Friday, September 29, 2006

CMLL Guerreros Del Ring August/September 2006:

August 26:

I really don't want to go through this show match by match. It started with a battle royale to determine matches for an eight team tag tournament. I'm a fan of the battle royale concept to determine matches b/c there will always be the mark in me that likes to pretend these things aren't planned out ahead of time. The tag matches themselves were quite shitty and I'd be shocked if I went back and found out any match got over 3 minutes. 8 matches @ 3 minutes each = 24 minutes. Time for an extra match, right? Wrong, this is Guerreros Del Ring. 24 minutes is actually too much wrestling!!! The one good thing I will say about the tournament is the matches got a little better as the tournament went on which I guess should be the goal.

If they ever plan on doing an episode like this again - please at least use non-boring guys like La Mascara, Terrible, Hombre Sin Nombre, Hijo Del Pierroth, Lizmark Jr. and Heavy Metal. This could have been a fun tournament with interesting guys involved but if you know you are getting a 3 minute match for sure and then see it's the Lizmarks against Misterioso and Terrible... that just sucks all the joy you may have left right out.

September 2:

El Hijo Del Texano/Kronos/Sagrado vs Hombre Sin Nombre/Misterioso II/Sangre Azteca: I guess this marks the end of Kronos' horrible CMLL run? *ahem* ... YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Volador Jr. was originally in his slot but got moved up. If this had only been two weeks later they wouldn't have had Kronos around to insert! We may have seen Stuka Jr. instead! Or Chamaco Torres! Oh well. Even though this looked like it could have been fresh and interesting, it really wasn't. Just seemed like 3 finishes with a couple boring dives tossed in. There was nothing in between. *yawn*

Heavy Metal/La Mascara/Volador Jr. vs Pierroth/Mascara Ano 2000/Universo 2000: I'm guessing Tony Salazar or Jose Luis Feliciano were having a really bad night when it comes to matchmaking? I mean, it doesn't take a genius to figure out you put Texano Jr. and Kronos in this match, move Mascara and Volador Jr. down - then you can stick all the shit in one match instead of spreading it over two matches. Ugh... CMLL booking. Volador Jr. was totally wasted here as you'd expect. La Mascara didn't even get to use his boring offense b/c none of his 3 moves can be done on any of the rudos. Well, Universo could probably take it but why would he bother making that shithead look good? Rudos don't need to win this so of course they do.

Horrible episode. Seriously... one of the worst of all-time for this show and that's saying something.

September 9:

Brazo De Oro/Metro II/Virus vs Mr. Mexico/Hajime Ohara/Shigeo Okumura: I thought something went wrong and they were showing the same match I saw on CMLL TV this past week but turns out this had Brazo De Oro and the CMLL TV match had Satanico. Make your own joke please, I'm tired. Metron and Virus looked really good. One thing that stood out in the pre-match promo is how little charisma Jimmy Neutron really has. The ONLY thing he had going for him was the gimmick and Dr. Morales yelling out JIMMY JIMMY JIMMY NEUTRON! Now he doesn't even have that. Even worse - I'll never get my Jimmy Neutron vs Apocalipsis Now feud!:( Why is CMLL trying to kill Neutron dead? He can do that himself, at least give him a push so it can happen on TV! Rudos did a fine job here and I enjoyed the third fall which didn't have one of two usual endings you are used to seeing.

Mistico/Negro Casas/Heavy Metal vs Black Warrior/El Averno/El Mephisto: LUCHA BY NUMB... whoa... I apologize, I'm just so used to crappy main events on this show. Luckily I was paying attention enough to realize - THIS WAS REALLY GOOD! Seriously, I'm tempted to call it my favorite GdR match of 2006? If I could remember any past episodes, I'd confirm that. But for now we'll just call it a top 3. Mistico/Warrior were really good working together and everyone seemed to be working under the Arena Mexico mentality instead of the Arena Coliseo "we can take it easy" mentality. I really loved the finish of the first fall b/c something like that never happens on GdR since it's a finish that involves THINKING! Second fall was also a bit out of the ordinary as you rarely see a big tecnico dive in the second fall unless it's Mistico and this time it wasn't. IT WAS HEAVY METAL! *shakes head* W-O-W! Third fall somehow managed to surpass the first two falls thanks to some amazing work by Mistico and Heavy Metal just staying the fuck out of dodge. More thinking(wtf is going on???) is shown when Mistico/Warrior switch masks which is a spot I haven't seen on CMLL TV in a while. Mistico takes out Warrior with a slingshot corkscrew and the Casas brothers go over on the... uh... they don't have a team name but you know those guys that hold two important singles titles and yet always manage to lose in tag and trios matches.:)

Holy crap - I reccomend this episode!!! Opener is alright and main event is must-see. Good job by everyone involved. I just wish this show had matches like that every week. I gotta go back and find out what was so special about this show that had these guys working extra hard...


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