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As usual I fell behind and watched way more shows than I care to actually go through and comment on one-by-one so instead I'm just going to start discussing random things in a random order. Sound good? Let's get started...

- CMLL 'Homenaje a Dos Leyendas' 2010: Show started off on a good note with two solid opening matches that were quick and to the point. One of them put over the team that should be the trios champs and the other put over three guys CMLL wants to be stars down the road. The middle of the show was just piss fucking poor though. Two matches that had no right being on a megashow and didn't deliver anything enjoyable outside of Quemonito kissing Rey Bucanero. Thankfully the main event delivered BIG TIME. One of my favorite matches of the year with everyone going all out. The story in the middle with Mistico/Felino messing with each other was tremendous and all the nearfalls between Sombra/Felino were epic. Loved the finish. A must-see match. I give the show a thumbs up just for the main event alone.

- Leono/Tigre Blanco vs Apocalipsis/Ramstein (10/2/09 @ Arena Mexico): This aired on TDN and I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooved it! I'm probably the only person who could possibly enjoy this match though. Four guys who will never move up from this position and have been around forever and thus know exactly what to do when opening up Arena Mexico. They didn't go all out with insane spots trying to steal the show b/c they know their limitations. Instead they just worked a smart match with everyone getting their moments to shine and building to a nice finish. What I really enjoyed was the contrast in the second fall between these guys and some of the recent similar second falls I've seen with newer undercarders (Durango Kid, Tiger Kid, Puma King, Bronco, etc.). The newer guys are all about ending the fall as quick as possible and getting in their big moves. There's no build to the moves - they just want to get them all in since it'll be their only chance in the match to do stuff. The veteran rudos here let the tecnicos shine for a bit and then took over but didn't rush their stuff. They beat them down, they threw them around outside the ring including launching Tigre Blanco into the ringpost, Ramstein speared Leono on the ramp and THEN they teamed up to hit tag team finishers on each tecnico. It was so simple and yet brilliant. Sometimes it really bothers me when the tecnicos will dominate an entire fall and then (random names used) Trueno will just enter the ring and walk right into Bronco's finishing suplex for the loss. How can one move put someone away without any sort of damage being inflicted beforehand? Highly reccomended match!

- Arena Coliseo de Monterrey 8/19/08 & 8/24/08: This DVD is available here ( 3 matches and all of them range from good to excellent. I know... it's shocking. Totally expected to just FF through the entire DVD for the most part. The thing I really can't get over is that I've been watching Herodes do his thing since the 80's. In his prime he was an excellent big man who took the best rolling bumps I've ever seen. But when these shows were filmed he was almost 60 years old and had serious back issues. He didn't let that stop him though and worked really hard and even used... A TOPE SUICIDA! CHACHO HERODES! WITH A TOPE SUICIDA! I've *never* seen him do that before in his career and on this random night he decides to bust one out! Unreal.

- Sombra/Valiente/Volador Jr. vs Terrible/Texano Jr./Mephisto (10/2/09 @ Arena Mexico): Total spotfest! Like a billion dives including the first ever TV appearence of the triple moonsault dive (w/ Sombra going over the ringpost). Sagrado/Sombra/Volador were the first to do this spot back in September 2007 but it never aired on TV. SuperLuchas photos had to do. I'm stunned it took this long for it to get busted out again. Scary moment at the end of the match where Sombra did the Aero Star Special and completely missed Texano. I'm stunned he didn't get seriously hurt and even crazier - he didn't miss a single booking!

- Dynamic Black/Fly Star vs Alan Xtreme/Eterno (5/16/10 @ Arena Mexico): To be honest lots of the recent undercard stuff from Naucalpan has been disappointing. This may have finally broken that trend. Awesome match with a ton of creative spots and the insane dives we've come to expect from this crew. Check it out on BTJr's youtube page!

- If you know me you should know I've been really down on AAA lately but I did come across some decent stuff recently. The Atomic Boy/Laredo Kid/Gato Eveready vs Brazo/Decnis/Billy Boy match from 4/6/10 was fantastic. In 9 days on Galavision U.S. there will be a show with Aero Star/Relampago vs Billy Boy/Decnis which was pretty fun and also a six man tag with the usual cruisers along with Daniels mixed in and I thought that was decent as well.

- Bushi/Chico Che/Freelance vs Avisman/Brandon/Gringo Loco (9/3/09 @ Arena Naucalpan): I don't know who Brandon was but odds are he was a last minute sub and was Halcon Salvaje under the hood. I don't know why I just said that. Anyways... another good match well worth checking out.

- Right now Mistico vs Volador Jr. needs to heat up or it will soon be surpassed by the CMLL vs Invaders deal for feud of the year. All the matches have been EXCELLENT (especially the Puebla stuff) and supposedly Sombra vs Psicosis coming up this weekend is great and has a hot angle afterwards. I cannot reccomend this feud enough even with the inclusion of Rayo and the Dinamitas. All the interaction with Quemonito and Cuije is just golden.

Tons more stuff I wanted to get to but I'm already tired of writing. I don't know how Cubs does what he does.

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