Friday, August 20, 2010

Why Bam Bam Didn't Win

Just to clarify: This is my OPINION, not a FACT.

Like most of my fellow Lucha Libre fans, I am still in shock that Bam Bam didn't advance to next Tuesday's Bicentennial Final against Demus 3:16. He was defeated by Pierrothito in the upset of the year. On the surface this seems ridiculous. Bam Bam is taller. Bam Bam is a tecnico. Bam Bam has stated he wants to move up to work with the regular sized wrestlers. Bam Bam wouldn't need his gimmick changed. Bam Bam is charasmatic. Bam Bam is a better worker. I could go on and on but it doesn't matter... he lost.

Then today I had an epiphany. It occured while listening to the great Dr. Lucha on Figure Four Daily. I think I know who is to blame for Bam Bam losing. Who is this mystery individual?

Franco Colombo

Juan Manuel Mar

Jose Luis Feliciano


Yes, you read that correctly. ROUGE is responsible for Bam Bam losing his shot to move up into the regular sized division. It's all a matter of timing.

If Bam Bam would have won and moved up into the regular sized division - there would only be one way to push him: As the good looking young tecnico who the girls love. Sorta like a new Ricky Marvin. Here's the problem... CMLL is already doing that type of push right now with...


He's not a flyer, he's not small and he's not a good wrestler but the bottom line is the gimmick. He's the current unmasked good looking guy getting the push for being just that. He stands out. If Bam Bam wins and moves up, not only does Rouge stop standing out but there is also the chance... and it's a strong one since he's better all-around... that Bam Bam even gets more over than Rouge which would be devastating after the work CMLL has been putting into Rouge.

So Bam Bam is a victim of timing. If this tournament had taken place about a year ago while Angel De Oro was getting his push or Dragon Rojo Jr. was getting his - I have no doubt at all Bam Bam would be the winner and have been pushed into the position Rouge currently is in.

There's still hope that somehow Demus 3:16 wins (he's the favorite) and somehow (don't ask me how) CMLL runs some sort of angle where Bam Bam still wants revenge on Demus 3:16 for the recent scalping and follows him up into the regular sized division. Sure it would defeat the purpose of the tournament itself but I doubt that matters to CMLL. The only issue is this would take some creative booking... which CMLL isn't really known for. So sadly for all us Bam Bam fans it looks like his future may just be as the big fish in a small pond as Dr. Lucha put it over on twitter. Either than or we wait till 2022 when the next mini's Torneo to move up division is scheduled for.

Be back later with my thoughts on why Rouge is to blame for:

- The Leafs lack of success
- Global warming
- Tila Tequila
- Golf
- That computer virus I got a few weeks ago
- My papercut
- Geocities shutting down

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Pierrothito is winning the tournament.

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