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AULL "Todos Somos Estrellas" - 10/11/06

Here's the deal... AULL has been presenting some amazing shows ever since they got a TV slot. Most of the press has gone to their local guys who have proven themselves as excellent workers and are quickly causing quite the controversy over who are better - the big time TV guys or the small time local guys. Hector Guzman, who promotes the shows, seems to have a good brain on his shoulder as he's been putting together strong lineups and thus decided to put together a concept unheard of in Mexico these days... a card where everyone is considered a star! Yes, it's easy to say everyone is a star but when you have 10 straight weeks of Zayco in openers and Lizmark Jr. in main events, everyone knows who the real star is. So Guzman decided to book a bunch of bigger name wrestlers as usual except... he mixed the matches up and instead of your typical Dos Jr./Mistico/Villano III vs Atlantis/Olimpico/Tarzan Boy main event... all those guys were put in seperate matches. Sharing the wealth so to speak. All four of the top matches were called the 'lucha estrella' which basically means main event to the average fan. Guzman even went a step further and outsmarted everyone who assumed Mistico's match would automatically be the main event. He put his match up SECOND FROM THE TOP! Now that's pretty unheard of in Mexico these days, especially since the last match that went on ended up having Villano III and Halloween as the only big names.

This card took GUTS! Good for Guzman and AULL!

Onto the show...

Mascara Sagrada/Rocky Santana/Astro Boy vs Dr. Karonte Jr./Heavy Boy/Misterio (replacing an injured Tarzan Boy): Can you believe Sagrada is in a TV opener and working against these rudos? It's unreal. In fact, he must have not known this was going to happen b/c he definitely had on his "I hate my life" face. And yes... I know he is masked but his body language told it all. Only new face here is Heavy Boy who is a regular poster on the Box y Lucha message board and works in Coacalco every Sunday. I thought he was just one of your typical Crazzy Boy wannabe's and maybe he is... but he looked good in this. Everyone did aside from Sagrada. Astro Boy and Karonte Jr. only disapoint me b/c they constantly work against each other only and always do the same exchange. Maybe they feel they have to do that to get noticed by CMLL since that's their style? Tecnicos took the first fall. Second fall went to the rudos with a Spanish Fly off the second rope by Karonte Jr. on his brother. Third fall was good and Sagrada finally seemed to get into the match a bit. He didn't even shoot punch Karonte Jr. after being locked in an upside down submission where he had to sell for about 20 seconds while Astro Boy made the delayed save. Finish had Astro Boy doing a tope suicida on his brother(obviously). Then Santana slammed Heavy Boy to the mat face-first and Sagrada used a back suplex on Misterio. Solid opener which really emphasized the everyone is a star gimmick.

Dos Caras Jr./Robin Maravilla/Ultimo Gladiador vs Olimpico/Scandalo/Sepulturero: Only new face here is Scandalo. I figured Dos Jr. and Olimpico would just keep to themselves and let the other guys do whatever they wanted but once again the everyone is a star format was emphasized as Olimpico worked with each tecnico and Dos Jr. worked with each rudo. Dos Jr./Olimpico were easily the most cheered guys but the other four turned in great performances. If AULL had their TV cancelled next week and Maravilla was never seen again, he would be right up there with Flying on my list of guys who looked like wrestling geniuses but disapeared forever. Seriously... Maravilla is SO GOD DAMN FREAKIN' AWESOME! First I thought it was Navarro making him look good... then I thought he was just working with great rudos... now I'm convinced this is a guy we need more footage of immediatly. His matwork was great and he did some very Skayde-esque spots during a faster exchange later in the match. Gladiador looked impressive once again. Rudos ganged up on the tecnicos and took the first fall. Tecnicos made a comeback and won the second fall as Olimpico ran from Caras. Third fall was REALLY GOOD and had lots of nice work from everyone. Dos Jr. and Olimpico did a posedown for some reason which was the only time the match slowed down. Finish had Gladiador fake a dive and then superkick Sepulturero into the crowd. What's coming next? You know it... ULTIMO GLADIADOR ASAI MOOSANULT OVER THE GUARDRAIL ONTO A BUNCH OF FANS!!! Scary for two reasons: 1) He barely cleared the guardrail and almost smashed face-first into the top of it; 2) His feet smacked a lady in the third row. Maravilla was next with a tope suicida on Scandalo which left Dos Jr. and Olimpico. Dos Jr. went for his press slam but Olimpico yanked off his mask and got the pinfall, only for the decision to be reversed and the tecnicos got the win by DQ. Really good match!

