Friday, October 20, 2006

CMLL TV 8/26/06 & AAA TV 8/6/06 in Morelia

CMLL TV 8/26/06:

Dr. Wagner Jr./Mistico/Volador Jr. vs Atlantis/Eclipse/Olimpico: Not as great as I had hoped it be. Had some fun momentos, even when the rudos were in control but overall it too little went on so it felt like only 2/3 minutes of real action. Eclipse has a great look and takes good bumps but he still appears far too awkward inside the ring. Third fall was supposed to be the Mistico/Volador show but they blew two spots in a row which kinda killed the big pop for the finishing dual dives where they both did planchas off the turnbuckle. I liked their dual springboard corkscrew planchas in the second fall much better. Wagner monkey flipped Atlantis on the ramp and then hit his usual dive. Tecnicos take it.

Torneo Leyenda De Plata - Group A: Joined in progress right as Metron does a moonsault plancha off the ringpost onto Mephisto. They appeared to either join this REALLY late or it was just EXTREMELY short b/c the finishes came fast and often with nothing at all in between unless you count a crazy assisted running somersault plancha from Bucanero. Finish came down to Bucanero and Warrior. Warrior did a tope of not so death and then won with his secondary submission hold. Disapointing.

Momentos had one AMAZING spot that could have been spot of the year had Valiente's dive not been the week before. Tzuki got reverse monkey flipped off the apron into a frankensteiner on Pequeno Violencia!!! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY SHIT! Definitely a highlight spot and makes me sad we don't see more of Tzuki.:(

El Hijo Del Santo vs Perro Aguayo Jr.: Well, I think Perrito is big time exposed in singles matches. He really is 99% charisma, 1% ability which is why he is such a great trios worker. The first fall clearly shows that with the chaos on the floor to distract from the fact Perrito is just punching and kicking Santo or stalling by staring at the crowd. When it comes to the second fall - the comeback was brilliant and the finishing submission was out of this world. The third fall had it's moments, mostly all due to Santo. Then of course there is the way overbooked ending that is becoming a staple of Perrito's b/c he never wants to lose clean. Do you need a ref bump? Maybe. But a mask pull? AND A LOW BLOW? It's so over the top and unneccessary. Really left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm sure everyone else will love this though.

Not the greatest episode even though on paper it looked like it could have been great.

AAA TV 8/6/06 in Morelia:

Brandon/Pimpinela Escarlata/Fabi Apache vs Gran Apache/Polvo De Estrellas/Tiffany: Decent enough match. The story was Brandon returned out of nowhere and was making unwanted gestures during the match towards Fabi. This overshadowed the fact Brandon made a great return and had a great match but oh well. There was a dive sequence at the end and father/daughter got to finish the match. Brandon interfered and kissed Fabi so her dad could roll her up. Billy Boy ran out and obviously didn't like that so he low blowed Apache, dropkicked Brandon outside and MURDERIZED him with a TOPE OF DEATH! Watch and learn Black Warrior! Good match and good angle.

Mascarita Sagrada 2000/Octagoncito/Mascarita Divina vs Mini Abismo Negro/Mini Charly Manson/Mini Chessman: What a disapointment. I was hoping this would be the blowaway trios matches of the year for mini's but it never even came close. Lots of blown spots and badly orchestrated sequences. Divina and Manson didn't seem to add anything to the match, probably b/c they were forced to work with people besides themselves. When it was just them two in the ring it was fine but they were like deers in the headlights otherwise. Octagoncito did two cool dives during the match and Mini Abismo was clearly the best worker on either team. They picked it up a bit for the finish but the crowd really wasn't into the match at all. Tecnicos won with a triple roll-up with Divina's being the best... naturally b/c it was on his brother.

Crazzy Boy/Joe Lider/Juventud Guerrera vs Escoria/El Cuervo/Ozz: Another 'eh' match between these teams. I think the goal was to introduce the more extreme style with tables and boards getting involved but the spots involving the gimmicks ended up being blown. First Ozz got dropkicked and fell onto a board that broke even though I don't think it was supposed to. Then Lider got backdropped over the top onto a table that broke while being setup so he landed on the floor pretty much. Then Psicosis ran out and he Crazzy Boy tried to spear Ozz and Cuervo through what was left of the first board but their bumps were awful. Crazzy Boy made it worse by doing a lame somersault off the ramp barely connecting with Cuervo. Then Psicosis grabbed a lighttube and went to hit Escoria with it but ended up nailing Juventud. Escoria faked a low blow and got the win while Juventud got stretchered. Bad.

El Elegido/Laredo Kid/Mascara Divina vs Alan Stone/Histeria/Scorpio Jr.: Laredo Kid was a replacement for Angel I think and that turned out to be a good move b/c he looked great in this. So did Divina and well... Elegido is Elegido.:) Laredo Kid at one point did a 450 splash off the apron onto Alan Stone! Later he did a second rope springboard no-hands Venum style tornillo that was absolutely INSANE! Finish was a clean tecnico win which was nice to see. Good match.

La Parka Jr./Gronda II/El Zorro vs Chessman/Electro Shock/Muerte Cibernetica: This was the begining of Chessman/Muerte not getting along. There was brawling early on but Chessman refused to help Muerte and vice versa. This led to the tecnico comeback. There wasn't much to speak of when it comes to spots since Parka was the only tecnico working this as an actual match. For some reason Gronda decided tonight would be the night he does his first ever dive and he got assisted by Electro Shock into a plancha over the top rope! I won't even mention who had to do the catching.:P I think the rudos won by cheating... maybe. Too tired to go check rudopolis.

Average episode at best. Opener, various parts of the mini's match and the semi-main were the only things worth seeing. You can do better when shopping for AAA DVD's.


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