Sunday, April 11, 2010

No LATV/52MX reviews today b/c LATV was a repeat (not sure of what yet) and 52MX was a women's trios and another trios involving Super Porky. That's the definition of a show that should never have made television. Instead here are some random matches I've watched lately:

Mascarita Sagrada/Shockercito/Tzuki vs Pierrothito/Espectrito I/Fire - 9/17/04: The only match from the Anniversary Show that never made television and I think I found out why. *L* Early in the first fall after some nice work Shockercito tries to set Pierrothito up for a 6-1-9 and BANG... the entire second rope snaps causing Pierrothito to get hurt and Tzuki to fall off the apron (since he was holding the second rope). According to the SuperLuchas live report the match actually stalled for about 10 minutes as they fixed the ropes but thankfully that was edited off the version of the match I got. Things were really awkward afterwards though as nobody wanted to use the ropes for fear of them snapping again and when Pierrothito finally tried he crashed and burned. Thankfully things picked up in the second fall with Sagrada doing some really nice stuff. Tzuki used a crossface for the win! Third fall was also good with plenty of neat dives including Fire's awesome run-up-the-ropes plancha and Tzuki's tornillo. Sagrada got the win with an awesome bodyscissors off the top into a small package.

Negro Casas/Perro Aguayo Jr. vs Rey Bucanero/Ultimo Guerrero - 9/19/03 (CMLL Tag Titles): This aired in Mexico on the special 2 hour Anniversary Show broadcast but never made it to the U.S. airing b/c at the time CMLL was only getting a 1 hour TV show. It was pretty good but had the usual Negro Casas BS where he tries to steal the attention for himself. First two falls were quick (see, it wasn't a Mistico invention like some claim) and had creative finishes which is the standard for UG/RB title defenses. Third fall is where Negro pulled his BS. He got superplexed off the top and faked death. He wasn't even moving. Obviously he clued nobody in on this b/c then the rudos put Perrito in a submission and Negro just lay there dead instead of breaking it up. The refs didn't know what to do b/c Perrito was clearly not getting out by himself so one ref did what any old man would do when he's confused... he just pulled Bucanero off Perrito and told him to leave the ring. WHY? Bucanero even yelled out "QUE?" So good job, Negro! Perrito had to get up (after being double teamed) and slap Negro to "wake him up" and get him back involved in the match. Negro is sooooooooooooooo annoying when he pulls this crap. Minutes later Negro eliminated Guerrero clean but then got rolled up by Bucanero. This left Perrito vs Bucanero and we had a cheap ending with Guerrero tripping Perrito and Bucanero rolling him up. I expected way more out of this.

Alto Voltaje/Fantastik/Turbo vs Los Hijos De Pirata Morgan - EAW 6/6/09: I fucking hate the double ring bullshit but I need all Turbo matches and Fredo never got this so I had to hunt this one down. Not much to say since all these double ring matches go exactly the same. It's just a collection of spots from one ring to the other. At least here the guys are so spectacular that you did go HOLY SHIT at a ton of the spots but the match itself had no meaning so nobody even attempted a pinfall or submission at any point. Some of the insane spots included: Turbo's moonsault dive to the lower ring, Freelance's springboard somersault plancha to the lower ring, Pirata Jr.'s second rope somersault dive to the lower ring, both Turbo and Fantastik jumping off the high ring with sillas to the floor on the lower ring and Pirata Jr. missing a cannonball off the big ring into the small ring which really seemed to hurt him. Freelance made him submit for the win but I cannot stress enough how quiet the crowd (of 100 or so in a building for 3,000+) was outside of going "OOOOOOOOOH" for the big leaps.

Valiente vs Sangre Azteca - 4/9/10: I was pretty disappointed by this. They were only given 7 minutes and yet twice each guy did a 30-second sell-job. That takes away 12% of your match! It shoulda been non-stop highspots with 2 minutes or so of nearfalls from big moves. Valiente did so little that I'd be afraid to show this to anyone interested in a preview before he comes to Chikara or New Japan. Same for Sangre Azteca who seems to love posing more than his running buddy Dragon Rojo.

Mistico/La Sombra/Mascara Dorada vs Felino/Negro Casas/Dragon Rojo - 4/9/10: Rudos dominated the first fall. Tecnicos had their quick comeback followed by three huge dives and then Mistico used a press slam into a lungblower on Negro for the win. It's still strange watching Mistico use power moves. Third fall had a showcase for each tecnico with Dorada looking the best as you'd expect. His running the ramp into a Dragon Rana spot is absolutely insane! Dragon Rojo looked good catching Sombra but embarassed himself when he couldn't keep up with Mistico and blew catching a rana. Dorada got eliminated and then Negro got dumped. Eventually Mistico cheated to beat Felino who challenged for a singles match.

Mascara Dorada/Stuka Jr./Metro vs Poder Mexica - (Mex Nat Trios Titles) 4/6/10: It's hard to judge this b/c due to the long local commercials the first and third falls were both JIP. But what aired was really solid and I assume Fredo's version will be more complete since it's the actual C3 feed, not the Juarez feed. Lots of absolutely insane dives. Dorada literally *FLEW* in the second fall. UNREAL! In the third fall he tried to invent a new dive but I'm not sure what happened. He didn't blow a spot since it looked fine but he was certainly trying something more spectacular than what came off. Finish was a bit anti-climactic though. I don't get beating the Poder Mexica clean two times in a row though.

About 160 Fredo DVD's should be in this coming week so the reviews will pick up and I still have more random unaired matches I just got sent this weekend so those are still to come.

Lineup comments in a bit.

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