Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My 3 Recommendations for the Week

1. CMLL (Sombra/La Mascara/Hijo Del Fantasma) w/ QUE MONITO vs Los Super Libres (Alebrije/Histeria/Psicosis) w/ CUIJE - CMLL Puebla 4/26/10

One of my favorite matches of the year so far. Crowd was really into the match and you can easily equate that to this finally being something fresh since they've been sitting through years of the same CMLL main events. Remember Arena Puebla up until roughly early 2008 still used to be one building that would get to see outside talent since it wasn't CMLL exclusive. The invaders were fantastic during their beatdown and even got Cuije involved not only by assaulting Quemonito but also using him for the old Dudleyz WASSSUP spot. They even took BDK's finisher as their own! I'm okay with that b/c Tursas sucks! Second fall comeback spot was excellent and post-fall beatdown on Chucky by Monito was EPIC! DROPKICK TO THE GROIN! Needless to say ANY interaction with Monito and Chucky was priceless. Monito stiffed him with a legdrop in the third fall and then did Garza's stripping act only to get dropkicked in the chest (where else?) by Cuije. They even got into a brawl at the end of the match to distract from the low blow finish! Adorableness aside - the match was non-stop action and the Super Libres didn't miss a beat catching or dishing out the offense. I was very impressed with all three and you will be too.

2. CMLL on Cadena Tres 9/12/09 (taped 9/8/09)

Only a three match show which automatically is a bummer, especially when the match cut was an Angeles vs Tuereg battle. But in this case it worked out for the best because all three matches that aired were excellent. In particular the semi-final with Valiente, Sombra and Volador vs the Poder Mexica. Gonna add it to my MOTYC list although it wouldn't have come close to touching the ones I already put on top. Match was full of insane dives which always wins me over but also had some fantastic exchanges and creative counters. Everyone was definitely working extra hard and the crowd threw money into the ring afterwards. The match before that was also good with Dorada/Stuka/Sagrado vs Polvora/Virus/Vangelis. Main event had Garza vs Mephisto in another excellent match ruined by a cheap finish. Still one of the best C3 shows of the year though.

3. Lover Boy vs Golden Boy vs Simbolo - ACM TV 5/2/10

I don't claim to be an expert on the Monterrey situation right now b/c I tend to avoid their TV like the plague but I got this because of Tim's recommendation and it was decent. All three worked really hard, did some insane dives, bled, brawled and the most shocking thing of all... THEY DID A CLEAN FINISH! THE REF DIDN'T GET BUMPED AND NO LOW BLOW WAS USED! This isn't the Monterrey I know! Definitely go to cubsfan.com and download this!

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