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AAA TV August/September 2006

Manzanillo - 8/20/06:

Rey Cometa vs Policeman: Policeman came from out of nowhere(or rather, stopped playing his usual gimmick of one of the Scarecrows) and put on a great showing. This was probably one of the better all-around matches in the Luchando Para Un Sueno tournament. Cometa took some big-time abuse including two huge dropkicks in mid-air. He also hit his great double tornillo which is awesome and a creative top-rope frankensteiner variation. Finish was a Spanish Fly and 450 Splash.

Nemesis vs Pesadilla: Pesadilla is straight from the Crazzy Boy school of wrestling(read: how many moves you can pull off in a 5 minute match.) and poor Nemesis had to take a bunch of U.S. indyesque moves. Pesadilla hit a neat asai moonsault dive which I'll give him full credit for. Big upset as Nemesis goes down via a SPANISH FLY. Shocking, huh?

Pegasso vs Gran Apache: This seemed butchered by editing. Pegasso hit two big dives right away(tope suicida/running somersault plancha) but then there seemed to be an edit and the flow of the match was ruined. Pegasso ALMOST used a Spanish Fly but instead just armdragged Apache off the top rope. I was thankful for that.:) Apache advances. Okay for what it was.

Elegido/Alebrije/Triple A (II) vs Los Alieneginas: Unfortunately Alebrije took a bad bump right after the tecnicos made their comeback which really ruined the match as everyone was lost and they just went straight home. I was expecting another blowaway match.:( Triple A (II) did a tope suicida. Elegido did a pescado. Then there was a crappy low blow finish. I'm assuming Konnan isn't a fan of these gimmicks since the feud was never seen again.

Chessman/Escoria/El Cuervo/Ozz vs Juventud Guerrera/Psicosis/Crazzy Boy/Joe Lider - Mexican National Atomicos Titles Bout: Not even close to their good match from the 8/17 taping. Lots and lots of moves as you'd expect but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much pointless brawling. Between falls Crazzy Boy setup a bunch of chairs so you knew he'd be taking a stupid bump and he ended up being slammed off the turnbuckles onto them. The crowd could have cared less. Take note Crazzy Boy. Secta retains their belts for some unknown reason since we knew they'd be dropping them soon anyways.

Octagon/Zorro/Porky vs Alan Stone/Scorpio Jr./Zumbido: Porky got attacked by Scorpio during his entrance. NOTHING went on during this match aside from Porky and Scorpio feuding. I'm serious... the guys didn't even try to work a match and just stood around as Porky and Scorpio did their thing. Waste of time.

La Parka Jr. vs Muerte Cibernetica - GPCW Monster-X Title Bout: This might have been a giant fuck you to CMLL if you believe in conspiracy theories. The guys basically worked a straight match early on including matwork, submissions and nearfalls. It was mind-boggling!!! Naturally the interference(provided by Chessman) began in the third fall but up until then you'd have thought you were watching an IWRG title match or something. What... you expected me to say CMLL?:) CMLL is worse than AAA with screwjobs in title matches! Okay, maybe I'm stretching it by saying that. Parka ended up retaining his title when Chessman's interference backfired. Good for what it was.

Average episode. First three matches are fun and Secta/MexPower + the main event had their moments.

Tula - 9/3/06:

Pimpinela Escarlata/Estrellita/Mascarita Divina vs Polvo De Estrellas/Tiffany/Mini Charly Manson: This seemed to be edited at least twice. I should note the venue for this taping was AWESOME. Nice outdoor stadium with the sun progressively going down throughout the show. Nobody really got to show a lot here since it was so short. Mascarita Divina finally used a new dive though - a springboard corkscrew plancha! Elegido came out to distract Tiffany(by dancing and kissing her...) so Estrellita could roll her up.

Chiva Rayada I(or II? Or Jr.?) vs Kaoma Jr.: The shortest of three tournament matches on the night but they worked a really good short match. Kaoma kicked Chiva as he tried to do his taunting which was a genius spot. They traded dives a little later. As they both fought up top I thought someone was bound to die when Kaoma pressed Chiva over his head while standing up there but miraculously they survived and turned it into a neat sunset flip power bomb spot. Kaoma finally won with E.Z. Money's old finisher.

