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Lineups of the Week: 5/31/10 - 6/6/10!

Let's take a look at the lineups for a week that was supposed to be very important in the AAA/CMLL war but thanks to CMLL withdrawing competition isn't much of an interesting week at all. Shame on CMLL.

AAA TV (MON) 05/31 Domo de la Feria de Leon
1) Mari Apache, Mascarita Divina, Relampago, Yuriko vs Decnnis, Mini Histeria, Polvo de Estrellas, Rain

- Should be the usual good match with this crew. Yuriko and Polvo surely only exist in order for them each to make TV once or twice a year. Where is Yuriko w/o Polvo? Not feuding with Pimpi, that's for sure. Relampago/Decnis looked good in the tag match a few weeks back so I'm looking forward to them matching up again. Mari/Rain will probably take center stage here.

2) Alan Stone, Chris Stone, El Elegido vs Cuervo, Escoria, Ozz

- Even more shocking than the return of Yuriko and Polvo... IT'S CHRIS STONE! STAR OF RFW!!! Wonder if he brought Super Calo Jr. with him? Guessing not. This return is out of nowhere although he does fit that tecnico team perfectly. It figueres AAA finally decides to bring in a new Mexican wrestler and THIS is who they choose. You just can't win if you're an AAA fan and like Mexican wrestlers. Wouldn't be surprised to see some sort of feud start here since it'd be easy for AAA to bury these guys in a feud with each other without having to worry about matching them up with other folks.

3) Jack Evans, Joe Lider, Nicho el Millionario vs Alex Koslov, Chessman, Kenzo Suzuki

- I'm still not clear on whether the Hermandad are tecnicos or rudos. I guess they just work for whoever pays them? Should be the best match on the show and I figure Koslov goes over Evans to setup Triplemania where I think Jack is finally winning the title.

4) Dr. Wagner Jr. & La Parka Jr. vs Electroshock & Silver King

- I honestly can't think of a more horrible match. They'll probably just brawl over the building and it'll end with a low blow.

5) Cibernético, Heavy Metal, Octagón vs Hernandez, LA Park, Zorro

- I haven't actually seen any of the recent TV so I'm curious as to whether Heavy Metal is actually working hard opposite Zorro or just mailing it in like he did to end his CMLL run. Octagon vs LA Park will actually be interesting since they've never been on opposite sides since Parka turned tecnico in late 1994.

CMLL (TUE) 06/01 Arena Mexico
1) Principe & Robin vs Cholo & Inquisidor

- Cadena Tres has aired 3 openers in a row - hopefully this will be the fourth! I'm curious to see the new Robin.

2) Ángel Azteca, Ángel de Oro, Ángel de Plata vs Arkangel de la Muerte, Loco Max, Skándalo

- We've seen this match ten billion times by now. So while it will be good, it still means nothing at all. It'd be nice if these teams had some titles to feud over or there'd be a randon mask/hair match once in a while. Any chance Fuego/Stuka will EVER defend those Arena Coliseo Tag Titles in this lifetime?

3) Brazo de Plata, Hijo del Fantasma, Sagrado vs El Alebrije, Olímpico, Ray Mendoza Jr.

- Way to push that CMLL vs Independentes feud! Stick another CMLL guy on the indy team! That'll get the fans to buy tickets! Oh, and here's another idea - put the match third from the top to show how unimportant it is! GENIUS! CMLL pushed this feud into high gear the same week it killed it dead. It's shameful.

4) Felino, Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero vs Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto

- Finally Rey Bucanero remembers who injured him and put him out for months! It's a shame he only remembered about 6 months after he returned to the ring, many of those months spent teaming with the same guys he is now seemingly angry with. And did you know the Guerreros and Peste Negra are now buddies? You wouldn't know that because CMLL spends more time with fan of the week, surprise wrestler of the week and carteleras rather than using TV skits. I am *100% positive* this is just setting up a revancha for 6/8. Bank on it.

5) Volador Jr. vs Atlantis [MEX LH]

- I think I'm in the minority when I say this could go either way. Volador could use a big win over Atlantis but you can never count Atlantis out in title matches. The company always protects him, especially in singles matches. I hope Volador retains (cleanly) because he needs it but I'm kinda leaning towards the upset here and a new champ crowned.

CMLL (FRI) 06/04 Arena Mexico
1) Astro Boy & Sensei vs Mortiz & Semental

- So who's taking the Spanish Fly to the floor? Semental would do it! I just can't think of a logical spot where the rudos get mixed up and Mortiz gives his own partner the move. Joe Lider would be able to figure it out.:) I'm guessing Astro Boy takes it and the rudos win.

