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AAA 8/15/06 in Huamantla & CMLL Guadalajara Returns!

AAA 8/15/06 in Huamantla:

I haven't seen full results including dark matches buf if what aired was all they taped live and you paid to attend this show... you got ripped off! Most AAA TV Tapings have 5 or 6 matches and at least 3 of them have the "stars" involved. This taping had *FOUR* matches and two of them were just undercard filler pretty much.

Show began by showing a longer version of the Tulancingo opening match with the Crazzy Boy trainees. I'd complain but this version included a hilarious spot I will YouTube where Fuego Extremo messes up a spot soooooooooooooo badly. That's what happens when your idol is Crazzy Boy.:)

Actual opener from Huamantla...

Path Finder/Pimpinela Escarlata/Mascarita Divina/Estrellita vs El Gallego/Sexy Francis/Mini Charly Manson/Tiffany: The least they could have done was taken out Path Finder/Gallego and insert a couple of stars into the match for the live crowd. Ozz was definitely not under the Path Finder mask. Whoever was... SUCKED. The best workers in the match were Divina nad Manson but I'm still not sold on them b/c I want to see them at least have a decent exchange with someone besides each other. The Estrellita/Tiffany feud was really pushed once again. Divina nailed a running plancha off the top rope into an armdrag, Estrellita did a plancha, Path Finder did the same, Pimpinela did a running somersault plancha and Estrellita pinned Tiffany with a backslide. The most average match in the world!

Luchando por un Sueno Battle Royale: All 12 guys did promos beforehand which took up roughly 20-25 minutes of the show. The idea here was to setup first round matches. Whoever got pinned first faced the next guy pinned and so forth. I think it was supposed to be a Torneo with tecnicos vs rudos but the rudos jumped the tecnicos right away so it was a huge beatdown. That's the story I'm sticking with.:) Tecnicos eventually fought back and there were a ton of spots before the elimination began. Cometa did some nice moves and a double corkscrew plancha. Pesadilla gave Laredo Kid a Spanisn Fly off the apron to the floor. Laredo Kid did a running somersault plancha while Nemesis did a tope suicida. Pegasso did a running somersault plancha. Eventually the eliminations kicked in and they were done surprisingly well. Cometa/Policeman were the only two guys left at the end so I guess we can call them co-winners.

Crazzy Boy/Joe Lider/Psicosis vs Escoria/El Cuervo/Ozz: This was interesting to watch b/c Escoria almost tore his shoulder up two days before so he was wrestling with only one arm. How crazy do you have to be to get in the ring with one arm? Let alone against CRAZZY BOY and JOE LIDER??? Or hell... even Psicosis! He was responisble for Intocable's injury and always has the stigma of being the one who almost ended Charly Manson's career. Anyways, it was quite the sight seeing Escoria try to do spots with only one arm and especially take moves trying to land on only one side of his body. The match was your usual borefest with the MexPower doing tens of thousands of moves that are completely unneccessary. There were some dives at the end like an Ozz tornillo tope suicida and a Psicosis tope suicida. An "injured" Juventud Guerrera came out at the end to distract the refs so the MexPower could win the match with a double team Storm Cradle Driver. As I type this, these same teams -Psic/+Juventud are wrestling on AAA TV. THIS FEUD WILL NEVER DIE!!!:(

La Parka Jr./Octagon/El Intocable vs Alan Stone/Scorpio Jr./Shocker: The Guapos had cool entrances but that's about all you can say when it comes to this match. By the numbers with the rudos pounding on the tecnicos, the tecnicos fighting back with a neat comeback spot(Intocable dual Asai DDT and dropkick) and then mostly comedy with a Parka tope suicida tossed in. Tecnicos won the match clean to send the crowd home happy which was the one smart booking move of the night.

If you pick one AAA TV show to skip this year, make it this one! None of the matches are worth going out of your way to see unless you are a HUGE Fuerza Aerea mark and need everything of theirs. In which case wait for my Fuerza Aerea Comp. DVD!:)

CMLL Guadalajara 8/16/06 (taped 8/13):

CMLL Guadalajara is back! I'm not sure whether to be happy or not since when it went off the air, it was one of the worse lucha shows on television with horribly clipped matches and main eventers sleeping through their matches. Nevertheless, any new TV footage may turn up a gem or two so let's see if things have changed...

Antrax/Ebola vs Danger/Exterminador: This was only highlights. I didn't even recognize Exterminador w/o his mask and Danger looks much smaller than he used to. Nothing special here.

Leon Blanco/El Gallo/El Idolo vs Mascara Magica/Malefico/Destroyer II: Well the clipping is still around.:( First fall was just a rudo beatdown wit the Idolo vs Destroyer II feud being pushed. Second fall had the tecnico comeback. Blanco and Gallo did passable exchanges. Idolo finally got Destroyer in the ring and the tecnico looked good but both got knocked outside. Then Blanco/Gallo used dual tope suicida on Magica/Malefico and Destroyer pinned Idolo clean to win the match for the rudos in two straight falls. Idolo/Destroyer then agreed to a mask match for the following week.

El Egipcio II/El Hijo Del Texano/Sagrado vs Cesar Dantes/Cien Caras Jr./El Hijo Del Pierroth: Only the third fall was shown and it was joined in progess. What aired was pretty good though! Each tecnico got an exchange and looked good. Egipcio II ended up doing a running somersault plancha(barely got over enough) on Cien's fake son. The tecnicos thought they had the match won and went for high risk moves on opposite sides but they missed(Sagrado moonsault off the second turnbuckle, Texano with a twisting senton) and the rudos pinned them. This should have been shown in full instead of the previous match.

Negro Casas/Heavy Metal/Rayman vs Pierroth/Mascara Ano 2000/Toxico: Well the main eventers sleeping through matches is back too.:( Rayman was the only tecnico that looked good. He did some nice in-ring stuff and a wicked tope suicida. Toxico won the match for his team by pinning Negro clean with his own Casita. Finish was supposed to setup a match for the CMLL Middleweight Title the following week but Negro got hurt so the match never took place and since then Averno has won the belt so I think Toxico is shit outta luck.:)

Alright return episode. It was nice to see some fresh faces. I just hope the show doesn't turn into what it was when it left the air back earlier in the year.


Blogger Chui said...

I think the first part of the tournament was a battle royale, but they worked as a regular tecnicos vs rudos cibernetico, although at times, a guy wouldn't make the save for a 'partner'

It's a shame Mascara Purpura couldn't hold his own in the mat... he looked fine in that lightning match from a while ago, so I guess Stuka II is his buddy and is the one trying to teach that kind of stuff?

Those Tulancingo guys are actually CBoy's trainees? Or are the kind of guys that train themselves watching tapes? It's really awful that Tulancingo, being El Santo's... well, a matter of speaking... birthplace, it is now more associated to Crazzy Boy.


12:07 PM  
Blogger Rob said...

You'd think someone would be embarassed to admit Crazzy Boy trained them...

8:10 PM  

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