Tuesday, October 10, 2006

CMLL TV 7/8 + 7/15/06

(Already reviewed 7/8 so just gonna re-paste the comments)

CMLL TV 7/8/06:

Blue Panther/Mr. Niebla/Satanico vs Pierroth/MA2K/U2K: First fall and second fall are your usual throwaway falls that mean nothing to the story of the match assuming these guys even cared about putting together a story. Universo was the only entertaining part of the match. Niebla is a huge waste of time and CMLL just needs to cut ties with him and ship him to AAA where he'd be tolerable. Panther continues to be horribly miscast as a tecnico much like Bucanero. It's only a matter of time before someone realizes "WTF, we've been booking Panther as a tecnico for the last 3 years?!?!?!?!?!". Panther crashes on a pescado and the Dinamitas put away the other two tecnicos. Missable.

Virus/El Hijo Del Texano/Leono vs Loco Max/Ohara/Okumura: Weird that this aired AFTER the previous match. Would say it's weird that it aired at all but we are coming off a week where they aired the OPENER so I guess anything is possible and I hope the trend continues. Leono is sporting dreads and cool contacts which is a good look for him and maybe a good look = improved wrestling b/c he looked fantastic in the ring during this. Really good match although short(really need to use that as a disclaimer). Rudos take the first fall nicely. Tecnicos take the second fall after a springboard plancha and slingshot somersault dive from Leono and Texano respectively while Virus uses an unseen top-rope Falcon Arrow on Ohara I think. Some nice stuff in the third fall, especially from Leono and Texano. Virus never really got a full exchange which hurt the match. Leono did a CRAZY springboard moonsault dive onto Ohara near the end. Virus went for a dive but got his leg clipped and rolled outside. Texano hit his finisher on Loco Max but Okumura snuck in the ring and used a german suplex on Texano before Leono could get back in and the rudos got the clean win. About as good as you'll get in CMLL these days. Ohara continues to show nothing and I am really hoping DG/El Dorado/M-Pro/ANYWHERE BUT CMLL finds a place for him soon so he can leave Mexico.

Battle Royale to determine teams for the Torneo was pointless to air.

Torneo Cibernetico: I was into this match at the start. The mask ripping and Volador Jr./Purpura exchange were great. In fact the match was progressing just fine... until they made an edit to the final two guys. WHY??? Why not edit out the pointless battle royale instead??? Beyond idiotic. God damn monkeys, as cubs would say. Pantera/Felino stuff was also worth mentioning. Shame we'll never get to see their singles mask vs mask match which has been building since 1991.Sad

I think Momentos aired next but I'm not sure if the clips from the previous week were Momentos or if...

Dos Caras Jr./Lizmark Jr./John Ce...err...Rey Bucanero vs Ultimo Guerrero/Olimpico/Atlantis: Nice to see Olimpico back for a few weeks until one of his body parts decides to snap again. He's destined to be AAA's Nuevo Gronda at some point in 2007. Why he chose to wear pink in his return match is beyond me. Bucanero gets attacked during his entrance. About 30 seconds later both Jr.'s are hung in opposite corners and Bucanero gets splashed and senton'd by all three rudos for about 20 seconds before the refs calls a DQ. Boy that finish must have taken quite a bit of thinking.:/ Second fall has the comeback within a minute and a half. For the first time I can remember since he turned tecnico over a month beforehand, Bucanero teams with the tecnicos to do a triple team move on Guerrero. Dos Jr. and Liz Jr. try a double enzuigiri on Guerrero and miss by about 10,000 feet. It looked ABSOLUTELY AWFUL and I'm surprised Guerrero even sold it. Bucanero then nails a running somersault plancha. Five minutes of action so far has taken quite a toll on all the participants so it looks like it's time to go home. Lizmark Jr. with a tope suicida and Dos Jr. flies over the top with a running tope. Am I still watching Momentos? Bucanero and Guerrero trade punches and nearfa...*L*...wait this is CMLL 2006, what am I saying? Guerrero just runs right into the Bucanero Storm for the three count. Match time: Roughly 7 minutes and 20 seconds. W-O-W! Guerrero may be the best wrestler in the world right now but I dare anyone to find a match this year that proves it. Bucanero wants a title shot afterwards. I want a match that goes longer than 8 minutes. Naturally, Bucanero gets what he wants and I don't. HORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIBLE main event.

