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CMLL 9/18/09

Ah the big Anniversary Show! Somehow all the matches ended up making TV in one way or another with the top 3 as usual making a TV special a few months later, the mini's being a bonus match on a repeat week in October and the women + Poder Mexica match airing on TDN the night of the show.

Women: Solid match between the four solid workers. They clearly weren't out there to steal the show and worked a pretty tame match for their standards with the only big move being Dark Angel's plancha to the floor. Got the show off to a good start with the tecnicas going over as the crowd filed in.

Mini's: Short but accomplished the point of putting Electrico over. He looked great in all his exchanges as he busted out some innovative headscissors spots on all three rudos (especially liked the one with Damiancito and the skin-the-ropes into a spinning one on Warrior). Bam Bam seemed to tone his stuff down a bit as to not overshadow Electrico although he did take a wild bump near the end of the match. I understand the logic... Bam Bam goes for an asai moonsault but the rudo on the apron kicks the ropes and he tumbles outside taking a big bump in the process. He's done this spot two times and the problem is the cameraman is not a Lucha Libre superfan and has no clue what is coming so b/c of the camera angle it just looks like Bam Bam is slipping while trying an asai moonsault and he looks like a goof. Finish was really great as Pierrothito went for his usual roll-up but Electrico rolled back into a full nelson variation for the win.

Hijo Del Fantasma/Mascara Dorada/Sagrado vs Poder Mexica: Best match on the show. Everyone was working hard and they did some really neat spots that they've obviously been saving up for big shows like this. Dorada got LAUNCHED into a dropkick on the ramp by Dragon Rojo in a sickening spot. Then Rojo almost splashed his own partner when he springboarded into the ring and Sangre forgot he was in the way. OOPS. Rudo beatdown in the second fall was brutal with each tecnico taking a big move including Dorada being bounced around like a basketball before getting dropkicked into a tag team power bomb on the ramp. OUCH. The comeback spot was brilliant with Sagrado countering the usual Poder Mexica assisted dropkick spot with a rana, Fantasma doing the Flying Phantom and Dorada following with an unreal running rana off the ramp. He was FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYING! Third fall had back-and-forth action. Loved Dragon Rojo's dropkicks to counter everything Sagrado tried. Great spot near the end where it looked like Sagrado was about to do his moonsault finish but then lept over the ringpost with a somersault plancha into the first row! Great camera work! Dorada then followed with his insane Dorada Especial II! A THING OF BEAUTY! Fantasma tried the Flying Phantom again but Sangre moved and gave him a spinning leg lariat but then got rolled up. *standing ovation* Dorada is so awesome.

La Mascara/La Sombra/Volador vs HdA: I wasn't as down on this as most folks were. The main complaint seemed to be Volador's gear didn't get along with him but outside of his mask falling off while taking Averno's finisher off the top rope in the first fall I don't think his gear effected him. He blew a satellite headscissors in the third fall but that was his fault, not the outfit's fault. Also seemed to hurt his knee on that spot which is why a few seconds later he came up short on a tope suicida and had the doctor checking on him for some of the third fall. Then during the finish the spot seemed to call for Averno ripping off Volador's mask but the ref counted to three at the same time so it looked like Volador's mask just came off again which it was supposed to. Either way my point is this was a decent enough match. Sombra and La Mascara both looked good and the rudos were in usual excellent form. La Sombra not only busted out the awesome spiderman outfit but also busted out Aero Star's springboard inverted 360 dive to perfection! Takes guts to do that!

Team Mexico vs Team Japan: Pretty weak for a major show. Team Japan is full of stiffs though (Lyger included) so I wasn't expecting much. The rudo beatdown took forever and was very clumsy. The comeback by the tecnicos was also awkward and the cameraman made sure to pan away as far as he could as Warrior loaded up his tope of death. Third fall had the fun Garza shirt spots and the much anticipated (by the crowd) Guerrero/Lyger confrontation which went nowhere. There was a dive sequence and then Lyger pinned Guerrero clean. Easily the worst match on the show.

Mistico vs Negro Casas: DID NOT ENJOY! I expected a lot from these two and figured at worst it would only be a 'good' match b/c... it's the biggest show of the year and you have Mistico's usual greatness combined with Negro Casas who is a genius inside the ring. Things just didn't seem to click at all. Right away I didn't like Felino getting involved and then Mistico using a power move to win the first fall. Since when does Mistico use power moves? Since when does any tecnico use power moves on a bigger rudo? Things kinda picked up in the second fall thankfully and then it really improved in the third fall with both guys scoring amazingly believable nearfalls and teasing the Mistica. In fact they teased the Mistica so well that I was just waiting for Mistico to get it out of nowhere for the big pop when Negro gave up. Instead... they completely ruined it. They became the first two wrestlers to blow the finish of the Anniversary main event. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??? Never in my life would I have thought these two would be capable of such a thing. After brilliant teases of La Mistica & La Casita finishes they went up top for a Spanish Fly and slipped. THEY SLIPPED. WHAT THE FUCK. Negro took a flip bump and Mistico landed on his feet. You would think these two professionals would be smart enough to figure out how to cover this screw-up... but no. They both looked like rookies just out of wrestling school. Mistico just slammed Negro and went up top to hit the worst Swanton Bomb ever and scored the win. WORST FUCKING FINISH TO A CMLL MAIN EVENT EVER. Even Rayo/Universo and Dantes/Porky had better finishes than this. Crowd totally didn't see the finish coming and neither should they have. It shouldn't have been the finish! Casas seemed geniunely pissed afterwards and the win really didn't come off as big as it should have for Mistico.

Overall a very good show but it definitely had it's flaws. Also I'd like to ask the CMLL production crew to calm down with the multiple angles. It's great that you can have a camera shot from behind the ramp but we can't actually see the ring so what's the point? Get the fancy camera shots out of your system in the opener and then retire them for the night, thanks.

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