Friday, October 13, 2006

AAA 7/15/06 in Torreon:

Triple A/Pimpinela Escarlata/Mascarita Sagrada 2000/Mujer Demente vs Picudo/May Flowers/Jerrito Estrada/Tiffany: Weirdly put together matchup that makes me think Pena booked this show himself. This is full of guys and girls who are all extremely loyal to him. Demente hasn't been on TV in ages. Her gimmick is... well... not very nice. She carries a doll and focuses most of her attention on it rather than the match. This was 2 out of 3 falls for some reason. Sagrada and Jerrito worked great together in the first fall. Sagrada used a tope suicida and the other three tecnicos all got pinfalls soon after with Triple A's on Picudo being the most impressive. Second fall had some nice stuff by the tecnicos and then the rudos won quickly which is good since I am not interested in long brawling segments with any of those four. Third fall had a dive sequence! Triple A with a tope suicida, Tiffany with a flip plancha through the ropes, Demente with a plancha, Jerrito with a second rope springboard flying back bodypress and finally Pimpinela with a running somersault plancha overshooting everyone! Mascarita pinned Picudo to win. Turned out to be a pretty good match which is the total opposite of what I was expecting. Pena is a genius after all.:)

Octagon vs Zumbido - Mexican National Middleweight Title Bout: Not sure why this aired here but live it went on 3rd. Chessman came out to second Zumbido but left before the match began which was just plain weird. Lots of stuff got edited out so I'm assuming there was a ton of miscommunication as what was left on looked bad enough. The only highlights were a tope suicida from Octagon after a nice sallida bump by Zumbido and then a Zumbido plancha off the second rope inside the ring. They set up a ref bump nicely and then Zumbido had Octagon pinned so Electro ran out and counted to three. Zumbido thought he won... found out he didn't... then Octagon made him submit to shockingly win the title. Electro said he wanted the title and that's why he cost Zumbido the match which would have made sense but he never went up against Octagon afterwards. He also never went up against Zumbido. Zumbido congratulated Octagon and said he'd get his revenge in the future. He never did.

Electro Shock/Extreme Tiger/Histeria vs Crazzy Boy/Joe Lider/Juventud Guerrera: Another one of these awful U.S. indy style matches. Lider/Crazzy did dives early on. Juventud gave Extreme Tiger a brain buster on the floor. Don't worry, he got right up so getting dropped on your head on the floor really doesn't hurt. The rest of the match is just a huge blur of moves that either half-missed or completely missed. It's sure to go on the Best of Crazzy Boy and Joe Lider Vol. 3. The finish was a low blow by Tiger on Juventud and then he faked a low blow for the DQ. See, they did try to incorporate some Lucha Libre this time... they used the cheap AAA finish to perfection! HORRIBLE.

Brazo De Plata/El Elegido/El Zorro vs Chessman/El Medico/Muerte Cibernetica: Porky had to carry the workload in this match b/c Elegido is Elegido and Zorro was really trying to get over the mask by refusing to tag in and just sitting alone in the corner. Thankfully Porky had two good rudos and one amazing rudo to work with so this had its moments. Porky sold a lot for Chessman which must be a sign of respect b/c he didn't sell a thing for either Medico or Banderas even when it seemed scripted that he should. He took a huge double team backdrop which is a scary bump for him to be taking since he looked so out of control in the air. Finish of the match had Porky pinned after Zorro turned on him. Porky then sent Chessman/Banderas outside and nailed them with a plancha off the apron. Elegido then made Medico submit to a bearhug which only had the crowd laughing b/c of how gay it looked. This was the wrong crowd for Elegido to be working in front of...

La Parka Jr./El Intocable/Gronda II vs Shocker/Scorpio Jr./Alan Stone: Gronda kept shedding his bodypaint so the rudos were covered in red. Largely just a brawl and when it finally settled down into singles exchanges, nothing really stood out. They tried to do a creative spot with Gronda catching Alan when he tried a springboard but of course Gronda only looks strong, he really isn't so he dropped Alan and fell backwards in the process. ~MONSTER! Intocable did a pescado on Alan, Parka got pulled outside by Scorpio and then Gronda used a deadlift german suplex on Shocker for the clean pinfall.

Boring episode. No standout matches which I guess happens when you don't have mini's, Fuerza Aerea, Barrios or La Secta. It's a shame too b/c I was looking forward to the Torreon taping hoping everyone would bring their working boots.


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