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CMLL TV 8/19/06 + AAA TV in Monterrey 7/30/06

CMLL TV 8/19/06:

I *really* underrated this show when I first saw it. Henrik said he thought it was up there with the 8/4 taping. I wouldn't go that far but it was really good...

Virus/Tigre Metalico/El Hijo Del Texano vs Loco Max/Sangre Azteca/Shigeo Okumura: Surprising that this match even made TV since it was a normal shortened 1:45 time slot. Nice slow work to start off. Virus and Okumura had a really good exchange. Virus is just TOO GOOD. It's gotta be illegal how smooth he is in the ring. Tecnicos take the fall with Metalico using a nice spinning DDT variation on Loco Max. Second fall seems to be JIP during a Metalico/Max exchange. There is another exchange before the rudos take over. Sangre's dropkick to the taint(you got a better description?) got a HUGE pop. Well it certainly looks painful! Third fall was more rudo domination. Azteca and Okumura teamed up to botch a weird double team move. The action spilled onto the ramp where Virus and Metalico were whipped into each other. Camera switched to the opposite side outside the ring where Texano threw Azteca into the ringpost and we barely caught Metalico using Virus' back as a springboard to vault himself into a double dropkick inside the ring. Metalico hit a tope on Azteca and then it looked like the rudos were ready to use both their finishers on the tecnicos but Texano countered Okumura's inverted DDT with his fireman's carry backbreaker at the same time as Virus countered the top-rope headscissors with a top rope fireman's carry slam! Great finish!

Felino/La Mascara/Sagrado vs Alex Koslov/Damian El Terrible/Misterioso II: Fantastic match! Even before the fantastic match was a fantastic skit with Koslov's team. Absolutely hilarious! Sagrado/Koslov began with matwork and eventually gave way to Felino and Terrible, who seemed extra motivated ont his night. Terrible even did a no-hands kip-up! That's the most athleticism he's ever shown! Mascara did his usual running frankensteiner but then used an enzuigiri! NEW MASCARA SPOT ALERT!!! Sagrado eventually got triple teamed by the rudos and soon afterwards the fall was over with a Terrible Styles Clash, a Misterioso II Gory Driver and a Koslov springboard plancha to the floor on Sagrado! Great finish. Second fall was more rudos until the inevitable comeback. Felino did a somersault off the top rope to the outside on Terrible, Mascara used a somersault into a sunset flip on Misterioso and Sagrado used an AWESOME wheelbarrow lungblower on Koslov! Third great finish to a fall in a row! Third fall was off the charts with tons of amazing spots and the crowd red hot for everything the guys were doing. It wouldn't be worth typing up every move, you just gotta see it. Koslov was REALLY over. Near the end there was a really awesome spot where Sagrado did a springboard sunset flip on Koslov as he gave Mascara a vertical suplex. Mascara seemed totally unprepared for the spot but somehow it turned out awesome. Mascara ended up doing his usual plancha over the ringpost on Misterioso. Sagrado went for a wheelbarrow something but got suplexed by Terrible and then Koslov used an awesome russian legsweep into a crossface submission for the win! Four great finishes in a row - three of them in this match alone! Easily a MOTYC for me. Reminded me of the old Marvin/Virus/Volador vs Habanas matches.

Momentos was one of the best Momentos of the year. Started off with Valiente's DIVE OF THE YEAR CANDIDATE(and probable winner)! See it here: Next up was Mascara Purpura with a running somersault plancha on Nitro. Following that was Metron with a moonsault off the ringpost! After that was a Felino somersault plancha off the top rope, Volador Jr. Spanish Fly and Metron springboard reverse blind tope! Why can't Momentos be like this every week???

Mistico/Heavy Metal/Volador Jr. vs Black Warrior/El Averno/El Mephisto: This was the start of Volador's rise on the cards as he took Negro Casas' place and formed a great looking team with Mistico! Unfortunately the great finishes streak came to an end as the rudos brawled to win the first fall and used generic finishing spots that we've seen a million times. The second fall comeback/finish was too quick but at least had a cool double dive spot as Volador nailed a springboard corkscrew plancha as Mistico ran up behind him to hit a corkscrew plancha off the top rope! Third fall had tons of heat, especially when Mistico wanted Warrior to get in the ring but Warrior refused to enter. Heavy Metal seemed a little extra motivated and hit the fastest double team armdrag spot I have ever seen! Volador Jr. springboarded in with Mistico's usual Super Quebrada which got a HUGE pop! He worked a nice exchange with Averno and then a quick spot with Mephisto. Mistico then worked his usual spots with Averno and Mephisto which the crowd loved. He then finally got Warrior and sent him outside, then Metal came in and nailed Warrior with a slingshot somersault plancha! They went straight to the big finish which was Volador nailed Mephisto with the Spanish Fly and immediatly afterwards Mistico using La Mistica on Averno! Definitely a by the numbers match but a hot crowd, Mistico/Volador finally teaming and every spot being hit perfectly = another great match!

