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CMLL 10/12/09 + 10/1309 & IWRG 9/24/09

CMLL Puebla 10/12/09:

Very angry they didn't air the Tzuki match! It was his last official CMLL appearence.:( This week's show actually marked a sad day for Puebla fans as it was the first time the show got chopped down to 1:30 which eventually became rather common...

Diamante/Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Caligula/Messala: First fall was cut right to the finish so not much to say. Diamante looked good in his exchange but GMJr was having an off night. The rudos were tremendous as usual. An old fan almost got killed during the double tope suicidas in the third fall. Nice finishing sequence. Tecnicos get the win. Not as good as it could have been w/o first fall being edited down.

Strongman/Mistico/Sombra vs Peste Negra: Comedy. You expected something else? At least the rudos were hilarious running away from Strongman who needs to stop using the screaming pose so many times per match. It's funny 2 or 3 times but he must have done it like 8 times in this match. I should mention the pre-match was nuts with everyone in the building running to ringside to get a picture with Strongman and security was nowhere in sight as he was being swarmed. Some father even handed his kid to Strongman for a photo. WHO WOULD HAND THEIR CHILD TO SOMETHING THAT LOOKS LIKE THAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Finish was VERY weird as Niebla took his mask off and tossed it to Strongman for the DQ... or so he thought. Strongman argued that he didn't touch Niebla's mask and even though Strongman doesn't speak a word of Spanish he managed to convince the refs he was telling the truth and they raised his hand.

Reyes Del Aire: I can't believe CMLL took one of the best matches of the year and just stuck it on a random Arena Puebla show. Even though it was pretty much the guys you'd expect outside of Texano and Black Warrior - clearly the wrestlers weren't going to go all out in front of a half-full Arena Puebla. This was worked exactly like a random Torneo Cibernetico on a Sunday Coliseo show would be. It was far too generic with everyone pairing off to do exchanges, dives by everyone and then rapid fire eliminations. It also annoyed me that even though it was the REYES DEL AIRE - Texano and Black Warrior outlasted guys like Valiente, Flash and Mascara Dorada. Actually reminded me of the 2006 Reyes Del Aire (the worst one of all-time) where not only was Loco Max actually involved - he even outlasted VALIENTE! Holy crap does anyone actually remember that match? ORO II! DANGER! NEUTRON! MASCARA PURPURA! It's like a who's who of WEHT queries! Anyways... finals came down to a tag match with Volador/La Mascara vs Averno/Mephisto. GO FIGURE. Volador pinned both rudos to win after La Mascara got eliminated. This was a win he really didn't need. I would have prefered a local flyers vs CMLL flyers match to crowd a new Rey Del Aire.

My question is: Are we not counting this as an official Reyes Del Aire? They had the fancy graphic and everything!

CMLL 10/13/09 (aired 10/17/09 on C3):

Delta/Metalico/Sensei vs Bronco/Escorpion/Puma King: FUCKING OLD MAN REFEREES! This was going along just fine until the rudos crotched Sensei on the ringpost in the second fall and for whatever reason the refs called a DQ! Ending the match in two straight falls! The same move that Misterioso uses in every match is somehow a DQ here! WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!?!?!?!?!? Reminds me of another show I watched recently but am not reviewing (b/c all the 52MX/FSE shows blend together way too much) - it had matches from the 10/11 Arena Mexico show including the segunda where for some reason after double dives both Polvora and Tony Rivera were left in the ring to fight. This happens in almost every Lucha Libre match I've ever seen. But for some reason... the refs wouldn't let them fight??? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? They stood in between them and forcefully pushed them out onto the apron until the other guys got back in the ring. Then when Polvora saw his partners being pinned the refs refused to let him get in the ring to make the save. I AM NOT JOKING! I'm convinced Polvora was getting Punk'd in this match.

Princesa Blanca vs Lady Apache (Mex Nat Women's Title): They screwed up a spot pretty badly about a minute into the first fall and Apache looked hurt so they rushed the finishes to the first two falls. She seemed okay by start of the third fall so the match improved but it's nothing worth going out of your way to see. Blanca retains.

Maximo/Rouge/Toscano vs Euforia/Okumura/Virus: Yeah, I'm wasting my time talking about THIS.

La Sombra/Mascara Dorada/Volador Jr. vs Efesto/El Mephisto/Texano Jr.: Awesome match! Rudos dominated early on but once the tecnicos took over it was just unreal stuff. The triple running somersault plancha looked so gorgeous with Dorada doing his Dorada Especial II and FLOATING IN THE AIR over his partners! UNREAL! Dorada was just a machine all match long to be honest. This was one of his most amazing performances yet and that's saying something! Rudos deserve so much credit for being able to keep up with the tecnicos and always be in the right place to take the big spots. Tons of awesome dives in the third fall and a super finish! Highly recommended match!

IWRG 9/24/09:

Imperio Azteca/Miss Gaviota vs ~BLACK THUNDER!/El Hijo Del Signo: What a waste of Black Thunder. He mainly only worked with Gaviota who is one of the worst wrestlers in North America along with Necro Butcher, half the WWE roster, most of FCW, El Signo, Villano III & Rouge. Imperio Azteca looked fun but was never seen again. At least he made an impression by doing a bullet tope suicida into the front row and landing right on top of the designated commisioner for the show. OOPS! The guy did NOT seem happy! Thunder used a wicked submission to end the second fall but went down along with his rudo buddy in the third fall.

Eragon/Jack vs Carta Brava Jr./Xibalba: How random. Sometimes random matches like this are fun. Other times... not so much. This was one of those times unfortunately.

Bushi/Exodia/Freelance vs Avisman/Gringo Loco/Toxico: MADNESS! MADNESS I SAY!!! Freelance/Avisman brawling. Tons of insane dives. Bushi looking the best I've seen him. Toxico shooting a fan in the face with his fire blowing thing. Gringo Loco eating flying spots as if he were a 10 year veteran. LOVED THIS! Well aside from Exodia doing about 15 spots where he got backdropped onto the apron. Is that the only way he knows to set up his next move? The dual dives with Freelance/Exodia were awesome to end the first fall. Toxico's tope suicida in the second fall was psychotic. Loved the finishing stuff between Freelance/Avisman. I might be motivated to watch more IWRG after this!

Chico Che/Rigo vs Arlequin Amarillo/Arlequin Rojo (Hairs vs Hairs): If you came into this expecting a total brawl full of blood and Chico Che throwing himself like a dart at the rudos... you got what you wanted. Awesome fucking match! IWRG is the only place in Mexico where you can see something like this now. CMLL doesn't do blood and AAA only does blood in hardcore matches and will never zoom in on the blood. TVC is certainly not afraid of a little blood as they did the extreme zoom-in as a bloody Rigo had his face ripped apart by Arlequin Amarillo. I approve! Reading about this match will not do it justice though - you need to see it for yourself. Good job by all four guys!

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