Thursday, October 26, 2006

IWRG/CMLL Guadalajara/CMLL/AAA all in one!

IWRG TV 8/13/06:

Kid Tiger and Platino vs Bacteria and Belcebu: I think Platino might be the ex-Ultimo Tigre. They have the same build and awkward flying spots. Pretty standard opener with some okay moves from the tecnicos but nothing that could be used on any sort of highlight tape. Third fall was really good and had multiple eliminations which left Platino to finish off Bacteria with Mascara Magica's old torture rack submission variation.

Ave Fenix/Fantasma Jr./Halcon Salvaje vs Black Jaguar/Fantasma De La Opera/Shigeo Okumura: Fenix looked better than he has before as he hit some nice flying spots. The rudos worked well with the tecnicos and somehow made the horrible Fantasma Jr. look passable. The rudos taking over spot in the second fall was nicely done as Fantasma De La Opera did a running dropkick as Fenix did a handspring off the ropes. Fenix nailed a split-legged moonsault during the tecnico comeback in the third fall. Fenix and Fantasma did dual dives with Fenix's being awesome as he did a running tope over the top rope and looked like he broke his neck crashing into Fantasma De La Opera! Okumura cheated to win.

Felino/Pantera/Panterita vs Bestia Salvaje/El Veneno/Nitro: Funny bit before the match as the rudos told Pantera he had to unmask so he took off his mask. Then they told Panterita he had to unmasked since he lost his as well and he unmasked. Then they told Felino he had to unmask and he started unlacing his mask before his partners stopped him.:) Pantera did a nice tope suicida from the apron through the turnbuckles in the first fall. Panterita looks like he'll be able to survive just fine without his mask. He still hit all his awesome spots and now he can bleed to get sympathy. He's kinda like a mini Mike Segura which is weird since Mike Segura is a mini himself.:P Felino got assisted into a plancha at one point and then Panterita nailed Bestia with a huge running somersault plancha. I think the rudos cheated to win but I watched this a few days ago so I can't really recall.

Mistico/Dr. Wagner Jr./Mike Segura vs Olimpico/Mr. Aguila/Misterioso II: A Perro and a Guerrero teaming? I guess that kinda thing doesn't matter in Arena Naucalpan. The entrances were awesome and a ton of fans rushed the ring to just touch Mistico as he got to ringside. It even delayed the start of the match! I really liked this match although it made me sad that Misterioso II never got an official push after winning the Gran Alternativa. He seems like a natural opponent for Mistico as they had some great chemistry going here. Mistico even seemed to step up his game and hit a couple of spots he doesn't normally try since he seemed to trust Misterioso II as a good base. Segura also looked awesome and was working a lot with Aguila. In 1997, Oro Jr. vs Mr. Aguila would have been my dream match! Third fall was insane with tons of cool spots. Segura ended up doing a bullet tope suicida but Olimpico moved and Aguila was supposed to get hit but Segura came up a bit short and nose-dived the floor. Then Wagner nailed Olimpico with a somersault off the apron. This left Mistico and Misterioso which led to... duh... LA MISTICA! Really good stuff here.

This is an episode you all want! Great show top to bottom!

CMLL Guadalajara 8/23/2006:

This show had tons of satellite interference so it was hard to watch...

Satanico/Tony Rivera/Volador Jr. vs Sangre Azteca/Toxico/I forget: The early stuff with Volador Jr./Azteca was great as you would expect. The rest of the match was hard to watch but I did notice two tecnico dives in the third fall and Satanico getting robbed of a win.

Idolo vs Destroyer II - Mask vs Mask: Satellite problems calmed down a bit after highlights of the first and second fall were shown. Idolo nailed a huge springboard plancha. They did a bunch of nearfalls that the crowd seemed hot for and finally Idolo used a small package to win the match. Destroyer II barely showed his face when he unmasked but then ran back to ringside to attack Idolo so the crowd wouldn't be all pissed off.

