Fuego/Angel De Oro. Boring. Semi-main was really heated and built up Sombra to challenge Lyger for his title. Third fall in particular was excellent with some nice twists at the end. Main event was the tag title match that I was looking forward to until I read the results. Match was 100% angle with Tirantes as the main attraction. None of the wrestlers did ANYTHING and they didn't even try to work a serious match. It was a night off for all four. Was hoping there would be a rematch based on the result but clearly that's not the direction they're heading in. Skippable show for the most part.

- CMLL Puebla 3/22/10 had a fantastic opener with the locals. I haven't gotten through all the 2010 Puebla obviously but I find it hard to imagine any locals match topping this one. Just non-stop action with everyone getting to shine and some very creative spots as you'd expect. Millenium is finally living up to my name as he hit some really sick stuff here and also proved to be a decent enough catcher which is rare for a smaller dude. The real star may have been El Barbaro who took it to the mat and then began moving around like it was normal for him! I'd never seen him leave the mat before this! I'm choosing to ignore the finish where Asturiano had Ares in a submission but for whatever reason Rafa El Maya decided to count to three. *ERASING THAT MOMENT FROM MY LIFE... NOW*! Next up was the women. I'd manage to avoid any match with Goya Kong up until this. Thankfully she wasn't as awful as I imagined but she was kept out of the way for the most part. What surprised me was the work between Lady Apache and La Seductora. It was... AWESOME! They took it to the mat and then had a nice exchange in the second fall. It kinda made me want to see a singles match between them which is now impossible with Apache being preggers... again. For a women's match that involved Goya Kong this was passable. Bonus points for her costing her team the match! They skipped a good looking tercera and went right to the semi-main which was Felino's first match unmasked. He did the blackface deal which isn't really as racist as it reads. I think he was just trying to look "dirty" (Peste Negra and all). Anyways... he and Sombra busted out that awesome spot where Felino is running the ropes really fast and Sombra tries to do his moonsault headscissors only to get dropkicked RIGHT IN THE FACE! ONE OF THE BEST SPOTS EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER! That alone made the match. Porky and Negro were in full comedy mode including Porky going for a PESCADO (!!!) and Negro ducking to avoid it but smashing his face on the ground. *L* Oh Negro. It's Super Porky! WHY BE AFRAID OF A PESCADO?!?!?!?!!? Main was Mistico vs Volador in another of their underwhelming singles confrontations. Just no chemistry at all. They did their moves and dives but it just wasn't clicking at all. Overall an enjoyable show for the undercard only.

- CMLL Puebla 3/29/10 had the usual strong locals opener. They don't get on TV much when they do they tear shit up! Karisma and Siki Osama form an incredible team and Millenium has improved so much. There was a great dive sequence and the finishing sequence was to die for! Good match! Segunda had an unfortunate incident where Guerrero Maya Jr. steamrolled Puma King with a flip dive. But I don't mean that in the "hahahaha he steamrolled him but it was just a great selljob and they'll be alright!", I mean that in the "he steamrolled him" way. Puma King's shoulder got crushed and he was stretchered out. This was about 4 minutes into the match so... YIKES. This left Inquisidor and Molotov on opposite sides to improvise. That's a scary thought. They got through their first exchange just fine but the rest of the match was a total waste. I'm not even sure what was going on at the finish. Tercera was the standard Fuerza Aerea/random partner vs Tuereg match. Nothing stood out. Semi-main was terrible aside from Dorada/Dragon Rojo's interactions to set up their title match the following week. Main event was teasing Garza's rudo turn as he didn't get along with Porky. Fun match nonetheless but not from a workrate perspective obviously. Sombra/Felino did that awesome moonsault dropkick spot again! A skippable show outside of the opener.

- This week's CMLL 52MX show is the definition of a show that looks much better on paper than in video form. If everyone is going to mail it in as bad as all 12 guys did - can we just get a cartoonist to draw the matches and use his own imagination for moves, dives and finishes? I could consult.

- Been catching up on some stuff from earlier in the year that I avoided watching the first time around such as the 3/5 women's match from Arena Mexico. This was actaully going along pretty good until Lluvia had to interject herself. She brought the match down big time while everyone else was trying their hardest to keep it on the right track. Sadly Lluvia was too much for them to overcome. Same show had Diamante/Raziel in an exhibition on how to almost kill yourself but not quite succeed. The week after had that crazy 3/12 Arena Mexico match with Delta/Diamante/Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Tueregs. Must-see. Simple as that.

