Wednesday, October 11, 2006

CMLL TV 7/22/06:

Satanico/La Mascara/Volador Jr. vs El Mephisto/Misterioso II/Sangre Azteca: I got a little worried at first when the first fall got cut off out of nowhere and the rest of the match had huge technical difficulties but thankfully it is replayed in perfect quality after the main event.:) This is just a typical example of a match that is given no time and the guys put little thought into what they are doing. Volador did a Super Quebrada onto Misterioso in the first fall. Second fall had a Mascara/Azteca exchange which went something like this... Mascara with a running headscissors... Mascara with a tope suicida. Shocking, huh? It just goes to show you how important family is when it comes to El Consejo b/c Sagrado had the huge inital push taken away due to him blowing chunks in the ring. Mascara is just as awful and yet he gets to keep his spot up top b/c of his blood. Eh, it's nothing new, I'm just complaining. Rudos take the second fall and the third fall in under 4 minutes. The third fall was worthless. No big spots, just the rudos continuing their beatdown and winning. Lackluster match.

Momentos was shitty. Leono doing a weak springboard elbowdrop and something with the women were the only new spots.

Dos Caras Jr./Heavy Metal/Lizmark Jr. vs Johnny Stamboli/Marco Corleone/Kenzo Suzuki: The only good moments in this match were with Caras and Jindark of course. You gotta feel bad(or do you?) for Lizmark Jr. when Kenzo Suzuki is outworking you. The crowd really seems to love this foreign trio so it's a shame they couldn't stick together for a while. It'll be a sad day when Jindark has to leave Mexico for good. On the other hand it'll be the happiest day in the world when Heavy Metal and Lizmark Jr. leave the company. Think of a match like this with Volador Jr. and Sagrado in their place... ah... sweet sweet dreams...

Dr. Wagner Jr./Negro Casas/Rey Bucanero vs Perro Aguayo Jr./Hector Garza/Mr. Aguila: Perros brawled to start the match. Aguila used a rarely seen Vuelo de Aguila! After that though, the match degenerated fast into a 100% shtick match. I love shtick but I'd love to see some wrestling as well and these guys were just not in the mood to do that on this night. Second fall was barely a fall... just a plancha by Bucanero and a double finisher spot. Third fall had Perrito being very annoying and just when it looked like things might pick up a bit... Garza suffered an apparent serious injury and got stretchered so they went home right away with Wagner nailing Aguila with a somersault plancha off the ramp and your typical overbooked CMLL finish with Perrito cheating to win.

Definitely a candidate for worst episode of the year...


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