Rey Cometa vs Gran Apache: Well they definitely got plenty of time! And they took full advantage of it by putting on quite the great match. Of course you'd have to expect that as Rey Cometa is vastly underrated and Apache is the best old bastard rudo out there when it comes to working with the young guys. Cometa nailed a bunch of neat moves and tried his running corkscrew plancha into an armdrag but missed catching Apache's arm. OUCH! Apache took the bump into the crowd anyways. Might have missed the chance for a perfectly good slap to the head.:P Later Cometa hit his gorgeous double tornillo off the top rope and Apache followed with a plancha to the floor. Cometa took two huge feet to the face while trying a moonsault. The finishing sequence was great as Cometa missed a 450 but rolled through only to be caught in a wacky rolling cradle by Apache which got the three! *GREAT MATCH ALERT*! Even for you AAA haters!

Laredo Kid vs Pesadilla: Just a collection of insane spots which should have crippled any normal person. Let's see... second rope springboard tornillo, asai moonsault, 450 splash to the floor, Spanish Fly to the floor, pescado to nowhere with a face-first bump, reverse piledriver using the legs type move... and tons more stuff I'm forgetting. Naturally the crowd could have cared less.:) They didn't even pop for the Spanish Fly to the floor!!! Part of that is b/c they set it up horribly. Laredo ended up winning with a nice 450 splash. Full points for a great effort and in hindsight they were right to do the match they did b/c nobody was going to follow Cometa/Apache successfully.

Oriental/Zorro/Elegido vs Escoria/El Cuervo/Ozz: Pretty much the Oriental show.:) He hit a ton of great moves during the comeback and in his one exchange after the comeback. Zorro was wasted here and did nothing(second taping in a row!). Elegido is... well... he's Elegido. You can see he's TRYING though so I can't bash him. I liked the finishing sequence as they went back and forth and didn't just rush to a finish as if given a cue. Cuervo low blowed Elegido and pinned him. Good... don't want these guys getting egos like Latin Lover.;)

Super Porky vs Scorpio Jr. - Dog Collar Match: Smartly worked match. At one point Porky got the bright idea to tie Scorpio up with the chain and then touch all the turnbuckles. GENIUS! However he failed to realize that would shorten the chain and when he took off running he almost decapitated himself. Awesome!:) (Yes, that was a planned spot!) Later on Porky did his dive off the apron. For absolutely no reason at the end of the match, Hijo Del Tirantes grabbed Scorpio but ended up getting splashed by Porky. Even dumber was a little while later where Porky could have had all the turnbuckles but instead ran towards Scorpio and got low blowed. Scorpio won by DQ until Hijo Del Tirantes checked the replay using the TV screen at ringside and rewarded the match to Porky. Ummm... why didn't he check it in the previous match? Will he ever check it again? I'm guessing no.

Octagon/La Parka Jr./Intocable vs Charly Manson/Chessman/Muerte Cibernetica: Interesting match where they tried some new stuff after the brawling finished. In particular they tried this spot where Chessman was sent outside onto his face, Manson followed and as they lay on the ground, Muerte Cibernetica was supposed to be slid under the ropes and crash onto them but his feet got caught and anyways the camera shot was beyond awful. Manson took the bump of the match for any old-time Lucha Libre fans as he got armdragged and slid all the way across the ring, then under the ropes and to the floor onto his ass! The old Pirata Morgan break-your-tailbone bump! I haven't seen anyone pull that off since... well... possibly since Damiancito El Guerrero(Virus) in 1999. Tecnicos win due to Chessman/Muerte Cibernetica having problems. I liked this.

Pretty good show. No match really stands out as being bad or close to bad. I'd definitely reccomend checking this out.

Verano De Escandalo - 9/17/06:

I already gave comments for half the show if you check the archives. The other half was just as good. The opening mixed atomicos match was great just for Mascarita and Mini Abismo breaking the usual formula and doing a bunch of cool spots. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED Mascarita's springboard frankensteiner to the floor! That little guy is INSANE! It helped that the crowd was red hot for the first match of the night. The womens match was an absolutely waste of time but it'll make money.;) Main event was the usual controlled chaos and was smartly booked.

There were better overall AAA big shows on the year but going in with such a disapointing lineup, the work ethic definitely saved this show from disaster.


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