Wednesday, October 11, 2006

AAA 7/7/06 in Zacatecas:

Octagoncito and La Parkita vs Mini Abismo Negro and Mini Chessman: I was hoping for a random blowaway mini's tag but it wasn't meant to be.:( 2/3 falls match and went really long(30+ mins. of TV) but there wasn't much in the way of focus and lots of times it appeared they were just dragging out the match for no reason. The matwork early on was quite good... especially with Parkita and Mini Abismo. Tecnicos took the fall by DQ when Mini Abismo used a chair on both of them. Second fall was more rudo domination until Octagoncito grabbed the chair and used it on the mini rudos but didn't get DQ'ed.:) He ended up nailing Mini Chessman with an awesome flip plancha through the ropes! Mini Abismo made Parkita submit clean to a short arm scissors for the win. Third fall had some okay back and forth stuff. Parkita tried a tope suicida but Mini Abismo nailed him with a chairshot! Octagoncito had Mini Chessman ready to give up but Chessman ran out and spewed mist at the mini tecnico. Octagon then ran out and sent Chessman to the floor with a neat sallida bump. He low blowed Mini Chessman, put Octagoncito on top, then nailed Chessman with a tope suicida and the mini tecnicos won! Crowd was really into the finish.

El Elegido/Pimpinela Escarlata/Cynthia Moreno vs El Medico/Sexy Francis/Rossy Moreno: Weird random match featuring guys and girls who haven't been around in a while. Not much to say though as once again whoever taped the show edited out the entire first half of the match.:( It got joined with like 3 minutes left as the tecnicos made their comeback. Pimpinela did a running somersault plancha and then we had a screwy finish take place. Hard to tell how good or bad this really was b/c of the edit.

La Fuerza Aerea vs La Secta - Mexican National Atomicos Titles Bout: I've already reviewed this. It was *AMAZING*. I'm tempted to call it one of my top 10 favorite matches ever but it was really really really short. I'll stick with my 11th favorite match ever for now.:P Everything they did hit perfect and Chessman was just in super-top form. Must-see match! ->

Alan Stone/Electro Shock/Extreme Tiger vs Crazzy Boy/Joe Lider/Juventud Guerrera: WOW. WHAT A FUCKING MESS! Moves, moves, moves, moves... break so everyone can rest... moves, moves, moves, moves and more moves! Did I mention you need to add a 'missed' in front of every mention of 'moves'? The best was early in the match when Extreme Tiger went for a legdrop to the floor on Juventud and came up about 5 feet short injuring his leg. *LMAO* Next Rey Misterio Jr.! *LMAO* Oh man did we ever get worked on that one. There was so much stupidity, I can barely remember most of it. I know at one point Extreme Tiger and Juventud just stopped wrestling and lay on the mat as the other four guys brawled all over the building, eventually getting into position for a Crazzy Boy moonsault off the entranceway. Then Juventud tried to guide Tiger through this exchange he used to do with Rey Jr. and Tiger was in the wrong spot at EVERY POINT. Oh my god... it was so brutal. I'm gonna make a video clip of everything Tiger blew in this match if I get a chance and post it on the Tijuana Lucha forum just for laughs. Tiger ended up pinning Juventud clean. As bad as he is, Juventud is gonna be all over him(literally?) for the next few years until his knees get blown out hoping he can land a gig due to the insane flyer who has a 2 month shelf-life in a major promotion. Tiger also has Konnan who is desperate to create another Rey Jr. and even though he works with at least 10 other amazing candidates on the AAA roster, he will go with Extreme Tiger for obvious reasons.

Octagon/La Parka Jr./Brazo De Plata vs Muerte Cibernetica/Shocker/Zumbido: Pretty good match. Everyone seemed to be working extra hard though I can't figure out why. Shocker was actually in old form and took some good bumps plus played the chickenshit rudo role very well. Zumbido was also really good and seemed to enjoy working with Porky. Nice dive by Zumbido near the end of the match. Above average match which was surprising.

I'd reccomend this episode solely based on the Atomicos Titles match but if you need more than that - the opener and main event have their moments while the semi-main is just hilarious to watch.


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