Dr. Wagner Jr./Rey Bucanero vs Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero: Ruined by the constant interuptions of the feed. I did notice Bucanero do a running somersault plancha as Wagner did a somersault off the apron(re-pe-ti-tiveness SUCKS!). Otherwise what was shown was 101% completely by the numbers.

Can't reccomend this show b/c of the fact you miss more than half of it with the satellite problems.

CMLL TV 9/2/06:

Lizmark/Lizmark Jr./La Mascara vs Kenzo Suzuki/Pierroth/Universo 2000: Fucking awful. It's just embarassing to watch both Lizmark's at this point and it's not like the rudos are in any position to be carrying anyone. Mascara got a surprise pinfall on Pierroth in the first fall but it was cancelled out by the fact Pierroth pinned him in the third fall and manhandled him the rest of the match. Waste of TV time. Thank god they've started showing undercard/midcard Coliseo matches now.

Momentos had a cool asai moonsault by Tigre Metalico on Arkangel as the only new spot. In fact, now that I think about it - every other spot was from the Torneo from last week. That's silly.

Leyenda De Plata Block B: This was the highspot intensive block as the short 12 minute match had about 12 dives, mostly by Mistico and Volador Jr. of course. They actually squared off early on and their face-to-face confrontation got a HUGE POP. I wonder if at some point that will turn into a feud since right now they are milking them as a tag team. I really wish Averno/Mephisto still had the tag straps.:( The Mistico/Volador Jr. exchange started strong but then cooled off as Mistico blew a headscissors and then when they tried dual springboard corkscrew planchas, Mistico slipped.:/ Sagrado did a tope suicida, Koslov did a running somersault plancha, Aguila did the Vuelo de Aguila, Mistico and Volador did combo dives and Volador Jr. did a running somersault plancha to perfection. I'm sure I'm forgetting more stuff. The eliminations were largely well done except for the stupid Mistico/Damian/Aguila spot near the finish. No build for the final pinfall like last week's Torneo as this time Mistico/Aguila just did their usual double backflip into La Mistica spot. Luckily I enjoy that spot.:) Not good but definitely fun.

Blue Panther/Dr. Wagner Jr./Heavy Metal vs Perro Aguayo Jr./Hector Garza/Damian El Terrible: Shocker made his return before the match. This was very long. Third fall in particular seemed to never want to end which was okay at some points when things were going good(Wagner/Garza) and very not okay when things were going bad(Metal/Perrito). Third fall finish had cool spots involving dives that I won't spoil. Perros won clean.

Average episode. If you like the spotfests, you'll love the Torneo and third fall of the main event.

AAA TV 8/17/06 in Aguascalientes:

Chiva Rayada I vs Paranoico: They seemed to join this in progress. Chiva hit a couple of sloppy spots and then used a tope suicida. Paranoico got a nearfall with a spinning slam. Chiva ended up going over and advantcing in the Luchando para un Sueno tournament.

Super Fly vs Kaoma Jr.: This was also seemingly edited to late in the match which sucked b/c both guys appeared lost and were just stumbling around the ring. Super Fly even seemed to be limping a bit so perhaps he hurt his knee early in the match trying something insane which we'll never see. He ended up missing a moonsault and Kaoma Jr. used EZ Money's old Monkey in the Bank finisher to win and advance.

Laredo Kid vs Mr. Condor: This was just the Laredo Kid show and poor Mr. Condor had to suffer b/c of it. Laredo is one of those guys where when he's on... he's amazing and everything looks beautiful. But when he's off like this match... you fear for his life and his opponent's life. Laredo did a tornillo off the second rope in the ring that almsot crushed Condor's face. Then he tried an asai moonsault and his knee DID crush Condor's face. The finish had him trying a 630 but he didn't get all the way over and ended up driving his head right into Condor's sternum which seemed to shake both guys up badly. Thankfully that was the finish. Laredo advances.

Before the next match was an interview with the new aliens which is one of my new favorite lucha skits ever! I will post this on YouTube!