El Hijo Del Santo/Dr. Wagner Jr./Dos Caras Jr. vs Perro Aguayo Jr./Hector Garza/Damian 666: Way better than I remembered it being! In fact, I wanna go on record and say Hector Garza's performance in this match, especially the third fall, is one of the greatest single performances of the year in one match from any wrestler in any promotion! Any new fan watching this would think he was the big star, not Perrito. Pre-match was the Latin Lover introduction and then the rudos jumped the tecnicos during their entrance. Rudos took the fall with a triple team move involving a Perrito double stomp off the top and then a dual power bomb. Camera missed it but the other pinfall was a Garza second rope moonsault on Caras as he was being suspended in mid-air which must have been neat. Perrito did his usual rabid dog spot in the second fall which caused him to fall outside the ring. As he celebrated with his fellow PdM fans, Santo came at him with a ringpsot tope suicida! This cued the comeback and finish with the tecnicos coming out on top. The third fall was OFF THE CHARTS! Amazing work by everyone but especially Garza as I already mentioned. He had tons of hilarious spots with Caras and Wagner but was also bringing the workrate in between the comedy. Perrito took a couple of nice bumps as well which was surprising. There was a ref bump which caused the second ref to check on his partner and left the ring empty aside from the wrestlers. Wagner went for his usual dive off the ramp but Damian stopped him. Then Damian backdropped Dos Jr. onto the ramp but got nailed with a springboard dropkick. Dos Jr. went for the press slam but Perrito low blowed him which in turn caused Dos Jr. to drop Damian on the top rope low blowing him too! Genius! Santo sent Perrito to the floor and then headscissor'ed Garza outside so Wagner could finally hit his dive. In the ring, Perrito ended up low blowing Santo and getting the win. Cheap finish but good setup for the following week. Crowd was loving everything in this match which made for a great atmosphere.

Awesome episode! Highly reccomended! Just a notch below the 8/5 TV show which the blowaway episode. YOU NEED THIS!!!

AAA TV 7/30/06 in Monterrey:

I'm gonna be short with comments since I saw this a long time ago and already commented on it a bit...

Hombre Sin Miedo/Pimpinela Escarlata/Mascarita Divina/Estrellita vs Tito Santana/May Flowers/Mini Charly Manson/Tiffany: The mini's looked good in their debut under these gimmicks. Miedo looked way better than the last time I saw him on TV and his work with Santana was impressive. The finish had some nice dives. Good opener.

El Elegido/Mascara Divina/Laredo Kid/Rey Cometa vs Escoria/El Cuervo/Ozz/Espiritu: Specifically booked for Monterrey with each fall having a goofy low blow finish. Laredo Kid and Rey Cometa got to do some nice spots of course and looked fantastic combined. First fall had the rudos fake a low blow to win. Second fall had the tecnicos doing the same. Totally ruined the flow of the match. Third fall was just the rudos dominating and getting DQ'ed for too much violence. Badly booked with the only saving grace being some nice spots.

Crazzy Boy/Joe Lider/Juventud Guerrera/Psicosis vs Abismo Negro/Extreme Tiger/Histeria/Rio Bravo: Too many spots. Tons of dives. Crazzy Boy overshot a moonsault off the balcony but luckily didn't injure himself too badly. Tiger looked absolutely AWFUL. Finish was a double low blow with Tiger and Juventud which caused a double DQ naturally. Thankfully this was the last time we would ever have to see Extreme Tiger on TV as RXLL was formed and Tiger made a stupid career decision to leave the promotion with national TV and join the promotion that thought Vampiro vs X-Pac would draw thousands as long as the undercards had PWG guys who can barely draw 300 fans to their own shows.

El Zorro vs Electro Shock: Really heated match, especially when Zorro had his mask yanked off. He was bleeding again so I guess that's the gimmick of what happens which his mask comes off. Electro ended up getting a clean win somehow. If you are into this feud, it was a pretty good match. If you hate both guys going in, you aren't gonna enjoy this.

La Parka Jr./Brazo De Plata/Gronda II vs Chessman/Konnan/Muerte Cibernetico: Barely a match. The match itself went about 90 seconds. But the angle... WOW... THE ANGLE! One of the best angles of the year with Cibernetico come out before the match and Banderas bitchslapping him over the mic, then punching him and forcing La Secta to choose between who they wanted. So they all jumped Cibernetico and beat on his injured leg. Crowd was going NUTS for this. Chessman wanted to help Cibernetico but was held back by Konnan and La Secta. After an extended beatdown, Banderas bitchslapped Chessman over the mic and dared him to help Ciber. Chessman looked torn as to who to help. Ciber got stretchered to the back while the tecnicos made their entrances. Parka used a spinning backbreaker on Espiritu on the ramp, then dove over the top rope into the ring to take out Chessman and Banderas! Chessman got up and speared the injured Gronda on the ramp! The refs got into it and Copetas went for a tope suicida on Tirantes who moved and Escoria got nailed! All the remaining rudos started pounding on Parka and Porky so Tirantes entered the ring and DQ'ed them! By the way - crowd was still going nuts! Rudos took off and went backstage to attack Cibernetico while Estrellita lay there trying to protect her new love interest. Tecnicos celebrated in the ring in the meantime. Pean was also shown backstage trying to protect Cibernetico. Great fucking angle!

Overall it's worth getting the show just to see the big angle with Ciber turning face and there is enough action throughout all four of the previous matches to make you happy.


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