Monday, October 16, 2006

AAA 7/23 & 7/28 TV Tapings

7/23 in Tulancingo:

Fuego Extremo and Tlaxsys vs Amo De La Noche and Paranoico: I guess I'm alone in think Tlaxsys is an awesome name? They showed the entrances but then clipped straight to a frankensteiner off the apron by Tlaxsys and then clipped again straight to three big dives and the finishing spots. I'm guessing we missed nothing special b/c all these guys are Crazzy Boy wannabe's to the point if I posted this match online somewhere and didn't tell you who was in the match, you'd surely assume either Tlaxsys or Amo De La Noche were Crazzy Boy himself. I think Fuego Extremo became Pesadilla for the Luchador por un Sueno tournament. MAYBE. Dives were awesome but everything else they did was sloppy as hell.

Cynthia Moreno/Estrellita/Fabi Apache vs La Diabolica/Rossy Moreno/Tiffany: Short match which was obviously just on the card to further the Shocker/Estrellita storyline. Cynthia looked alright but she used the same dive twice(silla off the apron). I'll never understand why a wrestler would try the same dive twice in a match unless it was a signature dive they often win from by countout ala Chicana's old tope suicida. Finish had Shocker run out and give Estrellita a kiss. She was distracted and got rolled up.

Oriental and Triple A vs Scorpio Jr. and Toro Irisson: Has a more pointless match ever been booked? They must have promised bookings to these guys and weren't able to fit them in anywhere else. I was actually really scared when this match was first announced b/c the AAA website talked about matches like these being done more often as AAA tried to introduce a tag team division. YIKES! Thankfully it was a one shot deal. Rudos dominated the entire match and Triple A bled big time. Tecnicos fought back near the end of the third fall and both guys hit big dives which got a huge pop. Then everyone re-entered the ring and the tecnicos pinned the rudos at the same time for the win. Could have been worse!

Crazzy Boy/Joe Lider/Juventud Guerrera vs Escoria/El Cuervo/Ozz: As you should have expected - the MexPower(especially Crazzy Boy) were very over in Tulancingo. Still... the match had very little heat. It's as if the crowd was happy to see Crazzy Boy but then realized they had to watch him wrestle and turned silent. Who said Tulancingo crowds weren't smart?:) Typical match with lots of fancy moves... some which hit and a lot which didn't. I love the psychology of the match just STOPPING in the middle so Crazzy and Cuervo could brawl into the crowd and up to the top of the arena where Crazzy did a moonsault off the announcers position onto Cuervo. Should I also mention the spot happened in the corner of the arena where there was no lighting? So only 1/4th of the audience could see it and the TV cameras could barely catch it properly. It's okay though b/c Crazzy Boy is HARDCORE! I felt bad watching the guys in La Secta taking some of the stupid moves. Both Escoria and Ozz did tornillos near the end of the match. I honestly forget the finish but post-match had Chessman and Juventud arguing over the microphone.

El Alebrije/El Elegido/El Zorro vs Alens/Charly Manson/The Monster: Aliens had a new mask and outfit which looked awesome! The early portion of the match was fun as the tecnicos got to do some fun stuff. Then the rudos took over and the match slowed to a crawl. Just as the tecnicos were starting to fight back, the new greatest stable in the history of wrestling made an appearence... LOS ALIEGENIAS!!! Or however it is spelt.:P They attacked the tecnicos, especially Alebrije and Cuije. Fun angle but it's a shame AAA never followed up on it till about two months later! I think Alebrije/Triple A/Mascara Divina/Oriental or Angel vs Los Aliegnias could have been a great mid-card feud and a nice change of pace from the weekly MexPower matches.

La Parka Jr./Brazo De Plata/Gronda II vs Abismo Negro/Chessman/Shocker: Not the best showing by the AAA main guys. Porky and Chessman worked good together for the second straight week and Chessman managed to use a better spear than the week before! I'm shocked Porky takes that so well. Gronda II looked beyond awful. It was just embarassing. Parka used a tope suicida and Porky did a plancha off the apron. Abismo tombstoned Gronda behind the referees back and got the win. The crowd really didn't seem to care that Gronda just got nailed with a tombstone so I'd consider the angle a failure although it leads to funny moments in the next few weeks.:)

Pretty bad show overall. Not a single match worth watching again.

7/28 in Madero:

WOO-HOO! MADERO! I always have high hopes for normal TV tapings in this building b/c AAA often uses it for big shows so guys are used to stepping up their work.

