Friday, September 22, 2006

CMLL on Fox Sports Espanol Sept. 10 & Sept. 17/06:

Victor came through great so I actually got to watch the recent episode in the same week it aired!:D You can read his blog here:

September 10:

I should start by mentioning it is FANTASTIC how even with a shortened show they spent 5 minutes showing the intros to a match they only plan to air 2 minutes of. Decisions like those make me know I'm watching a Lucha Libre TV product.:)

Lady Apache/India Sioux/Princesa Blanca vs La Amapola/La Nazi/Rosa Negra: Apache and Amapola had a nice exchange to start. Blanca then entered wearing Felino's outfit minus the mask although maybe she should consider the mask... *ahem*... anyways... should we assume they are a couple? Kid Tiger must be so proud of his dad... *ahem*... I'm just wasting time b/c there is nothing else to write about as they go to commercial and we see nothing else from this FIVE STAR MATCH!

Felino/Sagrado/Satanico vs Alex Koslov/Eclipse/Olimpico: Same match that aired on Galavision Mexico two weeks ago. BOO! Nothing really noteworthy. Koslov looked a little lost at times unlike his previous TV appearence which was gold. Olimpico in pink was hilarious on so many levels. Eclipse continues to look good in the ring and with time he could become quite the force in CMLL. I wonder what brought on the sudden rushed gimmick change and push? Setting him up for Mistico maybe? Rudos win clean.

Shortened and uneventful episode.

September 17:

Once again... intros shown even though match gets cut. GENIUSES!

Stuka Jr./Tigre Blanco/Tigre Metalico vs Arkangel/Hooligan/Loco Max: Cubs will be happy to know the rudos were introduced as "La Pandilla Guerrera". THEY'RE ALIVE! AND HOOLIGAN IS IN IT! I should also note Hooligan was wearing an awesome mostly black outfit that makes him look 1000% evil. I fear he will waste the rest of his career working pointless undercard matches at Arena Coliseo.:( This match was criminally short and edited to boot. After a medium length Stuka Jr./Arkangel exhange, Blanco threw Hooligan around after blowing the first spot and nailed his somersault into a headscissors spot. The other two rudos got put away immediatly. Is it only me or does anyone else have a problem with a fall ending after ONE EXCHANGE? Why would Loco Max submit if he was 100% fresh and hadn't tagged in yet? If you ever want to question the psychology of Lucha Libre - question that! Second fall has a Tigre Metalico/Arkangel exchange which leads right into Hooligan beating down all the tecnicos and the rudos winning the fall in seconds. That is all we get to see.:( Opening show clips revealed a third fall tope suicida from Tigre Blanco on Loco Max. Maybe they should start running Lightning Matches on these shows and just using them to open every episode so they can't be edited down?

Negro Casas/Heavy Metal/Satanico vs Olimpico/El Averno/El Mephisto: Only 2nd and 3rd falls shown. Nothing special in either. I nearly lost it when Heavy Metal screwed up running the ropes. *LMAO* DAY 2 OF WRESTLING SCHOOL YOU FUCKING IDIOT! I'm sorry, but I despise Heavy Metal. He and Lizmark Jr. are the biggest current embarassments to Lucha Libre. Purple Mutated Turtle needs to fuck them up! Satanico did a senton off the apron onto Averno after almost colliding with Casas by accident. ~VETERANS! Casas went for the Casita but Averno counted and cleanly pinned him setting up a title match which I'll review in two weeks.:)

It was great to see Hooligan's outfit. Easily the highlight of the show. HEY FOX SPORTS - STOP EDITING THE SHOWS EVERY WEEK! Or at least be smart and edit out boring interviews and intros to leave in more wrestling. Pretty please and thank you.

Tomorrow I will have virtual orgasms over the AULL I'm watching. You have all been warned.


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