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CMLL @ Arena Puebla - 11/16/09!

I'm dubbing this the show that proves CMLL can be the best promotion in the world when the stars allign properly. This show was FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC and there was no thought put into at all. The bookers deserve no credit. It just happens that the right guys happened to get booked all together and brought their 'A' games or adapted their 'B' games into an 'A' game after seeing the large turnout and how hot the crowd was.

Delta/Sensei/Trueno vs Escorpion/Espiritu Maligno/Karisma

AMAZING! I delayed watching this because I figured it looks so good on paper it could only depress me when I didn't get half of what I wanted but these guys came through big time. It was a tecnico showcase with Delta in particular stealing the show. Trueno also looked great which makes me more sad his TV appearences are so limited. The rudos were the perfect crew to be on the opposite side since they are all natural big bumpers and catchers. Delta did two out of this world incredible dives that had the crowd in complete awe and Trueno wrapped the match up for the tecnicos.

WHY THIS IS GOOD: Newcomers stealing the show should be mandatory on every show. Your stars need to deliver good matches but you want the fans to leave a show remembering the young guys on the undercard so when it comes time to push them down the road the fans have a connection with them.

Rey Cometa/Pegasso/Leono vs Euforia/Polvora/Virus

Another great match! Minus Leono of course. But any time I say something good about a match involved Leono you have to remember to immediatly remove him from the equation. I was going over the timeline in my head at the first fall took place and realized this was during the 3 week period where Rey Cometa was busting out the dive of the decade in every arena and sure enough... HE BUSTED IT OUT HERE! Still not 100% successful like the first two times he did it but Euforia saved him with a great catch. Rey Cometa is NUTS! Tecs took the first fall and then got to look good early in the second fall. Rudos won with some nice double teaming. Third fall was shaping up to be a generic midcard third fall until they did this crazy thing called... nearfalls! And more nearfalls! And finish teases! And dive teases! WTF? Cometa ended up trying his 450 splash and missing. Polvora went up top and got handed Cometa so he could hit his inverted power bomb as Euforia gave Leono a stiff big boot to knock him off the apron. Rudos win!

WHY THIS IS GOOD: A good midcard match is never bad. The last thing you want is a bad match right in the middle of the show to ruin the flow since (presumably) your undercard stuff has been good.

Shocker/Toscano/Mascara Dorada vs Okumura/Naito/Yujiro

Were the drinks spiked backstage? No Limit came to work! So did Shocker and Toscano! My head was spinning! Excellent work in the first fall. Second fall had Dorada shining and doing spots with all three rudos including almost breaking Naito's neck with a spinning headscissors out of a reverse wheelbarrow. Rudos took over and put the tecs away easily. Third fall was more rudo domination until the eventual tecnico comeback. Dorada did a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge running somersault plancha and then Shocker/Toscano worked together to put No Limit away after a series of moves.

WHY THIS IS GOOD: The foreigners you bring in actually made it worth your while by delivering a good match! This is good! Also... *THE MEXICANS WON THE MATCH*! It's never wrong to put your own guys over cleanly in a competitive match against foreigners.

Mistico/Volador Jr./Strongman vs Averno/Texano Jr./Terrible

Mistico got dragged off the apron into a mob of female fans until security intervened. Crowd was RED HOT for this match. They were loud all night but after seeing such a fantastic show they were off the charts for this main event and they did the right thing by only having this go two straight falls with the tecnicos in control the entire time. It was just perfect. Volador/Averno got heat on their feud which was leading to an upcoming title match and Mistico/Strongman got to do their thing with Texano/Terrible as the perfect rudos who were terrified of Strongman and bumped huge for Mistico. Strongman even did a dive at the end! Volador got a huge pop for pinning Averno to win in straight falls.

WHY THIS IS GOOD: Using the main event to push an upcoming big match is always neccessary. Nothing worse than a main event which is just a random match. There should always be a light at the end of the tunnel. Also, read the crowd. This was a loud crowd who just sat through three excellent long matches. There was no need to do another three fall 20+ minute match where it dragged in the middle with a rudo beatdown. This match came off PERFECT.

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