The Torneo was okay and so was the second match but everything else isn't worth even a $5 DVD when it comes out. I think it's time to start combining two weeks of CMLL TV per DVD to make it worth the $5 to be quite honest.

CMLL TV 7/15/06:

Brazo De Oro/Dr. Wagner Jr./Lizmark Jr. vs Pierroth/Marco Corleone/Kenzo Suzuki: Holy crap... you have someone no-show an Arena Mexico booking(I think it was Niebla) and instead of asking one of 10,000 talented undercarders on your roster - you get BRAZO DE ORO to sub in. Yes, Brazo De Oro vs Pierroth, that'll make your product look fantastic to the average fan! This entire match was pretty shitty aside from Jindrak looking good as usual. His running plancha off the ramp was extra awesome b/c he almsot flew over both his partners which would have been quite the insane bump.:P

Only new Momentos spot was a nice one... Valiente nailing Caligula with an assisted springboard somersault plancha!

(I also already reviewed the final two matches so I'll just paste those)

Ultimo Guerrero vs Rey Bucanero - CMLL Light Heavyweight Title: I'd be lying if I said this wasn't a personal dream match of mine since 1999. I just wish it could have taken place outside of the current CMLL environment.Sad Really had a big match feel with great entrances and the crowd 100% focused on what was going on in the ring with dueling chants(not like ROH). They did a little matwork to start and then out of nowhere Bucanero caught Guerrero in a roll-up for the first fall. Already I had a bad feeling.:/ Second fall started with Bucanero pretending he is Mistico which he REALLY NEEDS TO STOP DOING! He almost blew a Misteriorana but no way Guerrero was going to have a blown spot in one of his big matches so he covered nicely. Bucanero went up top but Guerrero crotched him(weakly) and then joined him up top to hit a super powerslam for the three count. No way that second fall was anywhere close to two minutes. Checking O'Campo's results, he has it as 1:32 which is probably a little over what it really was. EXTREMELY WEAK. I knew they would be saving everything up for the third fall so of course after the first spot... AN EDIT. Yep. This totally ruined the match for me b/c they had only been wrestling for 4 minutes on TV and after that edit, the action resumed with both men completely out of breath looking like they had been through a war. I really hate when wrestlers do that. I can understand needing to do it on a U.S. TV show when you are running through tons of spots in 5 minutes but these guys did NOTHING that we(the viewers) saw that would make them gasp for air as of yet. They did a cool spot where Guerrero went for his bronco buster move but Bucanero countered into a power bomb for a two. He then took his famous backward bumps to the outside and Guerrero nailed a running somersault plancha. More selling of exhaustion as Bucanero barely made it back inside. They did three or four nearfalls and an awesome teased spot where Guerrero had Bucanero up for the Guerrero Special but Bucanero desperately flung himself backwards before Ultimo could lift him up and they crashed to the mat. A bit later Bucanero caught Guerrero with the Bucanero Storm and the crowd went crazy b/c that finisher is more protected than La Mistica. But only a 2! Both guys sold for over 40 seconds on the mat which is quite the contrast from the AAA TV show when Lider hit the same move on Tiger except more dangerously and both got up right away. Anyways, Bucanero went up top and got crotched. Guerrero followed him up and... GUERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRERO ESPECIAL! 1...2...KICKOUT!!! Crowd went crazy as Ultimo questioned the referee's count. Before the crowd even had 2 seconds to digest what happened though, Bucanero quickly crucifixed Guerrero in a last ditch effort to win...1...2...3!!! NUEVO CAMPEON!!! And thus ends Ultimo Guerrero's 3+ year reign as CMLL Light Heavyweight champion! Crowd went nuts for the finish which was truly great. The fantastic finish doesn't make up for the lackluster match though. I can't justify even putting this on my list as a possible MOTYC. The 6 minute third fall really only had 2 minutes of wrestling as 60% of the fall was spent selling exhaustion. This would be an example of a dream match gone bad. I wish both guys would have shook hands afterwards and agreed to be friends again. Instead I'll have to suffer through Perrito vs Bucanero matches.Sad

