Friday, March 19, 2010


FSE 2/13/10:

Stuka Jr./Valiente/Rush vs Okumura/Misterioso II/Dragon Rojo Jr.: Did I not just see this the week before? Rush is just not athletic. He'll never be a star. They will try to shove him down our throats. It won't work. Just bookmark this post and bring it up again in 3 or 4 years. I will be right as usual. By the numbers match.

Mistico/Hector Garza/Brazo De Plata vs GdA: What you'd expect. At least Garza seems to be having fun when Porky is on his team.

FSE 2/20/10:

Sagrado/Mascara Dorada/Metro vs Poder Mexica: Good video package before the match about the National Trios Champs. However they haven't teamed since they won the belts so... ummm... whatever. It's CMLL. We should expect this. Second fall of the match lasted... ready for this? 52 seconds. Yep. I know it was edited down to just the finish but it was still very annoying. Third fall had a fun dive by Dorada but entirely predictable finish. You would think the rudos beating 2 of the 3 champs would earn them a title shot or a match to earn a shot but... it's CMLL.

Hijo Del Fantasma vs Negro Casas: Was not a fan of this. I hate most matches with limbwork unless the limbs are actually sold throughout the match. Very rarely will you see this actually occur anywhere in the world. Case in point: First two falls were all about Casas' working Fantasma's arm. Third fall comes? Fantasma is using his arm for everything. And what does Negro do? He slaps on leg submissions. WHA THE WHA? Worst match of the year candidate. Didn't help that large chunks were edited out so we could see 5 minutes of hype + intros.

Pequeno Reyes Del Aire - 3/7/10 @ Arena Coliseo: Hell fucking yes! Not on the level of the 2008 match but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of the 2009 match which was beyond disapointing. This had some really fun spots as well as what I thought were breakout performances from Electrico and Pequeno Nitro who easily surpassed any of the older CMLL minis outside of Bam Bam and Pequeno Damian. Electrico nearly died on his assisted SFTD and Pequeno Nitro got huge air on his assisted somersault plancha. Bam Bam is just so smooth and fast that he reminds me of Ricky Marvin. Hopefully Bam Bam follows in Marvin's path and leaves for Japan once he realizes this CMLL gig is going nowhere. But hey... Dorada is gone now so who knows. Finishing stuff with the final four was really well done. It got *3* TV segments! Appeared unedited too.

Question of the day: Ricky Marvin - Most misused wrestler in the history of CMLL?



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