Monday, April 19, 2010

CMLL 8/21/09 @ Arena Mexico

These matches are taken from the regular TV show as well as TDN...

Principe/Sensei vs Cholo/Zayco: This goes to demonstrate that it's not wise to beg for all unaired matches to make TV/DVD.;) These four aren't neccissarily the best workers in the world and it's not that the match stunk... it's just that it was too generic in a promotion that has a roster full of good to amazing wrestlers who are almost all spectacular in their own way. So technically it was a fine match with some neat moments but the crowd just didn't care at all and I don't blame them since they've been conditions to openers with guys like Delta, Los Romanos, Trueno and Astro Boy.

Second match didn't air but Momentos had a neat clip of Angel Azteca Jr.'s gorgeous double jump springboard moonsault plancha!

Lady Apache vs Hiroka: Another pretty dull match. Once again... technically solid but just void of any big spots or crowd interest. Hiroka's feet to counter Apache's flying splash was the highlights of the match. Apache won with a rolling surfboard.

Atlantis/Black Warrior/Ultimo Guerrero vs Ray Mendoza Jr./Yujiro/Naito: So awful. So fucking awful. No wonder Naito loves working in Mexico... he doesn't have to do anything. 90% of the match he spent running around the ring and messing with the crowd. I'd take that in a heartbeat over daily 20+ minute stiff matches in Japan. Black Warrior has long since given up and was just waiting it out for the hair match. AWFUL.

Blue Panther/La Sombra/Mistico vs Felino/Mr. Niebla/Negro Casas: Sadly only the first two falls were on the DVD and they were decent enough that I was angry there was no third fall. But Fredo warned me so I'm not mad at him!

Pretty awful Friday night although I imagine the two unaired matces were good. Go figure.

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