Jaula De La Muerte: Really big-time feel on TV as every guy did a promo and then each guy got his own entrance. La Mascara appeared to get locked out of the cage as the brawling began but must have snuck in somehow when I wasn't looking. Volador Jr. however was left behind which set the stage for the spot that seemingly happens in every CMLL cage match... he climbs up top and does a plancha onto everyone... but this time he got caught and slammed down! Awesome spot! The rudos try to cheat and escape early(you have to wait 7 minutes officially) but fireworks go off when they reach the top, causing them to fall back inside. This happens twice to seperate groups of rudos. Problem is later in the 7 minutes, more guys try to escape and there are no fireworks which ruins the illusion. Usual brawling as with 12 guys in a small ring there isn't much space to do anything special and this isn't a stunt-show match ala CZW. Purpura manages to squeeze in a standing SSP though and Sangre Azteca does his top-rope headscissors. The 7 minutes expire and it's a free-for-all as everyone is trying to escape! Crowd is really hot and then the shocking moment... Neutron... up... up... AND OVER! SE FUERA NEUTRON!!!!!!!!!!! Crowd goes apeshit as I'm sure 90% of them thought Neutron was losing for sure. You can hear a buzz going through the crowd immediatly as all eyes fall on Nitro, one of two SEVERE's on cubs' list. But WTF... NITRO IS UP... AND OVER! NITRO ESCAPES!!! Once again you can hear a buzz going through the crowd as two out of three guys who had the best odds of losing are the first two out! Azteca/ and Sagrado rip at each others' masks. Same for Volador Jr. and Mephisto so you have your final four being teased already. Either bad camerawork or a little clip and all of a sudden Mascara Purpura gets tossed into the air, lands on the top rope and pulls himself over the top of the cage! PURPURA SAVES HIS MASK! (I told you all!Razz) Crowd is getting louder with every escape now. Really awesome atmosphere. Lots of guys keep trying to escape. Pantera has had numerous chances but keeps slipping or getting stopped near the top. Averno/Mephisto refuse to fight each other and insist on double teaming La Mascara. Sagrado gets whipped by someone towards Sangre Azteca who launches him into the cage. Sagrado catches the cage, kicks Azteca away, pulls himself up to the top... AND PLUMMETS TO THE FLOOR RIGHT ONTO HIS FACE!!! That had to hurt.:/ But an awesome spot to show the importance of saving his mask. So now Neutron, Nitro, Mascara Purpura and Sagrado are out and cubs' list is causing the Vegas odds-makers to go nuts. Mephisto tries to set Volador Jr. up for something but Azteca signals he is out of position and waits up top for it to be corrected. Mephisto picks up Volador Jr. and whips him into Averno who tosses him up top where Azteca is waiting... SPANISH FLY TIME! BUT AZTECA HOLDS ONTO THE CAGE! He turns around... CLIMBS UP AND ESCAPES! Awesome spot and Azteca keeps his mask! Once again Pantera is close to escaping but gets stopped. Another tease? Averno/Mephisto began double teaming La Mascara including a huge power bomb spot. They grab Volador Jr. for the same move. Volador Jr. gets whipped into Mephisto and he somersaults up right into power bomb position... BUT HE GRABS THE CAGE AND PULLS HIMSELF OVER!!! VOLADOR JR. KEEPS HIS MASK! Half the field is officially gone and we have Averno, Mephisto, Felino, Pantera, Misterioso II(awfully quiet thus far) and La Mascara left. There appears to be a moment of rest as everyone is spent until... Misterioso II goes to leave! But