Mistico/Terry 2000/Super Nova vs Atlantis/Krimen/Sadico: It was just revealed today as a matter of fact that Super Nova is the ex-Spider Kid, aka Texano's second son. That explains his CMLL roster spot and push in AULL. This was the match EVERYONE was looking forward to since you had Mistico teaming with Terry 2000 who is considered to be the AULL version of Mistico and Atlantis teaming with the two rudos who have been getting rave reviews from their work thus far. It was seriously a dream match for the last week on every message board. So of course... it has turned into quite the controversial match.:) First things first... in the introductions, Mistico got announced last but once again emphasized the gimmick of everyone is a star by letting his partners go to the ring first and letting them have all the attention. Crowd popped *HUGE* when Mistico started the match with... SADICO! I don't think anyone was expecting that. What came next was even more of a shocker... THEY TOOK IT TO THE MAT!!! The crowd was 110% going nuts for this. Atlantis ended up barging in and kicking Mistico. Mistico challenged him to come back inside but instead... Krimen entered! HUGE POP! What did he do? He took it to the mat with Mistico as well! Crowd was loving this(as was I obviously!). Mistico looked pretty darn capable on the mat. It wasn't Navarro/Solar type matwork but it was good enough to the point you can see Mistico is far from your typical U.S. indy guy who can only fly, even his most hardcore hater would have to admit. In fact, this is where the controversy is coming from as the magazines praised Mistico's matwork and a lot of anti-Mistico fans agreed... but of course there are still a ton of people who hate him no matter what so now you have the anti-Mistico fans vs the anti-Mistico fans who now respect that he is only limitd by what CMLL forces him to do. It's a fun debate to follow.:) Anyways... Mistico once again got kicked by Atlantis while working the mat and finally Atlantis tagged in officially. Mistico ducks a clothesline... spinning frankensteiner! Grabs Atlantis' arm... springboard twisting armdrag! MISTICO! *clap clap clap* MISTICO! *clap clap clap* MIST... ATLANTIS WITH THE ATLANTIDA AND MISTICO GIVES UP IMMEDIATLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE POP!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear this match thus far had the most innovative booking of the year so far in Mexico. Atlantis celebrated with his partners as Mistico's partners looked on in stunned silence. Second fall started fast with Super Nova working an awesome exhange with Krimen. I counted about 35 backflips in a span of 45 seconds.:P He used some nice armdrags and headscissors as well. Then it was Terry 2000/Sadico's time! AND THEY BLEW THE ROOF OFF THE PLACE! I'm convinced Sadico is the real star and just carrying Terry 2000 but I do appreciate what Terry 2000 does. They had an awesome battle for a headlock to start and then kicked into high gear. Terry did this IN-FUCKING-CREDIBLE BLIND SPRINGBOARD CORKSCREW ARMDRAG to send Sadico outside and end their sequence. Mistico and Atlantis then entered and Mistico did his usual routine, ending with a pescado to the outside! Nova hit the Nova Driver on Krimen and then Terry 2000 used his spinning armbar on Sadico! Another huge pop as the falls were tied up! Third fall another brilliant start with Mistico/Sadico exchanging slaps and then... Sadico working flying spots ON Mistico!!! Mistico came back with a headscissors of his own but then Atlantis knocked him down and took out Nova/Terry as well which began the rudo beatdown. Thus far the match was PERFECT. It slipped a bit after the beatdown b/c the comeback was timed wrong by either Terry or Mistico... not sure who was to blame but even the crowd noticed something went wrong. Either way, Mistico hit his springboard frankensteiner and 6-1-9 on Atlantis. Then Nova/Krimen went at it and Krimen got sent outside where Nova took him into the crowd with a frankensteiner off the apron! Krimen attacked Terry 2000 and shot him into the turnbuckles. He then whipped him into the opposite buckles but Terry 2000 ran up the ropes... AND DOVE OVER THE RINGPOST INTO THE CROWD ON KRIMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crowd went APESHIT! Nova then sent Sadico outside... hit the ropes... AND CRUSHED HIM WITH A RUNNING SOMERSAULT PLANCHA TO PERFECTION!!! Not even the weak kind ala Mascara Purpura where you land on your own feet - the kind where you CRUSH your opponent on the landing! Mistico and Atlantis the entered... and you've seen this before but it was made all the more sweet by how amazing the match was... LA MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISTICA! TECNICOS WIN!!! Mistico didn't even celebrate, he just rolled right outside and went to check on Terry 2000! Post-match had interviews with TERRY 2000 and SADICO! So the focus of the match was the AULL guys, not Mistico and Atlantis. Fucking genius booking. Fucking awesome match of the year candidate!

