Sunday, August 08, 2010

Lucha Libre USA Episode #3

Alfredo said I would hate this episode and he was...

... WRONG! HA!

It was definitely the weakest of the first three but I blame that on the waste of a main event. Just a complete mess. I don't want to watch women wrestle unless:

a) They're talented
b) They're hot

Neither of the two women in the main event fit either category. Is this where all the Awesome Kong marks call me an idiot? Probably. I guess some people have this fetish seeing a butch beat the hell out of some skinny chick while she screams but that's really not up my alley at all. All the power to you if that's your thing though. There are certainly many places to see that kind of thing. I just don't need it on my Lucha Libre USA show.

And what's the deal with Mini Park? He's not really mini and what's a 'Park'? Once again... establish your own gimmicks please Marco.

As for the rest of the show which I enjoyed...

The opening brawl was chaotic and fun but the crowd noise from post-production didn't mesh well with the live crowd sitting on their hands as everyone went at it and then Marco did his big dive. (Was I the only one who thought he was going to try to leap from the stage into the ring?)

Opening trios was really fun. Octagoncito looked fantastic and I liked his new color scheme. Purpura once again looked solid. Lizmark Jr. played his role fine and pinning Octagoncito was the perfect rudo finish to the match. I'm actually looking forward to the eventual match vs Marco they are clearly building to.

Tinieblas Jr./Oriental promo was funny for some reason. Campy stuff like this will only help this show so I encourage more of it!

Charly Manson vs Rellik was short but not awful. I continue to be amazed that there aren't a ton of obviously blown spots betwee the Mexicans and non-Mexicans on these shows. You'd think they actually spent time before the show working out what they wanted to do in their matches!:o Manson wins by DQ which is good. Wonder if he'll still work these shows even with his CMLL gig? I'd guess so but I still wonder.

In between this match and the main event they let the hot as fuck announcer chick talk so that was fantastic. MORE HER PLEASE, LESS WORTHLESS FEMALE WRESTLERS, THANK YOU!

There was also a skit with Aguilera in his new gimmick being trash talked by Chi Chi and his chick. Another campy skit - another success! The music in the background made it all the better. MORE PLEASE!

Really looking forward to the show that aired yesterday b/c I was told the six man is just tremendous and the other advertised tag with Marco/Aguilera vs Oriental/Tinieblas Jr. doesn't sound bad.

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