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CMLL 8/25/09 & CMLL Puebla 8/31/09

CMLL 8/25/09:

Dark Angel, Lady Apache, Marcela vs. Amapola, Hiroka, Zeuxis: Dark Angel must have rejected someone's advances b/c she spent the entire match working with Zeuxis. She did a good job though so Zeuxis didn't continue the trend of new women debuting and looking horrible. However the trend of injures almost did continue as Dark Angel came up short on a tope suicida and Zeuxis was late to react. Thankfully my fellow Canadian was unharmed. Nothing else happened in this match. Seriously. The finish to every fall were at least neat.

Máscara Dorada, Metro, Valiente vs. Euforia, Vangelis, Virus: Pretty disappointing for a great lineup on paper. I mean... it was alright... I just wanted way more. Dorada did a nice assisted headscissors off the ramp but then blew a spot and that was the end of his night. Tecnicos got the win.

Negro Casas, Terrible, Texano Jr. vs. Sagrado, Shocker, Toscano: Graphic had Lizmark Jr. listed but Negro was wrestling. So we win but we also lose since it must have been a last second sub and thus the match was a complete waste.

Héctor Garza, Hijo del Fantasma, La Máscara vs. Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto: Fun match as you'd expect with these teams and lord knows the show needed it at this point. Finish was a run-in though which left a sour taste in my mouth.

This show ALMOST killed my soul.

CMLL Puebla 8/31/09:

Interesting 15 minute long segment before the matches began where the TVC crew took a bus trip (AU!) to Mexico City to meet the CMLL programming department. They got to ride with some edecanes so good for them.

Aguila Guerrera & Mr. Rafaga vs. Black Tiger & King Jaguar: Meh. Match was average which is understandable since these are four average workers at best. I would have left this off TV and aired the trios match that followed but they probably wanted some local talent on this special 1 Year Anniversary show. King Jaguar almost ruined the special occasion by slipping while he tried a springboard plancha but thankfully Aguila Guerrera ran forward to save his life. Tecnicos won.

Máscara Dorada, Máximo, Metro vs. Arkangel de la Muerte, Dr. X, Loco Max: Lots of comedy with Maximo and Arkangel to start. I think the actual storyline of the match was the tecnico took Loco Max's mask before the match and put it in their corner for Maximo to do dirty things to. After the rudos won the second fall they stole it back. Other than that not much of note here outside of a nice exchange with Mascara Dorada and the rudos.

Naito, Ray Mendoza Jr., Yujiro vs. Blue Panther, La Sombra, Shocker: 95% rudos, 5% tecnicos. So you can imagine how fantastic this must have been! Sombra almost had his shoulder dislocated in the first fall when he got thrown up by Naito into a Yujiro powerslam but he landed awkwardly. He stayed down the entire match except to do two dives in the third fall. Meanwhile Panther annoyed me b/c he took a clothesline in the corner from Yujiro and faked like he was having convulsions and was about to die. Incase you don't get it - he actually did suffer a minor concussion on that same spot back in May or June. His overreaction here was just pathetic though and nobody was buying it. It was more embarassing to him than anything else. Finish had Yujiro power bombing Shocker and holding the ropes to set up their future singles match.

Héctor Garza, Hijo del Fantasma, La Máscara vs. Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas (CMLL Trios Titles): Worked more like a regular trios match than an actual title match. Didn't have any emotion at all and the rudos will clowning around as if the titles weren't even at stake. Tecnicos had no interest in working hard so this was a complete borefest. Negro yanked Fantasma's mask in the third fall and pinned him but then Garza/Mascara eliminated Negro and eventually Mascara rolled up Niebla for the win.

I was not a fan of this show at all.

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