Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CMLL 9/1/09 & IWRG 8/27/09

That last post was my 100th! Yay or something!

CMLL 9/1/09:

Big crowd (heavy into the rudos) for the fan appreciation show.

Guerrero Maya Jr., Metálico, Tigre Blanco vs. Hooligan, Pólvora, Tiger Kid: Enjoyed this one. The Blanco/Polvora feud was focused on here so maybe we should have paid more attention to that fact when it came time to pick who would lose the mask match a month or so later. Guerrero Maya Jr. got to showcase his stuff here with the excellent catchers on the opposite side but ironically enough he got over the most after doing a tope over the top and almost piledriving himself on the floor! It looked really scary but he managed to continue the match including doing another tope suicida in the second fall which the crowd cheered for. Two fall match ending with a Polvora low blow.

Euforia, Nosferatu, Skándalo vs. Fabián el Gitano, Pegasso, Rey Cometa: Another good match with everyone working harder in front of the bigger crowd. Liked the first fall finish with Cometa missing his 450 and Pegasso getting his but Skandalo just waiting to dropkick him in the face. Second fall had dual dives by Pegasso/Cometa. Third fall was the tecnico showcase. Finish was neat as Cometa went for an asai moonsault but Euforia/Skandalo caught him (mostly just Euforia) and then dropped him on the apron. I would have marked out more except I saw this same spot on an FSE DVD I watched (but forgot to blog about) with Angel Azteca Jr. and it looked 100x cooler since Euforia caught him almost in the crowd and then threw him into the ringpost like a bullet. Rudos won.

Héctor Garza, Hijo del Fantasma, La Máscara vs. Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto: Another round with these teams. Not as good as the week before but it had it's moments. Garza/Mephisto was heavily pushed with Garza getting the pinfall in the end and challenging for a singles match.

La Sombra, Místico, Volador Jr. vs. Felino, Mr. Niebla, Último Guerrero: Really couldn't tell who the tecnicos were here since the Super Sky Team worked like tecnicos but the crowd was 100% behind the rudos who still acted like rudos. This is the type of match that should have been done like the great 6/2/09 match with the same tecnicos vs La Peste Negra where the teams switched roles. Third fall had an awesome triple dive spot with the tecnicos as Sombra did a moonsault over the ringpost at the same time as Volador Jr. did a running somersault plancha and Mistico did a tope suicida.

Overall an enjoyable show but nothing worth going out of your way to see.

IWRG 8/27/09:

Star Boy/Miss Gaviota vs Carta Brava Jr./Vampiro Metalico: This was okay. I like Vampiro Metalico and really wish IWRG would have gave him a gimmick to run with. He carried Gaviota big time and I guess it's no coincidence that Gaviota looked the best she ever has. Fun match with a couple of neat submission finishes.

Bushi/Chico Che/Freelance vs Avisman/Fantasma De La Quebrada/Gringo Loco: Typical crazy IWRG midcard match. Freelance fucked up a rana in the first fall and his head BOUNCED off the mat. Doctors immediatly checked on him and he looked done for the night but... HE'S FREELANCE! So naturally he got up fine and even did a rana off the top to the floor which is insanity (the move itself + the fact he almost concussed himself doing it IN the ring). Rudos showed some nice teamwork which foreshadowed the Avisman/Gringo future pairing. Third fall had some psycho dives and eventually Freelance beat Avisman clean. Well worth checking out.

Terribles Cerebros vs Pirata Morgan Kids (EdM Trios Titles/DF Trios Titles): Really good match. Some excellent matwork early on and the match built fine from there. I thought the third fall in particular was outstanding. Terry got the win with his lungblower (aka everyone's finisher in IWRG).

The main event isn't worth my time. I fast forwarded through and saw a fork, lots of bleeding and Villano III laughing to really put over the HATRED he supposedly had for Chicana. There's a pro! Can't wait till I get to the IWRG shows where they put the youngsters over these guys. Oh wait... they don't? But... these are two professionals!

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