Sunday, May 23, 2010

Very Good AAA & ACM

... Was yesterday opposite day and nobody remembered to tell me???

AAA 10/9/09 in Xalapa:

Mascarita Sagrada 2007, Mini Charly Manson, Octagoncito vs. Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis: Decent match and good to see the mini's back on TV. You can always count on them to come through with at least an average match but it's far from the days of hoping the AAA mini's would steal the show and deliver a must-see match. Sagrada looked good when in with Mini Abismo but almost landed on his head trying an asai moonsault late in the match. Mini Abismo low blowed Charly and then hit a bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutal J-Driller but got DQ'ed.

Fabi Apache & Mari Apache vs. Cinthia Moreno & Sexy Star: Meh. Decent enough match but I'm just not into this crew as much as I used to be. Plus I know the future DVD's have them mixed with the awful American women so I'm not too excited for that. Nice finishing sequence.

Laredo Kid, Octagón, Súper Fly vs. Cuervo, Escoria, Ozz: Strange. This was... excellent?!?!??!!? Rudos were bumping like madmen and tecnicos were hitting all their stuff perfectly - especially Laredo Kid. Even the rudo beatdown was fun b/c they were busted out awesome moves instead of just punches and kicks. Ozz took out Cuervo with a tornillo through the ropes and then Laredo Kid and Super Fly teamed up to beat Escoria.

Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, Último Gladiador vs. Go Shiozaki, Kenzo Suzuki, Sugi: Put me in the group that has never seen more than two or three Shiozaki matches and doesn't see what is so special about him that would neccisitate bringing him to Mexico. Sugi was working on an injured knee and sold it all match. So Kenzo was carrying the team. YIKES! Needless to say the worst match of the show. Wagner/Shiozaki blew their first spot together. Yay for pre-match planning! I've never understood blowing the first spot of a match b/c in theory that is the one spot you should NEVER blow!

Cibernético, Joe Lider, Nicho el Millionario vs. El Mesías, La Parka Jr., Marco Corleone: Mesias fought through a worked knee injury to be involved in this. I won't lie... I enjoyed the match. I'm a big fan of the Hermandad though and they were awesome in this. Parka making fun of them for being gay was hilarious and they did this great sequence of moves on Corleone at one point. Ciber mostly stayed out of the way which is always a plus. Corleone did his big dive onto the Hermandad and then Mesias kept kicking out of moves from Cibernetico until finally the choke slam put him away.

Good show!

Arena Coliseo De Monterrey 9/30/08:

Karonte & Panthro vs. Black Soul & Kaoma Jr.: Surprisingly Kaoma Jr. was in fact the ex-nemesis of Rey Cometa. One fall match that started off really strong with excellent matwork but eventually broke down whe Panthro and Karonte didn't get along. Never got the chance to pick up b/c of the usual MTY screwiness.

Rey Hechicero, El Simbolo, Vaquero Romo vs. El Incognito, Tigre Universitario, Estrella Dorada Jr.: Great match! There was an awesome mat exchange between Hechicero and Incognito early on. At one point Incognito snapped Hechicero onto his head with a german suplex which looked scary. Estrella Dorada Jr. did a flip plancha into the first row to end the first fall. Romo was hilarous as usual in the second fall as he took tons of moves from the tecnicos. Third fall comeback was great. Tigre did a cornerpost tope suicida and Incognito almost nose-dived on a bullet tope suicida. Highly recommended match!

5X & Rey Apostol vs. Golden Boy & Papichulo vs. Hermano Diablo I & Hermano Diablo II [UXF TAG]: I'll be honest with you all... if I explained this match in detail you would all think I was on drugs. Instead I'll just say... YOU ALL NEED TO BUY THIS FROM ALFREDO RIGHT NOW! Let's list random things from this match:

1. It was a 3 way that turned into 14 rudos trying to beat up 5X and Rey Apostol.
2. About 8 dives combined between the two tecnicos.
3. Two monkey cages.
4. A zipline which 5X used for his entrance, a dropkick and an attempted plancha that he overshot.
5. Tables.
6. Chairs.
7. A celebrity referee who couldn't actually get down to count b/c of her dress. So for the final fall she just yelled UNO, DOS, TRES!
8. Kaoma Jr. making the save for the tecnicos after they got locked in the monkey cages.
9. A fire extinguisher.

God I loved this match. Arena Coliseo De Monterrey is WEIRD!

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