Friday, April 23, 2010

CMLL GdR 9/5/09 + 9/12/09 & Random FSE

CMLL GdR 9/5/09:

Dragon Rojo Jr., Hijo de Lizmark, Sangre Azteca vs. La Máscara, Metro, Sagrado: Standard stuff. Metro had a fake tattoo around his neck which looked odd. Sagrado was the hardest working tecnico and I applaud him for the effort but this is nothing you need to go out of your way to see. La Mascara seemed to tweak his ankle on a tope suicida at the end.

Atlantis, Black Warrior, Mr. Niebla vs. La Sombra, Shocker, Volador Jr.: Pretty fun match. Tecnicos took the first fall in less than a minute with dual running somersault planchas and Shocker pinning Atlantis. The flying tecnicos got some nice sequences in the second fall. Warrior did a somersault off the apron and then while Atlantis rolled up Volador, Niebla kicked Shocker low for the pin in the second fall. Third fall ended clean with the rudos getting the win. Strange to see some hard work in this slot on the show but the crew was motivated.

CMLL GdR 9/12/09:

Flash, Metro, Rouge vs. Euforia, Tiger Kid, Virus: Rouge was so awful here. He almost killed Tiger Kid on a botched spinning backbreaker and then almost elbowed Virus in the head when doing his tope suicida. Flash had some nice moments and the rudos were great on offense but nothing memorable here otherwise.

Atlantis, Black Warrior, Hijo de Lizmark vs. Máscara Dorada, Mictlán, Sagrado: I cannot believe Mictlan is returning soon and we'll have to put up with his antics.:( Hopefully he stays M.I.A. to keep me happy. Dorada was the star of the tecnico team here. Totally blew me away in the first fall when he did a springboard somersault into the ring and then followed with his awesome step-up somersault plancha (Dorada Especial II) onto Warrior! Rudos got the clean win.

From FSE...

Angel Azteca Jr., Guerrero Maya Jr., Starman vs. Arkangel de la Muerte, Loco Max, Skándalo - 7/3/09 @ Arena Mexico: Really enjoyed this since it was mainly the Angel Azteca Jr. show! He got a long sequence in the first fall and ended the fall trying for some crazy assisted springboard move via Starman but he couldn't get his balance and was about to bail out when he just said fuck it and lept at Loco Max successfully. He got to do some more stuff in the second fall and even did an intricate spot leading to the rudo comeback where he did a slingshot headscissors to Arkangel on the ramp but Arkangel caught him and just flipped him back into the ring for a Skandalo power bomb! AWESOME! Probably looked better than I described. Third fall had some nice stuff by the rudos until the tecnico comeback. Maya got assisted into a pescado but the rudos caught him and posted him. Azteca tried a tope suicida but the rudos caught him and slammed him down hard! Starman then stood no chance against the group of Tueregs. Good match.

Horus, Metalico, Tigre Blanco vs. Bronco, Inquisidor, Pólvora - 7/19/09 @ Arena Coliseo: I just want to mention how silly it was to air this match. For some reason they tried to squeeze it in along with the Dorada/Peq Warrior lightning match from 7/17 and the Arena Coliseo main event from 7/19. MAJOR FAIL. Each fall was JIP during the last 45 seconds so all we saw were dives and the finish. What REALLY pissed me off though was... get this... THEY AIRED ENTRANCES AND PRE-MATCH PROMOS! Is there really a point in airing all that if the match is only going to get 3 minutes total? Why not skip the intros, skip the promos and air 7/8 minutes worth of the match instead? ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!

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