Tuesday, September 26, 2006

CMLL Guerreros Del Ring - August 2006:

August 5:

Dark Angel/India Sioux/Marcela vs La Medusa/La Nazi/Princesa Sujei: I guess this was the start of the India/Medusa feud although I didn't see any hatred building until the finishing spot where Medusa yanked India's mask so she lost. You'd think they would have teased at least a little hatred with a mask match coming in two weeks? This was solid, if a bit boring at times. I really need Amapola in a match like this to keep me a little interested b/c she's the glue of the division. As mentioned, Medusa yanks India's mask for the ruda win. Sets up a revenge match the following week I believe.

Dr. Wagner Jr./Mistico/Negro Casas vs Atlantis/Olimpico/Ultimo Guerrero: Extremely short by the numbers match just to setup a tag title match the following week. Mistico brought the excitement at various points and Guerrero was the only rudo who was bumping and treating this like a match that mattered - as he ALWAYS does. There's just something about Olimpico I don't enjoy. He's so... robotic. He used to have the ability and no charisma. Now he's got the charisma and no ability. Damn wrestlers who can't find the medium! Rudos win clean which is always a bonus.

Okay episode.

August 12:

Dark Angel/India Sioux/Marcela vs La Medusa/La Nazi/Princesa Sujei: Definitely didn't like this as much as the previous week. Too much brawling. At least this time you could tell who were the main feuding wrestlers. Angel/Marcela did nice dives at the end. India pulled off Medusa's mask(took a while...) and rolled her up for the win. Mask challenge followed. Crowd seemed quite indifferent.

Mistico and Negro Casas vs Atlantis and Olimpico - CMLL Tag Team Titles Bout: Olimpico's last chance at these titles got messed up when he landed short on a dive. The person who was supposed to be catching him? Atlantis! IS THIS THE ULTIMATE YEAR AND A HALF BUILD UP TO HIS REVENGE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? No. On the bright side this was a pretty good tag match. I read cubs' review before I watched it and he seemed pretty happy with it. I'd have to agree. I certainly wasn't expecting anything more than two short falls and lots of nearfalls we've seen a ton before in the third. Instead I enjoyed the first and third falls a lot. Second fall even though it was really short wasn't offensive at all. Mistico sporting the Volador Jr. via Rey Misterio Jr. gloves was neat. He's extra "on" when he has the gloves you know! Olimpico showed his worth by being a good catcher for Mistico so I guess he does serve a purpose. Crowd was really into the third fall but surely they couldn't have been expecting a title change... could they? Tecs win by hitting their finishers at the same time and yes cubs - Tony Salazar presents them with the belts!

Another okay episode. Finally fit the criteria of what I've been looking for as this will be a show that stands out for the tag title match alone.

August 19:

Leono/Stuka Jr./Tony Rivera vs Arkangel/~HOOLIGAN!/Loco Max: HEY NOW! So... this was weird. At first Stuka Jr. and Arkangel seemed to be feuding which I didn't remember reading about. Then it just seemed like Arkangel was in his own world during this match. I like the guy and respect him but he definitely seemed a little... ummm... well... I guess if a WWE guy had a match like this, people would accuse him of being in "no condition to perform". You have to see the match to understand why I think that way though. He just seemed to be in his own world and at various times would do the oddest things that I've never seen him do in 15+ years. Like one time he had Stuka Jr. in the corner and went to punch him... then kinda stopped and just stood as if frozen for at least 10 seconds before finally softly jabbing him in the stomach. Other times he'd just run into the ring for no reason disrupting an exchange or be late for a double/triple team move. It was just very awkward all match long. However, some of the awkwardness led to the match feeling a little more heated as if they was some actual hatred between these guys! So instead of the usual flippiness and straight to dives to end falls, you had them brawling a bit and the match seemed new and interesting... at least to me. Hooligan didn't get to show much. In fact... his first bump and catch was at the end of the match on a Leono hiptoss and dive. That's like having Mistico in a match and telling him he can only do 1 armdrag and dive... and it can only be with 1 minute left in the match. C'mon - LET HOOLIGAN BUMP ALL MATCH LONG! HE WANTS TO! HE LIKES IT! Leono did a cool top rope springboard moonsault dive. Loco Max nailed Stuka Jr. with a running somersault plancha. Rivera and Arkangel had a pretty bad closing segment as Rivera had to wait up top for years until Arkangel decided to get off the mat and walk over for the finish. I'm not surprised the actual move was screwed up. Minus Arkangel/plus Super Comando = better match. Still... nice change of pace.

India Sioux vs La Medusa - Mask vs Mask: Wow... not as horrific as I expected! Crowd seemed into it and halfway through I started to get a little into it. Probably after India's cartwheel + dance combo.;) She did a nice dive and then Medusa did an ugly silla dive. The 6-1-9 is now officially the most overdone move ever as Medusa pulled it off! Some of the nearfalls at the end were really good and I like that India used an actual high impact move to put Medusa away b/c I was dreading a roll-up while using the ropes for some reason. Medusa's contacts are cool. If they insist on doing women's matches all the time, could they at least do me a favor and book Marcela/India vs Amapola/Rosa Negra?

Good show. Good > okay for those wondering.

These were officially the first GdR shows to air while the FSE show had started and you can see the difference already with the show being a little more interesting without the usual blah format of semi-main/main event.


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