- Next Tuesday is the Gym Apache (AAA) vs Gym Navarro (IWRG) show at Arena Naucalpan. Are you excited? I know I am! Hopefully our man BTJr comes through with footage and they run a Torneo Cibernetico main event. I can't even fathom which guys will be on the AAA side but I'm sure they'll be great and we'll never see them on AAA TV until they get allowed to work an opener in April 2012. Remember when CMLL used to be the promotion that refused to put any of their fun new guys on TV? Ah... those were the days.

- Speaking of Navarro... I was not a fan of the Apaches/Navarros mess from the recent DTU show. The changing of the teams made zero sense. Then Navarro basically treated the match like a joke for the first half. He and his son were basically laughing while slapping submissions on each other. It wasn't even an exhibition... it was like they were spoofing the usual Solar vs Navarro borefests. Match only picked up about halfway through and it was 100% due to the ladies. Let's be smart next time and book Negro Navarro/Black Terry vs Skayde/Gran Apache. We can call it Segunda Caida vs LuchaReviews! Oh on another note... I never ever want to hear another "esto es lucha" chant in my lifetime. AND THEY CHANTED IT 2 MINUTES INTO THE MATCH BEFORE NAVARRO AND TRAUMA HAD EVEN TOUCHED!!!

- Honestly I wanted to throw up when I read Cubsfan's updates on the Mistico/AAA situation. Then for like 0.00000005 seconds I thought about starting a Lucha Libre podcast b/c I knew I wouldn't be able to sum up my thoughts in writing. Thankfully that feeling passed. So this will be the only time I address this nonsense and I will do it very simply...

Mistico is not stupid enough to jump to AAA. Mistico is stupid enough to leave CMLL for the WWE. If CMLL and Mistico ever split, it will be because Mistico has decided he can do better than Dos Caras Jr. is doing in the WWE. Nothing else will get Mistico to leave CMLL. He knows how bad the work as an independent is and he knows how bad the situation would be in AAA since he'd have no power or friends in high places. Not to mention every endorsement deal and promotional appearence he's ever done has been worked out through CMLL. He's not about to throw all that away just b/c he's unhappy that Sombra got elevated and he isn't working Arena Mexico on Friday. *If* the stories by Record are true... and I want to emphasis the *IF* part... then my guess would be Mistico is just trying to leverage more money out of Paco although there are much more professional ways of doing things. The world doesn't need another Wagner. Perhaps AAA planted the story about Mistico showing up on Friday to garner more interest in a show that doesn't have quite the amount of interest last year's show had. Either way I'm treating it as a non-story. It's amusing to see what comes out every day and how it gets covered but at the end of the day it will lead nowhere. So you're wasting time if you take any of this seriously and start planning feuds for Mistico in AAA.

Also, we live in the year 2010. Doing fake interviews and providing fake quotes is very 1990-ish. Next time Record talks to Mistico, I'd really like to see them capture it on camera to verify that it's authentic.

- Alfredo will be happy to know that hotmail now has a feature where any time someone e-mails me about Tiffany or matches involving women getting spanked/low blowed - they are now forwarded straight to the owner of slambamjam! Hotmail rules!

- Let's end things with my predictions for Group A for the Arena Coliseo Tag Title shot...

Round 1:

Euforia/Nosferatu over Angel Azteca Jr./Guerrero Maya Jr.
Rey Cometa/Pegasso over Artillero/Super Comando
Angel De Oro/Angel De Plata over Sensei/Molotov
Skandalo/Nitro over Escorpion/Durango Kid


Euforia/Nosferatu over Rey Cometa/Pegasso
Angel De Oro/Angel De Plata over Skandalo/Nitro


Angel De Oro/Angel De Plata over Euforia/Nosferatu

Doing this partly b/c I think Felino's kids are winning Block B and partly b/c I don't think CMLL would have any problems running Los Angeles Celestiales vs Stuka/Fuego for the belts in an all-tecnico match. Although deep deep deep down I still want Euforia/Nosferatu to win just for shits and giggles.

Guessing game for Group B:

Puma King/Tiger Kid
Leono/Fabian El Gitano
Los Rayos Tapatios I y II
Dr. X/Hooligan
Astro Boy/Metalico

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