Monday, March 22, 2010

Didn't watch too much lately...

CMLL TV 3/20:

Angel De Plata vs Raziel was too short to be memorable although I loved the finish. Still one of my all-time favorite top-rope moves ever since I first saw Neo do it in IWRG.

Marcela vs Hiroka was a better match b/c they got way more time and had better pacing. The double feet to counter Hiroka's flying splash was sickening.

Momentos aired clips of the 1/8 show that didn't air on TV which was odd.

Porky/Volador/Dorada vs Vangelis/Texano/Terrible: Standard stuff although always fun watching Dorada. He did a new trick using the ropes that I can't even explain and just has to be seen.


Delta/Diamante/Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Dr. X/Hooligan/Nitro: MATCH OF THE FUCKING WEEK! Just a perfect showcase for the tecnicos who got over huge with their insane spots and yet the rudos still managed to look strong at the end by killing the tecnicos one-by-one. The early part of the match was fun exchanges from each pairing leading into a GMJr showcase ending with his blind tope to the floor where Nitro hung him out to dry by barely attempting a catch. Could have been a bad situation if the fans weren't so close to the ring. Diamante murdered Dr. X with a ropeflip tornillo as Delta used a gorgeous moonsault on Hooligan (who by the way wins outfit of the year). Second fall was more showcase sequences with Diamante looking great doing a quadrople springboard and a great fake dive to the floor. Then it was Delta's turn to shine and shine he did! Almost got crossed up on one spot with Hooligan but covered nicely. I see what they were trying and hope they figure it out next time they do it b/c it'll look sweet. Sequence ended with Delta's insane flying one-foot rana to the floor which I have up on my youtube page. Third fall was all rudos and just when the tecnicos thought they had a comeback in them the rudos first caught GMJr trying a plancha and flung him backwards near the crowd and then caught Delta trying a tope suicida and slammed him down. This left Diamante along and he DIED via Hooligan's cannonball. TEN BILLION STARS! REMATCH! REMATCH! REMATCH! (there will be one... sorta... on FSE... boo!)

IWRG Rookie Show:

Finally got around to watch this. These shows are so much fun. Remind me of the JAPW rookie shows from 2001/2002 where I'd see a random dude who blew me away but then I'd never see him again.

First two matches were pretty fun although I felt bad for Guizmo who was constantly paired up with this one guy I haven't been able to identify who absolutely stunk. He blew everything and kept almost hurting Guizmo by being in the wrong position. Still we had Dinamic Black around and he was tearing shit up so that's always a plus. Guys were dying on their dives at the end of the second match. I loved it! I really wish we'd have gotten their names though.

Main event was a Naucalpan rookies vs Queretaro not-so-rookies Torneo Cibernetico. How the hell did this get booked? Pantera and Black Terry were at ringside and the crowd was MOLTEN! One of my favorite matches of the year so far just for the atmosphere and how the wrestlers played off it. Match went something like 40+ minutes and was non-stop action. Way too much to describe but I actually ended up being able to name the entire IWRG team and half the Queretaro team once I searched LuchaWiki and my own notes for Arena Queretaro. One guy I couldn't identify from the Queretaro team actually seemed to die on his double tornillo into the front row so it doesn't matter what he was called. I didn't like Signo Jr. surviving for so long b/c he's not too good and compared to everyone else on his team he kinda did jackshit the entire time. Anyways... congrats to everyone involved. This was a pleasure to watch and you should all hit up BTJr's channel to check it out if you have 40 minutes free.

Got a new Puebla show to watch... erm... sorta new. 11/23. Fredo didn't get it but I have it on VHS so I'll just watch it instead of waiting to watch it in order. Also gonna check out some new IWRG, some old IWRG I just got, DGUSA's latest PPV and hopefully a surprise match or two if everything goes according to plan.

(praying someone uploads C3 w/ the mini's Torneo from this past weekend + the new PdM mixed tag w/ Turbo & Black Thunder)



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