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CMLL TV September/October 2006

CMLL TV 9/9/06:

India Sioux, Lady Apache, Princesa Blanca vs. Amapola, La Nazi, Rosa Negra: This would fit the definition of me having a bad memory but also the criteria of me not caring about the women.:) I'm sure it was technically solid and better than most men's stuff b/c the one fall format really makes the girls look like stars since the matches flow better and don't seem rushed.

Felino, Sagrado, Satanico vs. Alex Koslov, Eclipse, Olimpico: I'd give myself an award if I could remember specifics about this match. I know the third fall disapointed me b/c the ending came out of nowhere and nobody had done anything up until that point.

Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Mr. Aguila, Shocker vs. Heavy Metal, Lizmark Jr., Negro Casas: For some reason only the third fall was on the DVD I got. Don't remember much (the theme of future updates) except Shocker looking alright.

Mistico vs. Black Warrior: Typical Mistico/Warrior match. In fact it's probably the same match they just had a few days ago at Arena Coliseo so it should be airing on one of the CMLL upcoming weekend shows. Move-for-move exactly what happened in the mask match except a few of the dives changed. I love Mistico but matches like this are fast-forward city.

Bad show.

CMLL TV 9/16/06:

Hijo del Pierroth, Hombre Sin Nombre, Sangre Azteca vs. Felino, Mascara Purprua, Maximo: Standard Coliseo by the numbers match. Purpura is fun to watch but he only got like 20 seconds of ring time and a big dive at the end which isn't enough. The rudos were alright. Barely acceptable overall.

Hector Garza, Perro Aguayo Jr., Shocker vs. Olimpico, Tarzan Boy, Ultimo Guerrero: Far too short. Crowd seemed hot and the action was alright but this was a rush-job to setup a trios titles match for the PPV in two weeks. It was fun seeing Shocker and Guerrero work together again as they used to be my favorite pairing. This may have been the start of Tarzan's rejuvination as he has been on fire since.

Mistico vs. Atlantis: The other style Mistico match... this would be where he gets a hot start but is destroyed soon after and sells the entire match until a big comeback including consecutive dives and then a rush to the finish. At least he was sporting an awesome tricolor outfit for the occasion.:) They blew the finish pretty badly which didn't help things. Match might have been better if anyone thought Atlantis had even a 1% chance of winning. Chui is right when he says they need to elevate someone and have Mistico get beat already. Even Santo Jr. did jobs for his arch rivals, even if they were via low blows or cheapness involving ripping off his mask. That's what rudos are supposed to do and that's how they can beat the top tecnicos! If CMLL wants to keep Mistico undefeated cleanly, they can still do that and also have him jobbing at the same time which won't hurt him. The idea of fans just coming b/c they want Mistico to win is all good and fine for a few more years but once that fades, people will only come back if they fear there's a little chance he might drop his mask or be in any sort of danger.

Average episode. One day CMLL needs to explain why some matches are randomly one fall.

CMLL TV 9/23/06:

Metro II, Satanico, Virus vs. Mr. Mexico, Ohara, Okumura: Pretty good match. One of the better Coliseo matches in a while up until this point. They didn't do anything spectacular but the action flowed nicely and it didn't seem rushed since most of these guys are pros. Ohara got busted open late in the match and the finish was a bit blown b/c of the referee but it was nothing major. Boy does Neutron look like an old fat guy in his new gimmick...

Hiroka vs. Lady Apache (CMLL Women's Title match): So many booking problems with this match that I won't even go into. Not to mention they went through all this(the title and hair match) just to have Apache win the title anyways about two months later. HUH?

Dr. Wagner Jr., Mistico, Rey Bucanero vs. Atlantis, Black Warrior, Ultimo Guerrero: Just a quick two fall match to setup the mask match the following week. Bucanero was clearly positioned as the guy only in this match to take a beating. They didn't even tease him having a secondary or third-string issue with Guerrero or Atlantis. Those two rudos were more concerned with destroying Mistico. Poor Bucanero.:( He must be getting taken care of nicely to stay in his position.

Skippable episode. I remember reading attendance was down for this show and I can see why.

CMLL TV 9/30/06:

Sagrado, Satanico, Virus vs. Loco Max, Nitro, Okumura: This was from that CRAZY 8/4/06 Arena Mexico show. Unfortunately it only ended up bringing down the overall greatness of that show in hindsight. First fall was extremely by the numbers with that usual stupid finish where the rudos just step into the ring and walk right into submissions from the tecnicos. Don't tease anything now! In the second fall, Sagrado got dumped on his head with a german suplex and was stretchered out. What did that mean? It meant they rushed home and ended the third fall within seconds. That boggles the mind b/c the best crowds to work in front of are crowds that are reacting to ANYTHING and this was definitely one of those crowds. They could have stayed out another couple of minutes and even if they had been on different pages, the crowd would still have reacted. I'm gonna assume some idiot "programador" give them the signal to go home.

Damian 666, Halloween, Mr. Aguila vs. Felino, Heavy Metal, Negro Casas: 100% lucha by numbers. Nobody even appeared to be trying to impress the crowd, it was just go home as fast as you can! I'd be shocked if I went back and this was longer than 8 minutes from whistle to whistle. I *think* this was Halloween's return match so I was surprised he didn't try and do more to get noticed.

Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Marco Corleone, Shocker vs. Blue Panther, Dos Caras Jr., Volador Jr.: This was the match where Volador Jr. almost killed himself. Shame too b/c he was having a fabulous match up until that point. The first two falls were rushed but the third fall was going alright until the injury. Probably would have been a really strong match if things had gone according to plan.

Waste of an episode since you can see the only fall that matters(third fall of the main event) on the previous episode.

CMLL TV 10/14/06:

Hooligan, Mr. Mexico, Ramstein vs. Fabian el Gitano, Starman, Texano Jr.: Anything Hooligan related is always good! Fabian has actually really improved and I know what you're thinking Cubs... "he sucks". Well, yes, he's still kinda shitty but if you watched him in IWRG during 2004/2005, you'd see what I mean by him having improved!;) Nice to see Starman back on television and of course Ramstein as well although I gotta say... there might just be a reason they stay so out of sight... they don't look like they've changed a thing about their style.:/ Both are still as bland as ever. Fun opener.

Hiroka vs. Lady Apache (Hair Match): Bleh. The dives were nice but the interference turned the match into a joke. If you're gonna do two women against each other, at least make it a match involving either Dark Angel, Marcela, Amapola or Sujei. Please!

Black Warrior, Olimpico, Ultimo Guerrero vs. Heavy Metal, Mistico, Volador Jr.: I really liked this! It wasn't a blowaway 100% workrate match but Mistico was fired up and doing some fun stuff, plus they appeared to put a little thought into the match!!!:o THOUGHT INTO A MATCH? WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO??? After Mistico did his usual slingshot frankensteiner onto Ultimo Guerrero, Warrior nailed him with a running somersault plancha as he celebrated which got a HUGE POP from the crowd! They should consider doing more spots like that to tease the rudos figuring out all of Mistico's moves and eventually have it lead to someone beating him. It was also great to see Volador Jr. and Guerrero working together. Reminds me of the old days of Volador against La Parka in that they knew each other so well and would do these out of the world simple moves that NOBODY would notice b/c Rey Jr. and Psicosis would be doing more high-risk stuff in the same match. Heavy Metal stayed out of the way... which is fine by me.:) Screwy ending but at least it was sorta new so I appreciated it.

2 for 3 episode which is the best you can ask from CMLL these days! Definitely worth checking out.


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