I felt bad for the guys that had to go on after that but I gotta give even more praise to Guzman b/c he booked a genius card right down to knowing that match would rock and thus the guys who went on next were not sent out there to try and one-up the previous match, they were there to setup the next week's show...

Villano III/Ultimo Vampiro/Nick La Muerte vs Halloween/Psicopata/Tortuga Mutante Verde: NOOOOOOOOO! IT'S THE EVIL GREEN TURTLE! FUCK YOU EVIL TURTLE! I WANT THE REAL NINJA TURTLES!!! I'm sorry... AULL is too much fun!:D This is such an awesome rudo team though. A human pumpkin, a mutated turtle and a Mankind/Al Snow combo who bumps like he is Psicosis in 1994 taking on Villano III, a vampire and a guy wearing La Parka's old outfit and a skeleton mask. DOES IT GET ANY BETTER?!?!?!?!?!?!? Rudos attack right from the start and the entire first fall is just a huge brawl around the building. Tecnicos get disposed of within 5-6 minutes. Second fall is more of the same until Villano III ignites the comeback and the tecnicos take their time throwing the rudos around. When things calm down, Ultimo Vampiro and Psicopata are in the ring but not for too long. Psicopata ends up outside and eats a bullet tope suicida from Vampiro! NICE! Villano III then makes the EVIL FUCKING MUTATED GREEN TURTLE submit while Nick La Muerte rolls up Halloween. In the third fall Villano III shows he is the complete opposite from Mascara Sagrada and does a cool spot where it looks like he is ready to face Halloween but then tags in Ultimo Vampiro and coaches him a bit before leaving the ring. So simple... so awesome. Third fall progresses as normal for a bit but there is this one sick sick sick sick sick sick sick moment where Psicopata gets a full head of steam and runs right at Nick La Muerte... only to be HIPTOSSED OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like I was watching Psicosis circa '94 as I stated earlier! This was not a normal hiptoss where you use the ropes to guide yourself and land on your feet outside the ring... he took the hiptoss and *NEVER BOTHERED TO TOUCH THE ROPES FOR HELP*, then proceeded to take a perfect flat back bump on the floor which caused a sick thud!!! I am clipping it out as we speak and putting it on YouTube! The best part aside from the crowd reacting like someone just got shot and everyone stood up to get a good look was the ringside doctor jumping over the guardrail and running over to make sure Psicopata was alright but Psicopata saw him coming and rolled away while acting crazy. So he sold the bump and stayed in gimmick! PSICOPATA IS AWESOME! All good things must come to an end though so the rudos quickly ganged up on the tecnicos and Halloween introduced a chair to the match. Villano III was taking a ton of punishment and could have been pinned many times but the rudos pulled him up. Meanwhile Ultimo Vampiro was hung in the tree of woe so he couldn't help his buddy. Nick La Muerte suffered the same fate. With no hope in sight, Rocky Santana and Terry 2000 ran out to save Villano III! Tecnicos won by DQ(which was called just before the run-in) and post-match challenges were issued by Villano III and Halloween which sets up next week's main event: Villano III, Rocky Santana and Terry 2000 against Halloween, Black Terry and Sadico. You have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how thrilled I am at the thought of Rocky Santana and Black Terry taking it to the mat. This is gonna be 10x better than Navarro vs Maravilla... I think.

