Friday, March 19, 2010

My Dos Leyendas predictions... (also testing to see if I can figure out how to time posts. If this works it should go up Friday morning.)

Angel De Oro/Fuego/Stuka Jr. vs Poder Mexica: Here's your obligatory two fall match where I assume the tecnicos will win by DQ when Angel De Oro's mask is yanked off. Should be a fun opener and with two falls they'll probably get to work a fun match instead of a by the numbers borefest. Poor Stuka Jr. stuck as a double champion of two titles that never get defended. Poor Poder Mexica who will surely only get a title shot as soon as CMLL decided to split them up.

Hijo Del Fantasma/Mascara Dorada/Valiente vs Mephisto/Terrible/Texano Jr.: Should be really fun with these six involved. Still think Vangelis should be in for Mephisto so next time the Japanese guys come over Vangelis teaming with Terrible/Texano won't have to be randomly done like it was a few months back. Maybe Mephisto is only there so Fantasmita can get revenge for the brutal superbomb two weeks ago. I assume both Dorada and Valiente will hit their big dives at the same time and Fantasma will go over Mephisto to end things.

Blue Panther/La Mascara/Super Porky vs Negro Casas/Ray Mendoza Jr./Taichi: Panther will probably get in some matwork with Casas and/or Mendoza before the match goes completely by the numbers. Gotta figure Mendoza low blows Porky or Panther for the DQ loss which will really be a win since the crowd wants to see him act like his dad. Maybe Villano III returns to annoy me? That reminds me of something Cubs said...

"Villano 5 is a dentist for sure. Not sure what 3 does."

Easy. He has terrible matches and bleeds a bunch. He's Necro Butcher Mexico! (Also smarks pretend they have good punches! EERIE!)

Hector Garza/Mr. Niebla/Maximo vs GdA: Keeping things light before the main event. Shocker would make sense here more than Garza both for the angle of teaming with Niebla and also opposing Rey Bucanero. But I totally agree with not having Shocker booked on a major show with his track record. Wouldn't be shocked if the rudos beat up Quemonito badly to set up something for the following week. Maybe a revancha or the match I suggested with Shocker subbing for Garza and everyone teaming up to defend Monito's honor. Dr. Lucha was right... the angle has been brilliant thus far. Hopefully it continues. (Also I can't believe nobody found it odd that Monito worked the Tuesday Arena Mex show. He hasn't worked a Tuesday shows in years.)

THE MAIN EVENT: I don't even know if I'm still clued in on these rules. So the first two who get pinned head to a mask match? Or the first two guys to score pins are eliminated leaving two to have a mask match? I'm sure the rules will change the night of the show so I'll just go with first two who score pins save their masks. i.e. - THIS IS A FOUR WAY - IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED AS SUCH. I'm probably overthinking this as usual with CMLL but here's how I see it going down...

- Volador pins Mistico

This leaves Sombra at a two-on-one disadvantage and also establishes that Volador can beat Mistico in a big match.

- Sombra pins Felino

In a perfect world this was the singles match that should have occured but this is the second best thing. Sombra pins Felino which sets the stage for his mask loss. He can take partial credit for unmasking Felino and thus winning the feud.

Mistico vs Felino - Mask vs Mask: Now you have the crowd all turn and cheer for Felino which turns Mistico into an even stronger rudo. Of course Mistico goes over in the end and takes Felino's mask which ends their feud (remember it? I swear it existed!) and puts a little doubt into the mind of certain fans who might think Mistico was given this win so he could lose to Volador in September.

So as I said... I've overanalyzed things. And my predictions tend to suck so watch Sombra take Mistico's mask...


okay, maybe not. Hoping to go at least .500 though.



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