Monday, April 19, 2010

Two Random Fox Sports Matches

Two matches are not worthy of a post but I want to make sure I did the title thing right.

Mascarita Dorada/Bam Bam/Shockercito vs Pequeno Damian/Pierrothito/Pequeno Warrior - 5/15/09 @ Arena Mexico: A far cry from the MOTYC these almost-exact teams had in February. This was very short due to the Shockercito/Pequeno Damian feud. Rudos were DQ'ed in the first fall for excessive violence and in the third fall Shockercito rolled up Damian and used the ropes to pin him. In between that you had some clumsy work from Dorada and Bam Bam which isn't like them at all. In fact rarely do you see Dorada blowing spots left and right. Their dives were great as usual but lost their impact since the moves to set them up were so awkwardly done.

Mistico/Hector Garza/Toscano vs Averno/Mephisto/Texano Jr. - 6/14/09 @ Arena Mexico: Rarely will I go out of my way to mention an almost year-old Sunday match taped for a weekend show but this was actually pretty great. It was a father's day crowd so you had lots of families so Mistico was super-over. Those type of matches are always fun b/c the heat makes the match. Mistico was so motivated he even did his running tornillo that he saves for only rare occasions! Toscano was obviously the weak link of the match but thankfully he stayed out of the way. Really liked the entire third fall.

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