Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random Thoughts:

- Isn't it funny that some random dude (Robert K. Trobich) announced today (via SuperLuchas) that he has the authority to uphold what Blue Demon Jr. said re: CMLL being forced to vacate the NWA Titles. Who is Robert K. Trobich? Why does he have the power to uphold anything? If someone really existed with the power to strip the NWA Titles from CMLL, wouldn't we have known their name before today? Wouldn't their name have come up at least once in the past? Hey look... there's Hugh G. Rection. He's announcing he has the power to override Trobich's decision and is returning the titles to CMLL! Case closed!

This shit is ridiculous and I wish SuperLuchas would stop covering it but I guess they have a stake in the NWA.

- Finally got to see La Rocca. Holy shit. His dropkick on Samot in the third fall was... something. He couldn't even figure out how to get rolled up properly near the end of the match! The only good thing to come out of that match was seeing Maldito Jr. progressing nicely. He's gonna be really good.

(Wacky theory of the day: Rocca = Bryan El Stripper?)

- Thoughts on Friday's Arena Mexico show...

Looking forward to seeing the mini's but not for the feud of the moment between Bracito/Peq Warrior. I want to see more Astral/Electrico. Hopefully this Bracito/Peq Warrior feud gets blown off soon b/c nobody really cares and if you've got this far you may as well end it. I'm guessing the end point is a Sunday cage match though with more folks than just two involved.

Tercera looks fun and will hopefully make LATV instead of the main show to get the least amount of editing done on it.

Toscano vs Efesto is just frightening. Efesto is only fun opposite a tecnico he is carrying. But let's face it... NOBODY CAN CARRY TOSCANO. The guy is beyond awful and I dare anyone to name a worse wrestler in Mexico right now. (OK, maybe La Rocca) Cesar always loses points with me when he pimps Toscano. That alone screams CMLL bias.

Semi-main isn't interesting at all. Curious to see if they follow up on a Garza turn though.

Main event will probably be by the numbers just to introduce Felino in whatever his new role will be. I wonder where they go with Mistico/Volador now. They gotta add some sort of twist to stretch things out b/c constant trios matches till September will not work like it did with Negro. The crowd will want more after what CMLL gave them in January/February/March. I'm thinking a tag title feud will slow things down and perhaps culminate in June or July.

- The Chessman/Ozz match from AJPW wasn't too hot. Chessman was really trying hard but Ozz didn't seem too into it. Match never really got any flow going and seemed quite rushed. A Bushi vs Chessman singles match might be interesting.

- Totally did not realize Hechicero vs Caifan was the same show as the PdM guys worked. Really hope someone taped that b/c Hechicero has been tearing it up on MTY TV lately and that's been against guys not even close to Caifan's level.

- Saw photos of the EAW shows this past weekened. YIKES. Might be time to officially call this group a failure. Seems like there were more wrestlers on the show that fans in the stands.

- Very happy to see Fredo added some FSE shows from earlier this year with a couple of Arena Mexico matches I thought were lost forever. I should go place my giant order now. I'll do that!

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Blogger Jay Cal said...

Bob Trobich is the Executive Director of the National Wrestling Alliance. And CMLL has been using the NWA trademark for years without compensation. The NWA is only seeking to have CMLL stop infringing on their trademarks. It wouldn't be difficult for CMLL to simply rename their titles.

Everybody will still recognize the CMLL titles under a different name as the same titles. And NWA Mexico/Perros Del Mal will probably become the home of the new championship belts.

2:28 PM  
Blogger Rob said...

The issue here is the NWA that exists right now is something 0.00000001% of wrestling fans know about. The spinoff branch that exists in Mexico hasn't run a show yet this year and the few (less than 6) shows they ran last year drew abysmal crowds. The shows only received any attention because of the press SuperLuchas magazine gave it. Meanwhile CMLL draws over 1 million fans in total each year, has national coverage on television and is generally considered THE wrestling promotion in Mexico.

Why does all this matter as relates to titles you ask?


If this Bob Trobich individual (Blue Demon Jr. by proxy) really had the best interest of the NWA name in mind, they would clearly have no issue with CMLL using the belts. The NWA name would not only be known throughout Mexico but the titles would be defended on important shows (where there are actual paying fans) and the best wrestlers in the world would be fighting for them.

Instead this clearly stinks of someone (or some people) wanting THEIR NWA to seem like it matters when in reality... it doesn't. It is dying a slow death much like every fake NWA that has come along since WCW took over the name in 1991.

The NWA is dead.

It will always be dead except to certain marks who can't get over the fact it is dead.

CMLL shouldn't give up the belts and I'm glad they are ignoring these silly Blue Demon Jr. "press conferences". The longer they keep quiet the faster this issue will go away b/c as I said above... the newest fake NWA is dying. CMLL's silence will surely outlast the new fake NWA.

SPOILER WARNING: CMLL will continue to use the belts until a new mark comes along in 2015 wanting to restart the NWA. He will demand the titles be returned to the U.S. so they can be defended on gymnasium shows in front of 70 people. CMLL will continue to ignore these pathetic attempts for attention. Perros Del Mal will not exist. Blue Demon Jr. will have had a falling out with the current (2010) fake NWA and will be parading around with a fake NWA Heavyweight Title claiming to be the real champion.

The end.

9:02 PM  

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