Monday, October 23, 2006

IWRG TV 7/30 + 8/6/06!


IWRG continues to take their TV show on the road as this episode takes place in San Pedro ?Tlauhuac?, Puebla! I gotta say, I honestly never thought I'd see a show from that city.:P Looks like your standard show in an oversized gymnasium with tons of fans sitting really far back against the walls and a bunch of other fans who got ringside tickets and get to sit on the crappy folding chairs but are lucky enough to touch the wrestlers. By the main event all the fans had moved to ringside and were standing.

Kid Tiger and Panterita vs LA HORMIGA and LA MOSCA: HOLY BLAST FROM THE PAST! These are not the original Hormiga and Mosca but two guys who are doing the same gimmick in the same outfits! So we have a tiger, a panther, an ant and a fly. It's times like these I love Lucha Libre!:D Nice start on the mat with all four guys looking good. Turns into a rather by the numbers match with the tecnicos getting to show off their offense and winning the first fall, then of course the rudos fight back and win the second fall with some decent double team moves. In the third fall Panterita used a REALLY HIGH asai moonsault almost landing in the first row!!! Then Kid Tiger pinned Mosca inside the ring. Fun match!

Los Payasos Tricolor vs Dr. Markus/Dr. Muerte/Enfermero Jr.: UGH. The one drawback to IWRG debuting TV in a new arena is they always bring the fucking clowns with them to draw the kids. It always leads to a throwaway match and this was no exception whatsoever. It took me halfway through the match to realize there was no Coco Verde and instead they were using a Coco Rojo Jr.! That still didn't stop me from fast forwarding through the rest of the match.;) Finish was creative but you really have to just laugh and fast forward without thinking about it. I didn't do that so I have to point out how stupid it was... Coco Blanco did a dive on one of the doctors and then unmasked himself so he could put the mask on Dr. Markus. Then he rolled Markus into the ring and Muerte/Enfermero started to pound on their own partner thinking it was Blanco... but why? Aside from the mask, he was still wearing all white trunks, elobwpads and kneepads! The Payasos then piled on top for the win. The kids loved it so smart booking.

Pantera/Felino/Max Steel vs Pierroth/Pierroth Jr./Pierroth II: Holy indyrific! This was a pretty shitty match although I did stop fast forwarding at times to see what this Max Steel guy was all about. Big white dude who spoke in broken Spanish. An American perhaps? I guess it doesn't matter since he disapeared off cards within 2 weeks of being first booked. Or he got re-gimmicked in typical IWRG style. Nobody came here to work, they just wanted to goof around. The big tease was Steel turning on his partners as he got dropkicked once by accident and then Pantera nailed him with a pescado late in the match. Pierroth's won clean after triple teaming Felino.

Olimpico and Ultimo Guerrero vs Perro Aguayo Jr. and Damian El Terrible: Guerreros vs Perros explode in the middle of Nowheresville, Puebla! Mostly a brawl all around the building as the fans followed them around. The only times they stopped brawling were to execute the first and second fall finishes, then again in the third fall to setup the finish. Guerrero took a nice bump to setup a silla dive by Perrito. Olimpico used a somersault off the apron onto Terrible. Guerrero got his mask yanked by Perrito which led to a DQ. Crowd seemed to enjoy it but I think you had to be there since a brawl around the arena doesn't translate as well on tape.

Rare to see Lucha take place in small cities like this so I'd reccomend the episode based on that alone. Opener is alright and I'm sure some people would enjoy the main event more than I did.


Star Boy/Panterita/Fantasma Jr. vs Black Terry/El Hijo Del Diablo/Loco Max: Panterita came out with his newly won IWRG IC Welterweight Title and soon to be lost mask.:( The main feud pushed here was him vs Black Terry as they cut promos on each other beforehand. By the numbers IWRG midcard match without anything too spectacular, even from Panterita. Black Terry had a funny look on his face after the beatdown began in the second fall and Loco Max immediatly made Fantasma Jr. submit. I wonder if the CMLL regulars are thought of less by the independant guys for their rushed style of work? Third fall came down to Panterita vs Terry and Panterita got the clean win with a huracanrana! Crowd popped for the finish.

Mike Segura/Mascara Purpura/Stuka Jr. vs Cerebro Negro/Nitro/Shigeo Okumura: Pretty good match worked more CMLL style with rushed falls. I don't mind that since I wanted to see that from these guys anyways, otherwise it would have turned into a typical IWRG midcard brawl. Stuka Jr. looked really good in the opening mat exchange. Purpura on the other hand... well... if I said he was lost, it would be a horrible understatement. He just had no clue and lots of times was just laying there looking at his corner waiting for them to break up whatever hold he was in. Tecnicos took the first fall after a Segura somersault dive off the apron, a Purpura running SSP and a Stuka Jr. asai moonsault bodyblock. Second fall had each tecnico flying around the ring against each rudo which was fun. Rudos won quickly after the beatdown began. Third fall had the comeback and a teased dive or two but this isn't the old days of IWRG TV so I knew we weren't gonna see any insanity from Stuka Jr. or Purpura. Rudos cheated to win. Fun match.

Heavy Metal/Felino/Pantera vs Pierroth and Los Head Hunters I y II: This was during the Pantera/Felino vs Head Hunters feud so they were the center of attention. To their credit, the Head Hunters are still willing to bump for smaller guys and can make their offense look credible. Metal and Pierroth stayed out of the way till the finish when Metal used a pescado on Pierroth. Then both Felino and Pantera got squashed so the tecnicos lost. Match had it's moments.

Pretty good show. Semi-main is worth seeing for sure and parts of the opener and main are quite enjoyable.


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