Well folks... as if you couldn't tell - this is another show of the year candidate along with Arena Mexico 8/4, AAA Triplemania 6/18 and AAA 5/18 in Toluca. Guzman took a chance by releasing that lineup. He took a chance in assuming none of the stars would balk at the idea of working in a position lower than they expected. Sagrada, Villano III and the CMLL guys could have easily pulled a powerplay and refused it but they didn't and all were pro's except for Sagrada early on. He also took a chance that the fans wouldn't take to the idea and would rather see Villano III vs Atlantis in some sort of trios match. In the end though... he proved to be a genius b/c this show was A-MA-ZING! Each match was booked perfectly and everyone was given the chance to shine. Terry 2000, Sadico, Krimen, Super Nova, Psicopata, Robin Maravilla, Ultimo Gladiador, Sepultero, Astro Boy and Dr. Karonte Jr. all came out looking like stars which is exactly the way it should be.

I seriously can't stress this enough... AMAZING SHOW and AMAZING BOOKING!

I have to turn negative for a second though and ask why can't CMLL do something like this? As long as Mistico is on the show, attendance will be fine so why not use one of these Sunday Coliseo shows to mix things up and try to elevate some guys in the eyes of the fans? We all know you can't do it in Arena Mexico b/c the opening match guys are put there for a reason... the fans only start showing up in time for the second match. So the guys in the opener are just used to fill time and are yanked immediatly when enough fans are in the building. But Coliseo shows are the time when you can play around since you are drawing a normal crowd anyways. Here's my fantasy booking for a Sunday taping called - "CMLL: Todos Somos Estrellas pero Mistico es el Mejor" (:)):

PRIMERA: Tzuki/Ultimo Dragncito/Bam Bam vs Pierrothito/Pequeno Violencia/Fire
- Mini's to start the show off since they can't be involved any higher up as CMLL doesn't do mixed matches.

SEGUNDA: Marcela/Dark Angel/India Sioux vs La Amapola/Princesa Sujei/La Medusa
- Gotta get the women on as well to show I am fair.:)

MAIN EVENT #1: Satanico/Flash/Valiente vs Alex Koslov/Artillero/Super Comando
- Satanico has worked this low before, except now he'll get to team with two guys who usually works openers. Flash can be introduced as the new future flyer and Valiente can get more TV time to get himself over as the new Super Astro. Meanwhile on the rudo side you have Koslov who wouldn't be afraid to work with new guys and take some big moves and you get to introduce the Guerrilleros as a regular tag team rather than splitting them up.

MAIN EVENT #2: Heavy Metal/Maximo/Stuka Jr. vs Shocker/Emilio Charles Jr./Ramstein
- See, I'm sticking with current booking to make the card sensible at the very least. Maximo/Emilio are feuding. Meanwhile you stick Metal/Shocker in the match for star power and you can continue the Shocker turn by having either Quemonito come out with Maximo like he used to OR just have Shocker/Emilio not getting along b/c of their past. In the meantime Stuka Jr. and Ramstein can do their thing.

MAIN EVENT #3: Dos Caras Jr./Volador Jr./Leono vs Ultimo Guerrero/El Averno/Hooligan
- Leono is obviously the next guy that CMLL wants to break out so this is a perfect chance to match him up with arguably(maybe... you'd have to be a good arguer) the best three rudos on their roster right now. Plus you get to acknowledge Hooligan as an official Guerreros member so cubs can be happy! This could even be the last match to go on...

MAIN EVENT #4: Mistico/Sagrado/Mascara Purpura vs Atlantis/Eclipse/Sangre Azteca
- Purpura is a guy they are looking to push at some point and him teaming with Mistico means Mistico can cut down on the flying for this match, much like the AULL match where Terry 2000 was in charge of that part of the match. Sagrado and Eclipse can be paired up as natural rivals since they are both pretty big. Meanwhile you give Sangre Azteca his chance to be a main eventer so in the future when you need a sub for a no-showing Tarzan Boy, you can just insert Azteca instead of Soberano Jr.!

Honestly, I would really like to know - WHAT IS WRONG WITH A CARD LIKE THAT? It took me 15 minutes to put together. I know that is triple the usual amount of time Tony Salazar, Brazo De Oro, Jose Luis Feliciano, etc. put into CMLL booking per week but what do you say CMLL... give it a shot some day?


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