Thursday, November 16, 2006

Random Matches o' Doom!

Juan El Ranchero/Nick La Muerte/~TURBO! vs Black Thunder/Corsario/Militar Jr. (AULL 10/25/06): TURBO IS THE GREATEST! That is really all you need to know. Corsario is your generic fat wrestler wearing a mask who got inserted here I guess b/c Juan El Ranchero needed someone to work with and they had tons of fat guy comedy spots planned. That would be my only complaint about this... they did every sort of comedy spot you can imagine and then once in a while they'd take a break so Turbo and Black Thunder could get in the ring and put on a clinic. Not only does Nick La Muerte wear Parka's old outfit sans the mask, he also does all the old comedy spots at half the speed and to half the reaction from the crowd. Militar Jr. didn't stand out at all which now makes two matches in a row where he didn't stand out b/c in the tag match against the Ninja Turtles from two weeks before, it was the Conde Bartock(his partner) show. After the match died halfway through with horrible rudo brawling and the aformentioned comedy spots, they picked it up a little at the end and Turbo made the finish exciting.

Robin Maravilla/~SKAYDE!/Super Nova vs Mascara Ano 2000 Jr./Psicopata/Sepulturero (AULL 10/25/06): Where there is Turbo, there is Skayde! Where there is Turbo and Skayde, there are good matches! Skayde got to take it to the mat early with Sepulturero and well... it was awesome as you'd expect. Maravilla entered next with MA2K Jr. who... (and yes I know MA2K is the father of over 100) ... is most definitely NOT MA2K's legit son. However he looks exactly like how I imagine MA2K describing what his perfect son would look like since he's: a) huge, b) muscular, c) charasmatic. I believe he is also the future CMLL Heavyweight Champion. Poor Cien Caras... he pays two bums to pretend to be his kids knowing his original kids don't have the talent to pull it off. So these two bums end up being... well... bums. 0 for 2. Meanwhile MA2K picks a guy and it looks like he struck gold instantly. Universo might have to trump them both and hire 3 guys to be his pretend sons. Of course by that point we'll be on the 5th version of Pierroth Jr. who will be some superworker that used to wrestle as Hooligan. Anyways... lots of good action in this one with Maravilla taking it to the mat with MA2K Jr.(who held his own with the AMAZING Robin) and Super Nova working a funny exchange with Psicopata. Tecnicos take the first fall. Second fall had Skayde working some nice flying spots including a gorgeous assisted armdrag sending the big man to the floor. Rudos eventually took over and MA2K Jr. showed the one flaw I could notice... his offense. He did a lot of moves I didn't expect like a weird slam variation and an ace crusher but they looked very out of place for a guy his size. Tecnicos fought back in the third fall as expected and it got a good reaction. Super Nova did an awesome sequence where he did a handspring moonsault, matrix move, then Psicopata slid outside just as he got nailed with a tope suicida from Nova! AWESOME! Maravilla did a plancha afterwards and Skayde went over with an awesome anklelock submission. Good match.

Is there a reason the Dinamitas are all paying bigger guys to be their kids? Do they think the days of heavyweight wrestling will be coming back? I dunno... if it were me I'd be spending the money more wisely b/c there doesn't appear to be any upcoming heavyweight tecnico stars to oppose these guys.

Rocky Santana/Terry 2000/Ultimo Gladiador vs Black Terry/Krimen/Sadico (AULL 10/25/06): There is only one word for this match - INSANE!!! I don't even know what style of Lucha Libre to call this b/c right away they went straight into fast nearfalls and exchanges. Every time someone new would get into the ring and they kept this pace up for a good 12-13 minutes for the first two falls. I thought Rocky was gonna have a heart attack to tell you the truth. Everyone got to use their special moves but they only wound up in two counts. The only times things changed were for the finishes of the falls as there were tons and tons of insane dives. Seriously... on *THREE* seperate occasions guys went flying into the crowd with their dives!!! I am amazed nobody came out of this injured. After splitting the first two falls the match kinda turned into a bloody brawl, especially with Black Terry and Rocky Santana. The finish was screwy but at least had a couple more insane dives to conclude the festivities. One of my favorite AULL matches so far. You'll never see anything like this in CMLL or AAA though depending on your view, that could be a good or bad thing.

Misterio/Nick La Muerte/~TURBO! vs Psicopata/Sepulturero/Violento (AULL 11/1/06): I don't get it... when did Misterio turn tecnico and why is he feuding with Violento? That must have been one of the episodes I missed. They really seem to dislike each other. It was another case of the booking being all wrong since they were the focus of the match and Turbo just got to enter once in a while to put on a clinic and then leave the ring after getting a huge pop.:( On the bright side the match began with 3 minutes of him schooling Sepulturero on the mat! That I like! Psicopata is really entertaining to watch. I'd love to see him get a break in CMLL but they'd surely take his gimmick away which is 99% of what makes him great. In that case he'd be better off in AAA... maybe as a male friend of La Hechicera? Jerrito Estrada can kick two heads into the crowd at once!!! In the third fall Turbo got caught trying a pescado by Psicopata and his assitant. He was promptly slammed into the ringpost. That looked painful.:/ I think Violento yanked Misterio's mask to win the match for his team.

If AULL really loves me, they will not waste next week's show like they did with this week's and they'll book Skayde and Turbo against Los Tortugas Mutante I y II. Pretty please?

I was gonna write a bunch about some AAA/CMLL matches I saw recently but I figure when the full TV DVD's come I'll just discuss them there. Nevertheless, you'd be a fool not to check out these matches:

- Mascarita Sagrada 2000/Octagoncito/Mascarita Divina vs Mini Abismo Negro/Mini Charly Manson/Mini Psicosis - AAA 10/4/06 in San Luis Potosi. (Just pure brilliance. Best I've seen the mini's work together in a while. Divina and Manson finally won me over.)

- Dr. Wagner Jr./Dos Caras Jr./Volador Jr. vs Atlantis/Tarzan Boy/Ultimo Guerrero - CMLL 11/10/06. (An iron man match coming in at 18:13 by Rudopolis time! I'm still confused as to why you would unite the trios champions for one time this year and then have them job to a random group of tecnicos but such is CMLL. At least we got a good match out of it which featured matwork! Oh how I miss the days of matwork!)

Also it isn't a match from Mexico but Mike Quackenbush vs Dr. Wag...erm...Claudio Castagnoli from the IWA-MS TPI' 06 was freakin' fabulous! I'll admit I've grown out of my indy wrestling phase aside from the odd Chikara show and Jack Evans matches but this came highly reccomended via Rob Naylor and it delivered! The finish spots were just out of this world and I had to rewatch to make sure I really did see (insert what they did)! I'm happy Claudio got a WWE deal b/c you gotta make money in the business while you have a chance but at the same time I'm disapointed he never got another Mexico run beforehand. There's still lots of time though. With the way Vince is taking over wrestling, maybe Claudio will one day head up WWE Mexico.:P

I had a bunch more Arena Coliseo MTY and Arena Coliseo Laguna stuff to talk about but I'm tired so it'll have to wait for another time.


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