Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gran Alternativa Predictions

I didn't brag but I did do pretty good last week! Got the winner, the final match and 3 out of 4 semi-finalists correct. So let's see how I do this week...


Delta & Volador Jr.: A 'C+' level novato teaming with an 'A+' level star. Now THIS is a team! Clearly THE team to watch in the tournament and if anyone could be considered favorites it'd be these two. Delta has been nothing but spectacular since coming into the promotion and they are said to be really high on him. Volador Jr. could use a big win and if the promotion really thinks he can be their #1 tecnico, what better way to test it than have him headline Kids Day, right? Chances: HIGH

Guerrero Maya Jr. & Valiente: A 'C+' level novato teaming with a 'B+' level star. Now we're assuming Valiente actually shows here instead of choosing to work Chikara's King of Trios. I know it's a huge assumption but let's just run with it. I think this team is a fun combination. Both guys have some really fun spots and these quick tournaments matches will be perfect for them. The problem I see here is the Guerrero Maya Jr. gimmick is clearly just temporary. When CMLL decides to push Black Terry's kid, it will be with a new gimmick of their choosing. If they really wanted him to win this year they would debut him with a new gimmick like they did with Diamante Negro/Dragon Rojo. So right away that's a giant strike against this team. But stranger things have happened. Chances: MEDIUM.

Angel Azteca Jr. & Shocker: A 'C' level novato teaming with an 'A-' level star. Unlike the previous two teams, this team's clear advantage is the star instead of the novato. We already know Garza is in the finals and who better to oppose him than his (supposed) ex-buddy in Shocker? But would CMLL really reward Shocker for his constant no-shows by giving him a major tournament win? Can they even trust him to show up next week? It's a tough call for sure. Angel Azteca Jr. really deserves to move up on the cards and he is a natural opponent for the other finalist (Polvora) but it just doesn't seem like this is his time. This team will only go as far as Shocker takes it. Chances: MEDIUM. (Funny note: This is the second time these two have teamed in this tournament - other time being '08.)

Pegasso & Toscano: A 'C' level novato teaming with a 'A-' level star. What a weird pairing. These two have NOTHING in common and I'd clearly wager this is their first time teaming together. Probably going to be their last time teaming too.:) Toscano doesn't even have enough moves for one match, let alone three in one night. Sure... he'd make a logical opponent for Garza in the finals but then you have to look at the other half of this team... Pegasso. He is never going to be higher than where he is right now in the promotion. He's not as talented as his regular partner (Rey Cometa) and has zero charisma. He should be happy he made the jump from AAA and at least gets regular bookings. Clear first-round losers here. Chances: LOW.

El Averno & Raziel: An 'A+' level star teaming with a 'C' level novato. Ain't that funny? Mephisto/Cancerbero one week and Averno/Raziel the next! Sadly I can't see these two having any more success than the first pairing did. Raziel is the better worker of his team but that's the key word... "team". Why would he get chosen for a push on his own? Averno is a great rudo but... there's already a rudo in the finals. A Polvora vs Raziel main event doesn't seem like something you'd put together under regular circumstances, much less on a Kids Day! Chances: LOW.

Durango Kid & Texano Jr.: A 'D' level novato teaming with an 'A' level star. I like this pairing since it's so random and that's what this tournament is all about! Durango Kid is a strange case since he came in on his own (presumably) but has some New Japan ties from the past so you never know if he'll suddenly get a push for that reason. If that was the case this would be the time to do it but I just can't see it happening. Texano is a good 'padrino' to have but I'm not sure what the deal would be with him and Garza in the finals. Could be a team that goes far just to put over the winning tecnico team in the end. Chances: LOW.

Puma King & Ultimo Guerrero: A 'D' level novato teaming with an 'A+' level star. Puma King has one advantage here... there is no better rudo to team with in tournaments than Ultimo Guerrero! He will never lose a first-round match! NEVER! Beyond that is a major question though. I'd probably take this team more seriously if they were in Block A and I didn't know who the other finalists would be. I'd also probably take them more seriously if Felino wasn't also in the tournament with his other family member. Chances: MEDIUM.

Felino & Tiger Kid: An 'A' level star teaming with a 'D' level novato. But at least they're family! This team is definitely the wild card of the tournament since they can double as both tecnicos and rudos depending on the opponent. Felino is on his hottest run in quite some time so a win isn't out of the question and who better to get elevated than his own family member? Chances: HIGH.

Before I make my official predictions, here's a wild theory: Toscano and Pegasso somehow shock everyone and make it out of this group. In the final both Garza and Toscano lay out their partners to complete rudo turns. I didn't come up with this theory, my buddy Bill did and while it sounds absolutely retarded let's just think back to last year when OKUMURA AND NAITO WON THE TOURNAMENT. Nuff said.

My predictions...

Round 1:

Ultimo Guerrero/Puma King over Toscano/Pegasso
Volador Jr./Delta over Averno/Raziel
Shocker/Angel Azteca Jr. over Texano Jr./Durango Kid
Felino/Tiger Kid over Valiente/Guerrero Maya Jr. (just to run in the fact Valiente skipped three nights of Chikara for a 6 minute first-round elimination)


Volador Jr./Delta over Ultimo Guerrero/Puma King
Felino/Tiger Kid over Shocker/Angel Azteca Jr.


Volador Jr./Delta over Felino/Tiger Kid

I'm going with the favorites here. Volador Jr./Delta vs Hector Garza/Polvora seems like a match I can see headlining Kids Day while still giving us the right winner (Delta) and allowing the continuation of the big angle (Garza getting mad that he lost and taking it out on Volador). A new Super Sky Group w/ Volador Jr., Sombra, Mascara Dorada and Delta sounds good to me!

Predicted winners: Volador Jr./Delta
Team that might surprise everyone: Ultimo Guerrero/Puma King
Team I want to win: Volador Jr./Delta

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