Monday, April 19, 2010

CMLL @ Arena Mexico 8/18/09 (C3 8/22/09)

Horus/Metalico/Tigre Blanco vs Inquisador/Los Romanos: Excellent match! Everyone was on their game except for Horus who was awful as usual but at least had a strong group of rudos to carry him. Inquisador actually impressed me and stood out instead of blending in as he's done in the past. He busted out a bullet tope suicida and was a good base for Metalico. Los Romanos were excellent as usual. They used an undescribable submission in the second fall that I've never seen before or since. One of those once in your lifetime moves like Rey Cometa's dive of the decade. Sadly Horus was put over at the end of the match but thankfully disappeared soon after.

Pequeno Olimpico/Ultimo Dragoncito/Mascarita Dorada vs Pierrothito/Pequeno Damian/Pequeno Warrior: AMAZING! One of the better mini's trios matches of the year. Everyone was on fire and there was a ton of great shit here such as Dorada being tossed around by Warrior, Dragoncito hitting two huge dives including his flip plancha into the crowd, Pequeno Olimpico being exciting for a change and Pequeno Damian abusing anyone he could get his hands on. Finish was naaaaaaaaaaaasty as Dorada went for a springboard moonsault and got two feet right in the face which caused him to flip back onto his skull! At least ****!

Hijo Del Fantasma/La Mascara/Mascara Dorada vs Lizmark Jr./Mr. Niebla/Virus: This was the fourth time in a row this tecnico team had teamed up and this was also a revenge match. Niebla was in full comedy mode including kissing random female fans. Can you imagine the outcry if someone in the WWE tried that? Dorada did a new move - a springboard splits into a huracanrana on Virus to end the second fall. He went nuts in the third fall with his usual flying spots but fucking Niebla left him hung out to dry when he tried a splits double springboard rana. NOT COOL NIEBLA! Finish had Niebla throw his mask to Hijo Del Fantasma for the lame DQ. Figures a trio starts to get over and CMLL has a random trio beat them.

Hector Garza/Shocker/Toscano vs Terrible/Texano Jr./Efesto: Aside from Garza working hard there wasn't much to this. I can't stand Toscano's vertical suplex finish.

Definitely pick up this show for the first three matches.

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