Saturday, March 13, 2010

Updating once every three years is exactly what I have in mind. Not mentioning to anyone that I'm still updating here is also a good way to go.

Today I watched...

Turbo vs Black Thunder - PdM 2/20/10: What a disappointment. Their match from the Sala De Armas was MOTY quality. This was not. This was a disjointed mess with both guys missing spots they'd normally easily pull off. Thunder threw three of the worst clotheslines I have ever seen in professional wrestling. I'm sure they'd love a re-do of this and maybe they'll get a chance down the line since their series is tied 1-1.

La Parkita/Cosmico vs Mr. Aguila/Mini Talisman - PdM 1/31/10: For whatever reason they gave these guys 3 falls. They could have accomplished everything in 1. Parkita is awful and only does comedy. Cosmico is fun but these really aren't the best rudo bases. Some nice stuff but nothing memorable.

Also went through a bunch of Fox Sports footage that Alan was nice enough to pass along...


Fabian El Gitano/Leono/Rush vs Cancerbero/Raciel/Virus: Only two falls with the rudos getting DQ'ed quick in the second. I guess this was supposed to put them over as bastard rudos. It didn't work.

Mascara Dorada vs Felino: Really fun match as these two work great together. Dorada hit some really neat spots in the second fall and the third fall as well. Nearfalls were well done and finish was perfectly executed. No complaints here and thanks to the previous short match this seemed to air in full.


Angel Azteca Jr./Pegasso/Rey Cometa vs Arkangel/Hooligan/Skandalo: By the numbers. Tecs did nice dives but all the in-ring stuff was shredded by the editing machine.

Mistico/Blue Panther/Strong Man vs Averno/Mephisto/Efesto: Exactly what you'd expect.


Angel De Oro/Pegasso/Rey Cometa vs Dr. X/Hooligan/Loco Max: Similar to the previous week except this time in a different building. Once again not much made it past the editing machine except for the big dives.

Mistico/Shocker/Hector Garza vs Atlantis/Rey Bucanero/Ultimo Guerrero: Bucanero was having a fun time in his return and Mistico/Ultimo worked great together as usual. Not much otherwise.


Mascarita Dorada/Pequeno Olimpico/Electrico vs Pequeno Nitro/Pequeno Warrior/Pierrothito: Had high hopes for this after a strong first fall and a nice start to the second fall but then the rudos got DQ'ed within seconds for Dorada's mask flying off by accident. Silly refs.

Brazo De Plata/Hector Garza/Hijo Del Fantasma vs Negro Casas/Terrible/Texano Jr.: I don't know how Cubsfan does it b/c it pains me just to have to write this match about a match like this and he somehow does PBP for the most part.


Fuego/Metro/Valiente vs Okumura/Misterioso II/Sangre Azteca: By the numbers. Valiente was way out of control on his Valiente Especial but made it work. Fuego seems to have left his charisma in his old Flash outfit. If anyone finds it and can return it I'm sure Reebok will pay a $10,000 reward.

Mistico/Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero vs Volador Jr./Mr. Niebla/Maximo: Pretty fun. Crowd was hot for the feud of the year thus far and really into the Niebla/Maximo shtick. Monito was around but I honestly didn't see him until the third fall. Mistico/Volador did a little too much posing for guys who seemingly want to rip each other apart. Niebla busted out his old giant moonsault dive along with a couple old spots from his tecnico days. Stuff like that will happen when you are facing Ultimo Guerrero. Mistico yanked Volador's mask for the finish as he tried the Spanish Fly.

Watching this week's C3 now...

Women's Opener: As bad as you'd expect. Marcela/Amapola really didn't do anything out of the ordinary to make me think they were headed for a title match. Dalis chickened out while getting backdropped over the top into a plancha so he she hit her face on the apron and smashed her knees on the floor. So awful.

Angel Azteca Jr./Pegasso/Rey Cometa vs Cancerbero/Raciel/Nosferatu: By the numbers. Tecnicos didn't do anything spectacular and these days you really need to for a match to be memorable with the amount of CMLL that is available. Rudos won clean. Can we officially start calling Nosferatu a member of Los Cancerberos please?

Valiente/Metro/Angel De Oro vs Okumura/Sangre Azteca/Dragon Rojo Jr.: Rojo's Hulk Hogan color scheme is awesome. Angel De Oro/Dragon Rojo seem to have good chemistry together so that's a feud to watch for in the future. Third fall was really good and after a dive sequence Angel De Oro used the Skayde Special on Okumura for the win. Good stuff.

Shocker/Toscano/Hijo Del Fantasma vs Mr. Niebla/Maximo/Rey Bucanero: Tons of comedy as you'd expect. Distracted from the Shocker/Bucanero stuff. Should Fantasmita really be getting pinned after a kiss? Maybe if it was a surprise roll-up but he got kissed and then laid on the mat for 10-15 seconds before being pinned. Kinda makes him look weak.

Below average show.



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