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AAA @ Gimnasio Juan De La Barera - 8/13/04

I missed half this TV taping but was able to get the stuff I missed from the man that has it all - FREDO! This was AAA's big return to their old stomping ground where they used to tape weekly TV(or as close to weekly as possible) back from 1993 - 1995. Nice new guardrails and a pretty red carpet outside the ring to make it look like a big show.

Mini's opener did not air.

Barrio Boys vs Black Family vs Vatos Locos vs Vipers: This began as a very choregraphed battle royale where the first two teams pinned would face each other last. The Barrios did triple tope suicidas onto the Vipers which began a series of exchanges which would all lead to dives. Silver Cat onto Cuervo. Picudo onto Escoria. Espiritu then pinned Ozz. Decnis/Billy Boy did another double dive onto two of the Vipers but the best part was the setup as Mosco was slid head-first to the floor and then Psicosis took a Fuerza bump through the *FIRST AND SECOND ROPE*!!! HOW DO YOU DO THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!? Alan got pinned soon after.

Vatos Locos vs Vipers: This just started taking place right after Alan's elimination. Pretty much same format with every exchange leading to a dive but this time the Vipers got to show off. Mosco and Histeria both connected with seperate weak tope suicidas. Espiritu hit two ugly asai moonsaults onto Psicosis for the win.

Barrio Boys vs Black Family: The usual great match between these two teams although this was only about 4-5 minutes in length. Some really nice back and forth stuff. Billy Boy did a crazy tope suicida while Alan did his awesome twisting moonsault dive which got a huge pop from the crowd. Escoria used a nice spinning armdrag to send Decnis outside and followed with a running corkscrew tope suicida through the ropes. The Black Family used a combo submission to win the match. I think this was supposed to setup Black Family vs Vatos Locos for a shot at the National Titles but that never took place according to my records.

Electro Shock and Lady Apache vs Gran Apache and Fabi Apache: Before the match they had highlights of the Apache's beating Chessman and Tiffany to win the Mixed Tag Titles. Why didn't that TV show ever make U.S. Galavision?:( Or maybe that was the week or two I have missing episodes.:( This was supposed to be for both the Mixed Tag Titles and Lady Apache's National Women's Title + Fabi's Reina De Reinas Title. Explain to me how that would work? It didn't matter in the end anyways. Some good work early on with the Lady vs Gran stuff being especially awesome. They work well together for obvious reasons. Electro was easily the weak link of the match but the other three covered up nicely. Lady did an assisted plancha onto Fabi. Chessman did the great run-in ever... he ran soooooooooo fast from the back, slid into the ring and spewed Electro with red mist *WHILE SLIDING*, then kept sliding and rolled out the other side of the ring, and then he ran to the back! The entire run-in took like 8.3 seconds! CHESSMAN - IS - GOD! Apache fought back but Charly Manson then ran-in and accidentally hit him with a chairshot but then corrected his mistake by KO'ing Lady and Fabi as well. The ref ruled it a draw as everyone was out cold. Weak ending.

Noti AAA showed the lineup for Verano De Escandalo '04 which ended up not even being close to what actually happened. The main event was Parka/Ciber vs Electro/Charly which got turned into Parka vs Ciber and Lover/Chessman vs Electro/Charly. The entire undercard was 100% different as well but I can't remember what the 'before' matches were.

Heavy Metal/El Intocable/El Zorro vs Charly Manson/Juventud Guerrera/Mr. Aguila: Los Vipers attacked Intocable as he made his entrance and he was bleeding to start the match. Juventud used his springboard legdrop on both Intocable and Metal at the same time which is quite the awesome spot. He tried it again but Zorro caned him in mid-air which was a neat comeback spot. Intocable then absolutely blew me away by working a *FANTASTIC EXCHANGE* with Mr. Aguila! He busted out two amazingly innovative armdrags including one where he had to jump backwards onto the top rope without looking and nobody balancing him! WHY DOESN'T HE DO THAT ANY MORE?!?!?!? Zorro and Juventud had a nice exchange afterwards. Metal tried to look cool by somersaulting into the ring over Juventud but ended up crashing into the ropes and looking like... well... Heavy Metal.:) He had an awful exchange with Manson. End of the match saw Juventud do a slingshot somersault plancha onto Zorro while Metal did a running somersault plancha on Aguila. Intocable then pinned Manson after a Lady Apache run-in. Good stuff here.

Latin Lover/La Parka Jr./Gronda(original) vs Cibernetico/Chessman/Abismo Negro: Everyone was a little extra motivated here with the show being where it was. Parka busted out one of his rare asai moonsaults and it was way out of control. Ciber actually did a great job breaking his fall. This must have made Chessman feel out of place so he stepped it up and bumped like a freak for Latin Lover. Gronda even had a passable exchange due to Abismo Negro of course. Electro Shock did a run-in and knocked Chessman off the top rope which set him up for a running somersault plancha from Latin Lover! Find me any other show where Latin has done that move to anyone besides Chessman. I dare you! Gronda ended up using a spear on Abismo for the win. For what it was... good stuff. It certainly could have been a huge mess if it wanted to be.:)

Bonus Match from Verano De Escandalo '04:

Latin Lover and Chessman vs Electro Shock and Charly Manson - Parejas Incriebles: Ah, the mysterious missing Verano '04 match finally found me! This was worked exactly as most P.I. matches are... the rudos refused to tag in at first so the tecnicos had a simple exchange. Then the rudos came in and had an exchange as well and hugged. It began to pick up a bit when Manson pushed his own brother off the top to the floor. Lover started pounding on Manson who responded by pulling his tights down which of course the women loved. As Latin pulled them back up, Chessman reached in from the outside and pulled them down again while pulling Latin to the floor. GENIUS! The tecnicos had enough of this and sent both rudos to the outside. Electro tope'd Manson and Latin did a slingshot corkscrew plancha onto Chessman which the camera missed but the replay caught. Surprisingly Latin was the first guy pinned by Manson. Crowd definitely stopped caring about the match after that. Even worse was the next guy pinned was Electro! This left Charly and Chessman who didn't want to fight. They ended up having Tirantes flip a coin to decide the winner and Charly won. They agreed to lay down and Charly would get up at 2 while Chessman would stay down. Tirantes counted... 1... 2... AND BOTH GUYS SAT UP! *LMAO* They both laughed and Chessman agreed to stay down this time... which he did. So Manson and Electro technically won. The tecnicos attacked the rudos afterwards and brawled to the back. No wonder Verano '04 was such a pathetic event... this was the semi-main!!! Not... too... good.


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