Friday, October 13, 2006

CMLL TV 7/29/06:

Blue Panther/Satanico/Volador Jr. vs Black Warrior/Misterioso II/Olimpico: This would be the official match where Volador kicked it into high gear and began his rise to main event status! It's also the match where he first used bodypaint which caught on so well that everyone is using it now. Nice slow start to ease into the flying spots. Rudos took over the first fall and won easily. Second fall was more rudos on offense until Volador cued the comeback/finish with a running somersault plancha on Warrior. Panther used an INCREDIBLE submission on Olimpico that up until that point I had never seen before. Now I've seen Negro Navarro use it on multiple occasions.:) Third fall had a great Panther/Olimpico exchange and Volador/Misterioso exchange as well. Panther and Volador both did dives at the end of their exchanges. Olimpico ended up nailing Panther with an assisted plancha. Warrior caught Volador with a dropkick as he tried a springboard and Misterioso used a Rosa on Satanico. CMLL really struck gold with these tercera matches for a while.

Momentos had a plancha by Super Comando and a slingshot tornillo plancha by Sicodelico Jr. as the only new spots.

Dos Caras Jr./Heavy Metal/Lizmark Jr. vs Atlantis/Eclipse/Ultimo Guerrero: Decent enough match even though two of the tecnicos are talentally handicapped... if that made any sense. Dos Jr. carried the load for his team and looked great opposite Eclipse and Guerrero. Atlantis stayed out of the way and only managed to look like an idiot twice which is good for his standards. One time he entered the ring at the wrong time b/c he wasn't used to the Lizmark/Ultimo exchange we've been seeing for 7 years now and the other time he knee'd Eclipse in the head during a tag team move. The second fall finish with Eclipse doing a moonsault on Dos Jr. as he was suspended on Guerrero's knees got a HUGE POP and looked incredible. Third fall was fun. Dos Jr. did a running tope over the top and then the lazy tecnicos were put away in seconds.

Mistico/Rey Bucanero/Negro Casas vs Perro Aguayo Jr./Mr. Aguila/Damian El Terrible: AWESOME MATCH! If the 8/4 main event doesn't happen, this is a MOTYC for me. Perros dominate from the start with Perrito dragging Mistico up the ramp and trying to press slam him to the floor. Great camera shot as he has Mistico high in the air at the edge of the upper entrance ramp. Perros took the fall easily but at least took their time doing so which was a nice change. Mr. Aguila did a running somersault plancha over the ringpost to start the second fall! More brawling by the Perros until the inevitable comeback which got a HUGE REACTION(since they built it up over 10 minutes rather than 3/4 minutes). Mistico nailed Perrito with a tope suicida, Negro nailed Terrible with a silla(not shown on camera but I assume...) and Bucanero nailed Aguila with a running somersault plancha. Mistico then made Perrito submit clean to La Mistica! Third fall was all sorta of awesome early on. There was a Negro/Terrible exchange that I may just have to make a clip of b/c it was so brilliant. Anyone who wants to see why Negro is a genius needs to watch this 2 minute segment. Doing the most simple moves he and Terrible worked an exchange that had the entire arena cheering by the time it over. Bucanero was next and looked GREAT against Perrito. Mistico finished things off by working with each rudo and ending it with a plancha over the ringpost on Perrito. The tecnicos scored the win immediatly afterwards. Kind of slowed down at the end of the third fall b/c they had such a nice pace going until Perrito had to do his usual stalling for attention. Then the finish dual pinfalls got messed up somehow. But if you overlook that, this was a fantastic trios match.

Great episode. Pick this and the 8/4 show up if you can. Strong back-to-back shows and if CMLL was booked by people with half a brain they could do shows like this every week!


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