Saturday, May 22, 2010

Some awful CMLL & IWRG

Not a good run of recently watched DVD's...

CMLL C3 10/3/09 (9/29/09 @ Arena Mexico): The opener was decent enough since it had Diamante, Bronco and Escorpion but the third fall only lasted one minute and didn't appear to be edited. Women followed and were abysmal. Then came the one match that looked good on paper but was mostly mailed in between the 2/3 of the future National Trios Champs and the Poder Mexica. I liked the finish though. Main event made me scratch my head since the entire two fall match was built around Atlantis and Heavy Metal not getting along with Ray Mendoza. Why? What do they have against him? Who could possibly think that'd be an angle that would draw fans? They ended up turning on him and it led nowhere.

CMLL Puebla 10/5/09: Opener had Akron's debut. He reminded me a lot of Bronco since he was tall and lanky. I was impressed with the stuff he did. Also always good to see Espiritu Maligno back on TV. Segunda was largely mailed in but I enjoyed watching Trueno work. He did a neat spot where he and Tiger Kid were on the apron and he jumped on Tiger Kid's back with his knees and then flipped into the ring for a rana on Inquisador. For guys looking to impress the six really didn't try harder than the guys in the next match which was... Angeles Celestiales vs Virus, Vangelis and Nosferatu. A nothing of a match and really disappointing. Main event was Strongman's Puebla debut and he did a lot of Strongman stuff. That's about it. Really bad show.

CMLL C3 10/10/09 (10/6/09 @ Arena Mexico): MORE WOMEN TO START! WHY?!?!?!?!?!? This was the debut of Negro's wife and she clearly wasn't trained before being thrown into the ring. You could tell just by the way she was selling and running the ropes. On the bright side for her both Star Fire and Seductora were in the match so nobody expected much anyways. What has happened to this division? Next up was the only good match of the night with the Tuereg and flying tecnicos. Last time we'd see Tigre Blanco in his mask on TV too. Rudos got DQ'ed for launching Pegasso over the top onto his teammates. (Note to Cubs if you're reading this: You have the wrong result listed) Semi-main and main event were completely worthless although I give the main event a pass only b/c Panther messed up a tope suicida and took a horrible fall to the floor before getting stretchered. Everyone was out of sorts after that occured.

CMLL 10/9/09 @ Arena Mexico: MORE WOMEN TO START! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! At least it was the better women but Lluvia and Zeuxis were still involved so it got dragged down when they got in the ring. Finish was a DQ for Lluvia's mask being torn off. She ain't a looker. Following that was Maximo vs Misterioso in a Lightning Match which completely defeats the purpose of that sort of match since they did nothing at all and the crowd was bored shitless. Especial was the match of the night. I was very impressed with everyone. It also helps that Quemonito was constantly involved in the action.;) Semi-main was also good but not as good as the previous match. It definitely had more highspots though as Dorada/Sombra were rocking it. The Volador/Averno feud continued and they threw challengers out afterwards. Main event was Strongman's debut which overshadowed the build for next week's Warrior/Yujiro match. I was impressed with Strongman at least getting the psychology of not selling lame strikes from the rudos except when they'd all team up on him or try to take out his legs. I remember when Groon XXX was in CMLL in 2005 he was immediatly selling in his debut match and taking big moves from the rudos which just totally ruined his aura.

IWRG 9/10/09: There couldn't have been more than 60 fans in attendance for this show. That says all that needs to be said about what running a Villano III vs Sangre Chicana feud will do for your promotion. Opening two matches were decent. Turbo wasn't exactly on fire for his rare IWRG appearence but the other guys were alright. Freelance vs Avisman wasn't balls out awesome b/c they were saving up for the following week (which never made DVD but you can see the clip of the finish on youtube which is DISGUSTING) but the match was at least enjoyable. Final two matches were brutal. Blasfemia in a semi-main event? Masada and Pirata Morgan as your main event rudos? PASS.

DTU 'Descontrol' 7/11/09: This was one of the NOT GOOD DTU shows where they focused more on the hardcore shit and every match had something dumber than the next. It still always cracks me up when the wrestlers are so afraid of the barbed wire ropes but later in the match will hit them without even selling b/c they forget which ropes they are running into. There was a tag with Super Fly/Laredo Kid where Super Fly turned on Laredo and helped in his beatdown. So his rudo was completed outside of AAA and never even stuck. Awesome! The final two matches were horrible.

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