Monday, April 19, 2010

AAA Lucha Libre Premier 8/14/09

Fabi Apache/Koa vs Sexy Star/Rain: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So fucking awful. Koa isn't a real wrestler, is she? I can't imagine she was anything but a fuck toy for the boys in the back and as a joke they sent her out to pretend to be a wrestler. She had trouble STEPPING INTO THE RING. Why not just use Nicole in this role? She was there anyways to be with Teddy. I felt bad for Fabi working with these three giant turds. Sexy Star threw her mask to Fabi for the DQ which gave her -1 points. I gave this match -*****.

Elegido/Pimpinela/Mascarita Divina vs Decnis/Polvo De Estrellas/Mini Abismo Negro: Decent enough thanks to the work of the mini's and Decnis. Pimpinela looks so old and tired every time he steps into the ring that I can't even imagine how he is fitting in now as a main event player. Elegido held his own for the most part and was big time over with the crowd being mainly women. Tecnicos won.

Dr. Wagner Jr./Jack Evans/Rocky Romero vs Electro Shock/Teddy Hart/Alex Koslov: Shockingly decent and easily the best match of the show. Would have been better if not for Jack/Teddy pretty much splitting up on their own and running through all their spots without paying attention to anything anyone else was doing. Tecnicos won this one too. A surprisingly reccomended AAA match!

El Mesias/Marco Corleone vs Kenzo Suzuki/Cibernetico: For whatever reason Ciber worked this in his mask. Standard stuff from these four which means mainly fast forward material outside of Corleone's big dive and Cibernetico actually taking bumps which shocked me.

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