Sunday, September 24, 2006

Weekend Lucha TV:

CMLL opened with a match from Arena Coliseo - Virus/Metro II/Satanico vs Okumura/Ohara/a clean shaven Mr. Mexico. How disapointed will the Box y Lucha forum members be next week when a pointless Coliseo tercera makes television and Gronda's debut or the trios titles match is edited off? It ain't gonna be pretty but this seesm to be the new style of TV. The match was pretty good but suffered from a 10 minute commercial break between fall one and fall two which made it seem like the match was going on FOREVER. Metro II looked fantastic but I hate the fact that the gimmick has no potentital whatsoever. He nailed a really sweet running somersault plancha in the third fall. Referee screwed up the finish so everyone got lost. Quemonito did a plancha off the apron onto Okumura to end it. Next up was a repeat Momentos. Then the ladies title match aired. Lady Apache... boring. Hiroka... bland. Women's division... very disinteresting. Bad combo. At least it was very short and had two nice dives. They better be setting up a hair match or this was extremely useless. Next up was the semi-main JIP in the third fall just so we could see Volador Jr.'s injury and post-match ambulance ride. Main event was exactly what you'd expect. Lots of Mistico/Warrior mask ripping, a few dives and a DQ ending when all the rudos beat the shit out of Mistico so everyone thinks he is going into the match injured and losing his mask. OH NO!:p GO MISTICO GO!!!

AAA had part 1 of Verano De Escandalo. I was extremely negative about this show on paper but as usual with AAA big shows... almost everyone stepped up their game and came through to cover up for the awful booking which this time can be blamed on Konnan and not Pena who had absolutely nothing to do with the show. First up was a review of the semi-finals in the Luchandor por un Sueno tournament. I WANT TO SEE COMETA VS APACHE DAMNIT! The finals came next with Laredo Kid vs Kaoma Jr. vs Gran Apache. Two words: FUCKING BRILLIANT! Laredo Kid was on fire and nailed everything he tried perfectly. Meanwhile Apache and Kaoma used their experience to control the match perfectly and tease being friends before eventually turning on each other. Apache was a huge dick and kept wanting to break up the pinfalls so neither could win. Laredo Kid nailed Apache with a bullet tope suicida that was so sick. I mean... Laredo's feet never even touched the ground until he was in the aisleway already!!! Later he did his trademark springboard 2 1/2 rotation corkscrew plancha to perfection! Lots of neat spots inside the ring and good nearfalls. Kaoma went out first after an Apache Swanton Bomb and while he was posing for the crowd - Laredo nailed a 450. After a few minutes of nearfalls, Laredo went for a Stardust Press but rolled through and used a bodyscissors into a small package to win!!! *** 1/4 - *** 3/4 or so. Great work by all three guys. Next up was La Secta vs Mexican Powers. I won't talk about this too much b/c it was pretty awful. A bunch of weapon shots, dives that came out of nowhere or were setup awfully and lots of standing around waiting to setup equipment for the next spot. Chessman tried to spear Lider off the top rope through a table on the floor but slipped and almost took a header to the floor.:/ That's great. Injure the MVP of the promotion for a stupid garbage spot. Chessman should have been nowhere near this match but you know Konnan... he's still a draw! HAHAHAHAHA. Anyways, Chessman survived b/c he is a machine. It should also be noted he got the largest pop of the night thus far.:) MexPower won after Juventud gave Escoria a Juvy Driver off the top rope. Next match was the one I expected to be a total clusterfuck... TNA vs Vipers. Samoa Joe vs Electro Shock, A.J. Styles vs Histeria, Lo-Ki vs Charly Manson, Homicide vs Abismo Negro... it reads like the ultimate worst booked fantasy wrestling card ever! But somehow... someway... THEY MADE IT WORK! Joe and Cide did dives early on. There were tons of nice exchanges without anyone looking out of place. It's as if they actually talked things out beforehand and were on the same page!:o IS THIS AAA??? There was even some psychology with Joe being positioned as the monster and the Vipers needing to use two guys to constantly take him down. Abismo/Joe had some solid exchanges together, as did Styles/Manson. The only screwed up moment in the match was when Manson tried a springboard and slipped but he just rolled outside and Histeria came in to face Homicide. The finish of the match was really good as Joe nailed Histeria with a tombstone but then he was dropkicked outside the ring and Abismo nailed Homicide with a double underhook piledriver which Cide sold like DEATH. Tirantes gave TNA the win by DQ as Cide got stretchered. Crowd was really hot for all of this. Great match! Main event was Zorro, Oriental, Intocable and Porky vs Los Guapos and Hator who really doesn't fit in at all with his partners. He had a nice performance in the match though and looked better than I've ever seen him. This was your typical AAA big show random atomicos match with everyone getting to shine at various points. Zorro had a neat spot where he caught Alan Stone and threw him backwards over the top rope onto his partners! Lots of dives including an Oriental tope suicida, Oriental moonsault, Zorro running somersault, Intocable asai moonsault, Zumbido plancha and finally POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORKY with a TOPE SUICIDA!!! Finish had a masked guy(A.J. Styles?) run-in and low blow Intocable. Really good stuff until the shitty ending. So far I give the show a thumbs up just based on hard work alone. During Noti AAA they announced 5 AAA TV Tapings from October 12th to the 24th! That will cover till late November so we should have a good idea on where the promotion is heading into Guerra De Titanes unless of course Konnan has TNA dates booked and isn't around. Then we'll get the usual great AAA shows until Konnan comes back to book his own silly TNA influenced December year-ender.

AULL aired the finals of the Lightweight Title tournament which had Terry 2000 vs Sadico in a fucking INSANE match. Sadico is a fucking nutcase and has no regard for his body at all. They started by showing cool promos with each guy and then long ring introductions. They took it to the mat early on and had some creative back and forth stuff going on. Terry 2000 eventually ended up outside and Sadico took him out with a crazy moonsault plancha!!! He won the fall with a Ki Krusher. Second fall was mostly Sadico on offense until he screwed up and Terry 2000 sent him outside, then flung him into the crowd. They brawled around for a few seconds and then Terry 2000 climbed on top of the entrance and DOVE OFF WITH A PLANCHA!!!!!!!!!!!! He beat the 20 count back into the ring to take the fall. Third fall had some nice nearfalls and a great near submission win by Sadico. Once again Sadico went nuts and threw Terry 2000 into the crowd, then got back in the ring and hit him with a SPRINGBOARD SOMERSAULT PLANCHA OVER THE GUARDRAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Words cannot explain the sick landing. After both guys somehow recovered, they did some more stuff in the ring until Terry 2000 was up next with a normal plancha onto Sadico on the outside. Sadico almost won with a cool armbar early on and for the finish they played off that with Terry 2000 nailing the same move and getting the win! So Terry 2000 is the first ever AULL Lightweight Champion! Really strong match from two relatively unknown guys. VIVA AULL!


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