Sunday, March 14, 2010

Diamante vs Raziel - 3/5/10 @ Arena Mexico: Easily the worst Lightning Match ever. Not a good weekend for the Skayde students. First the Turbo/Thunder mess and now... whatever this was. I hate matches where you have insane match-ending dives within the first minute and naturally this had Diamante doing top-rope springboard corkscrew crushing Raziel. Why do that? How can you top that? You can't. They blew the next spot when they re-entered the ring and it was all downhill from there. Diamante missed a SFTD (intentionally) and got rammed into the ringpost. Raziel then screwed up whatever dive he was trying and Diamante had to do a dive to cover it. They did some more awkward in-ring stuff and finally finished things with a great looking spot (wheelbarrow driver off the top) but it was too late to save this mess.

Fabian El Gitano/Leono vs Puma King/Tiger Kid - 3/7/10 @ Arena Coliseo: Perfectly acceptable tag match and a fine way to start a feud. It's just a shame CMLL chose these tecnicos to do something with. The rudos were great as you'd expect and completely carried things. Curious to see where they go with this.

Rush/Mascara Dorada/Toscano vs Terrible/Texano Jr./Vangelis - 3/7/10 @ Arena Coliseo: By the numbers. Toscano is clearly the worst wrestler in the world. I dare anyone to show me someone worse.

However the match of the day did not come from Mexico. It came from Japan as I watched Super Shisa vs K-ness. Awesome little match and highly reccomended. The submissions exchanged mid-match were fantastic!



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