El Alebrije/El Elegido/Triple A (new guy, not ex-T.D.) vs Los Aliengenias: Fucking awesome. I must know who Mungo(the tall green alien) is. He is HUGE and seems like a great bumper. I think all the aliens are veterans though just based on the style they were using and the chemistry they had with Alebrije who is also a veteran. Whoever the new Triple A was... I WANT HIM BACK MORE! He was amazing. Tons of highlight material spots. Elegido stayed out of the way which definitely helped the match. While the rudos were dominating the tecnicos, they used their little mascot Mandrox as a weapon by backdropping him onto Alebrije! *L* After the comeback and a ton of cool spots from Alebrije/Triple A, they went to the finish. Triple A did a slingshot corkscrew plancha(maybe he's Nautilius?) on Mungo and then Mandrox low blowed Alebrije as he had Krypter in a surfboard. I can't wait to see the rematch. Silly gimmicks? Yes. Awesome wrestling? Yes. GREAT COMBO!

La Secta vs Mexican Power - Mexican National Atomicos Titles: The storyline here was Escoria, Cuervo and Ozz didn't want Chessman's help at all but every time Chessman got in the ring he seeemd to be doing the best for his team. Escoria was once again working with one arm. Kinda interesting to see how he tries to work around it. Juventud did a slingshot into a frankensteiner on the floor on Chessman(DUH!) in the first fall which the MexPower won. Second fall had an AMAZING comeback spot as Chessman ducked a double clothesline and speared both Juventud and Crazzy Boy at the same time except they weren't side by side, they were standing one behind the other which is what made it look so cool. Secta took the fall with some sloppy moves. Third fall seemed joined in progress. Lider did a running somersault plancha as Psicosis did a tope suicida. Secta took the match as Escoria low blowed Juventud as he tried a top-rope frankensteiner and Ozz nailed Crazzy Boy with a top-rope Styles Clash as he tried the same top-rope frankensteiner. These teams could have done better, hopefully they'll get the chance the following week in the rematch. BTW, it should be mentioned La Secta got boo'ed a ton except for Chessman. The announcers were smart to point back to a match in Toluca(the awesome 5/18/06 taping) where La Fuerza Aerea got the same treatment even though they were supposed to be the tecnicos. What goes around comes around...

Brazo De Plata/El Zorro/Oriental vs Alan Stone/Scorpio Jr./Zumbido: Scorpio smashed something over Porky's head during the intros which caused him to bleed and the brawl was on. Zumbido used the Silver King dive during the rudo beatdown. The comeback by the tecnico got tons of heat and had an awesome spot where Oriental used a tope suicida on Zumbido which sent them crashing ONTO the announcers table and injuring Arturo Rivera! Porky did a plancha off the apron onto Scorpio. Oriental used a moonsault over the ringpost on Zumbido in another awesome looking spot. Zorro tried to power bomb Alan to the floor but got shoved and ended up being taken outside with a frankensteiner. Alan did not take a horrible tumble like Electro did at the last taping. Scorpio low blowed Porky to win. Very entertaining match with some crazy highspots from Oriental!

La Parka Jr./Octagon/El Intocable vs Abismo Negro/Charly Manson/Muerte Cibernetica: Before the match Manson brought a sick kid into the ring who had his face painted white. I wonder what was wrong with the kid? His head looked twice the size of his body, as did his hands. He also had a huge scar on his neck. Match was about what you'd expect from these guys. Crowd loved everything which is the sign of a good overall taping since they weren't dead by this point even though it was a long show with more matches than usual. No dives here as they just went to a finish with La Secta(minus Chessman) running out and Parka knocking them all off the apron one-by-one. When he got back into the ring he was low blowed by Banderas and pinned. They agreed to a GPCW Monster Title match on the next taping... I think. Or a lucha de revancha. Either way... it probably won't be too great.:) Chessman and Manson walked off together afterwards.

I enjoyed this taping. The early single matches were a bit disapointing but the midcard stuff more than made up for it.


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