Pantera stops him! Interesting, eh? Roles reversed and Pantera is stopped from escaping. At this point it definitely is everyone for themselves as Misterioso II is forced to stop his friend Mephisto from escaping. Averno/Mephisto talk over Misterioso II being a traitor and decide to stick to just helping themselves as they attack La Mascara. Mascara is whipped into the corner and Averno helps Mephisto with a giant whip into a clothesline. Mephisto gets down and tells Averno to jump off his back. Averno runs at Mephisto, jumps off his back... OVER LA MASCARA, ONTO THE CAGE... AND OUT!!! AVERNO KEEPS HIS MASK AND MEPHISTO IS PISSED! Crowd popped huge for that! La Mascara nails Mephisto with a flying huracanrana as he's stunned. Mascara... CLIMBS THE CAGE UP AND... HE'S STOPPED BY PANTERA! BUT HE KICKS PANTERA AWAY AND... MEPHISTO CLIMBS UP WITH HIM! Both standing on the top rope trading slaps... Mascara ducks one and kicks the rope causing Mephisto to crotch himself! MASCARA UP... FELINO DIVES... BUT IS TOO LATE! MASCARA IS OUT! And we're down to our final four of Pantera, Felino, Mephisto and Misterioso II! Pantera realizes everyone is distracted and tries to climb out but here comes a turning point... Felino convinces him to climb back down so it can be an even two-on-two match with tecnicos and rudos! Mephisto and Misterioso II seem to make up from earlier on and form a friendship once again. Meanwhile Mascara and Averno brawl on the ramp all the way to the back. Lots of attemps to escape are stopped. Both tecnicos manage to take control and slam the rudos. Then... BOTH GET THE IDEA TO ESCAPE BUT ARE STOPPED! Rudos take control and dispose of Felino. They whip Pantera into the turnbuckles. Mephisto with a clothesline. Misterioso follows it up. AND THEN MEPHISTO CLOTHESLINES MISTERIOSO! SENTON SPLASH! UP... AND OUT!!! MEPHISTO KEEPS HIS MASK! Amazing drama! Misterioso II is majorly fucked now as Felino/Pantera team up against him. Felino holds him for a Pantera spin kick... BUT IT GETS FELINO INSTEAD! Pantera doesn't care, he heads up... over... AND OUT! PANTERA KEEPS HIS MASK! But... what? Misterioso slams Felino and decides to escape as well. From the mat Felino points to Pantera and begs him to go stop Misterioso instead of escaping down the cage!!! So Pantera walks across the top rope to dive and stop Misterioso from escaping! Anyone can tell that was a huge mistake. Why? B/c just as soon as both tumble to the mat and get up, Felino hits a clothesline on both, a senton and both... AND FELINO ESCAPES WITHOUT LOOKING BACK!!! Pantera and Misterioso both realize they've been fucked over by their respective partners and begin climbing... both up top... OVER AND OUT!!! But wait... they're the final two! The ref enters the cage and the announcer announces it's one-on-one in a mask match! Lots of nearfalls as they went a good 4-5 minutes just trading moves and building to a finish. Not as much heat as the cage portion though as everyone knew the result by this point, they were just waiting for the big move. Finally Pantera puts Misterioso up top and goes for a frankensteiner but gets crotched and nails with a top-rope La Rosa Driver! 1... 2... 3!!! PANTERA IS THE ULTIMATE LOSER! Fireworks go off as the announcer takes Pantera's info and his son comes into the cage crying his head off. Pantera forces him to shake Misterioso's hand and then takes his mask off and puts it on his son as his name is announced. He congratulates Misterioso and that's that.

Main event made the show as it should have.


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