Rey Cometa/Laredo Kid/Super Fly/Nemesis vs Escoria/El Cuervo/Ozz/Espiritu: Great to see these teams matched up once again! Usual start with a little bit of matwork and some flying by the tecnicos which led into the rudo beatdown. The beatdown included this great spot where two of La Secta kicked Rey Cometa in the back of the leg as he came off the ropes(i.e. he was ready to take the Abismo bump into the ropes) but as he went for the bump - he got dropkicked by the other two Secta guys! Comeback was nicely executed by Super Fly who was having a good night and hitting all his spots. Then each tecnico got to show his stuff off against each rudo. Rey Cometa looked the best and hit this AMAZING springboard twisting armdrag to the floor on Ozz! After a few minutes of neat back and forth spots, Cometa hit a plancha on Espiritu. Laredo Kid took out Escoria with an asai moonsault. Nemesis used a tope suicida on Ozz. Super Fly took out Cuervo with an asai moonsault. In the ring Cometa had the match seemingly won and went for a flying cross body press but Espiritu yanked his mask off in mid-air and got the win for his team. Another good showing by both teams.

Centauro/Pimpinela Escarlata/Mascarita Sagrada 2000/Estrellita vs Hator/May Flowers/Mini Abismo Negro/Tiffany: Hilarious angle pre-match where Shocker comes out with flowers and Pimpinela thinks they are for him but Shocker says no. May Flowers then laughs and thinks they are for him but once again Shocker says no. All the rudos then assume they are for Tiffany but Shocker walks right by them and hands them to Estrellita. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Beatdown right from the start. Hator is turning into quite the fun wrestler. I think he fits in perfect as a rudo in AAA and I'm anxious to see his work as a Guapo on future DVD's. Tecnicos fought back but there wasn't much in the way of action after that as they went straight to the finish which had a dive sequence where Estrellita's corkscrew on a running Mini Abismo Negro was the best. Tecnicos won by DQ after Hator used a low blow on Centuaro who looked only average in his debut and was probably just a local guy who paid to be on the show or helped set the show up.

Los Barrio Boys vs Crazzy Boy/Juventud Guerrera/Psicosis: Once again... I felt horrible for the Barrios who were taking stupid moves left and right from their opponents. There was a triple suplex spot where all the MexPower guys were outside the ring and the Barrios were inside the ring. Thankfully the spot went IN the ring instead of OUT.:/ Alan blew a tope suicida but didn't appear to be hurt. Lider then superplexed Billy Boy off the top rope onto both Alan and Juventud. Really dangerous spot b/c Lider didn't protect Billy at all and kinda just flung him(luckily the catchers were right there or it'd have been a disaster). And what did the "extreme" Joe Lider do? He just hung onto the ropes on the way down and barely took a bump. Well why bump unless there is a flaming table wrapped in barbed wire, right? Psicosis did a run-in and helped Crazzy Boy use a Spanish Fly on Decnis through a bunch of lighttubes. Unfortunately that's a DQ in AAA unlike NGX so the Barrios won.

El Elegido/El Zorro/Oriental vs Alan Stone/Scorpio Jr./Shocker: Pretty fun match. Oriental was looking a little extra motivated, probably b/c he knew he had a push coming up. This was the first time Zorro's mask got taken off and I guess if it comes off he starts bleeding b/c he was a bloody mess. They had a sick slo-mo reply of when the mask came off and I guess he had just bladed b/c you could see the blood spurting out of his head.:D Oriental used a nice ringpost plancha on Alan. Then Estrellita ran out with the flowers Shocker gave her but she smashed them over his head and he got rolled up and pinned by Elegido or Zorro... I forget which. Los Guapos are actually quite entertaining and they're comedy spot have me rolling at times.

La Parka Jr./Brazo De Plata/Gronda II vs Abismo Negro/Electro Shock/Muerte Cibernetica: This match needed Chessman obviously. The comedy just wasn't there and the work clearly wasn't there. Still... the crowd was entertained by whatever it was they were doing so I guess it was an alright main event. Gronda wasn't allowed to wrestle by the doctors so it was largely a handicap match until both Parka and Porky did dives which left Abismo all alone... only for him to turn around and see Gronda had came back to ringside and ripped off his neckbrace! WHAT A MONSTER!!! He knocked Abismo down but then Banderas and Electro re-entered the ring and used a double spear which looked neat and Gronda got covered by all three rudos. That was actually genius booking and a great way to have a monster get pinned for the first time. Problem is Gronda has been pinned before, he isn't an effective monster and there was no follow-up. This type of finish would have been perfect for Goldberg's first pinfall loss in WCW and people would have praised the genius of it.

Average show. I enjoyed the entire card but that might just be b/c I'm a huge AAA mark. Definitely not a show for people who are just getting into AAA but for a typical fan there's a lot to enjoy from this. Plus another chapter in the Fuerza Aerea vs Secta feud! How can you go wrong with that?:)


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