2) Astral, Mascarita Dorada, Último Dragoncito vs Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Violencia, Pequeño Warrior

- Will Mascarita Dorada show up? It's an interesting mix here which should provide for a good match but ONLY if Dorada is involved.

3) Valiente vs Virus [lightning]

- Their first Lightning Match was a year ago and is still considered the best match since CMLL brought back this format. I expect no different here. How awesome would it be if this set up a National Welterweight Title match? It won't happen and even if it did we'd only get 5 minutes of the match on TV but it's a nice idea in a fantasy world. I'll take Valiente winning his second in a row over Virus.

4) Máscara Dorada, Metro, Stuka Jr. vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca

- Oops! The random match generator screwed up and actually teamed up the trios champs! I fully expect to see this changed when the ESTO lineups come out.:) In all seriousness... this will probably rule. Dorada has been so incredible lately and yet very few people talk about him. Even Dr. Lucha disrespects him! But in favor of La Sombra so I'll give him a pass. Could another title match be on the horizon between these teams? All signs point to yes but one never knows when Panico, Feliciano and Colombo are in charge.

5) La Máscara, Máximo, Volador Jr. vs Héctor Garza, Terrible, Texano Jr.

- After last week's debacle I assume this match will establish the rudo trio as a trio to fear and they will win this easily. Sagrado would be a better fit here than Volador Jr. because I don't want to see Volador lose but perhaps this is to hint towards a future Volador vs Garza feud if they aren't going to keep Volador/Mistico together.

6) Shocker, Strong Man, Toscano vs Atlantis, Gigante Bernard, Último Guerrero

- This will be awful. But forget the match... WHY IS GIANT BERNARD A RUDO ALL OF A SUDDEN? WHY EVEN DEBUT HIM AS A TECNICO IF HE'S JUST GOING TO THE RUDO SIDE A WEEK LATER WITH NO EXPLANATION? ARE THESE QUESTIONS TOO HARD FOR THE BOOKERS? Let me try an easier one - What's 30% of 18,000? Answer: Exactly what this card will draw.

CMLL (SUN) 06/06 Arena Mexico

CMLL gets a chance to go head-to-head with AAA and fails miserably by putting on one of the worst major shows in recent memory (on paper). You could say they've got some surprises planned (someone from Triplemania jumping?) or the guys will work extra hard but that doesn't sell tickets. And the key to this show was to sell tickets so people wouldn't go to Triplemania. So you can call the show a giant failure a week before it actually happens. I'm predicting 6,000 fans at most but they should thank their lucky stars if they get that much.

1) Bam Bam & Shockercito vs Pequeño Damian 666 & Pierrothito

- Should be fantastic but it will never show up anywhere for us to see it. (unless Samurai TV is taping the show as they promised earlier in the year)

2) Metro, Rush, Stuka Jr. vs Histeria, Maniaco, Monsther

- I'm looking forward to this just because of the randomness involved. Rush vs Hombre Bala? SIGN ME UP! Stuka Jr. vs Perro Silva? I'M THERE! Romano vs Quarterback? IT'S WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF! This is clearly the Independents 'C' team so CMLL should win this.

3) Hijo del Fantasma, La Máscara, Shocker vs El Alebrije, Olímpico, Psicosis

- Otherwise known as the battle of Quemonito vs Cuije! Any match with them involved has been tons of fun to watch and this will be no different. If we're not burying the Independents right away than this is the match they should win to split things 1-1. But as I said earlier... with the three idiots in charge you can never tell what will happen.

4) Máscara Dorada, Místico, Mr. Águila vs Averno, Negro Casas, Volador Jr. [Relevos Increíbles]

- As I said in a post a few days ago I am totally against the idea of this match because the CMLL and Independent wrestlers have no right to be teaming on the first show dedicated to this feud. With that said hopefully Mistico and Volador take center stage here and we finally figure out where CMLL is going with their feud... if one even exists any more. Volador alligning with Averno works or even joining the Independents. What's Super Parka up to these days? Perhaps a run-in for the Independent group leads to Volador helping him out.

5) Brazo de Plata, Rayo de Jalisco Jr., Strong Man vs Gigante Bernard, Máscara Año 2000, Universo 2000

- This match is just an embarassment to CMLL and sets the entire promotion back 25 years. If Paco Alonso cared about his company he would fire the bookers for putting this match together.

6) Taichi vs Máximo [hair]

- The bottom line here is nobody cares. The feud came out of nowhere. It involves two wrestlers who don't matter, one of which is known for losing his hair and having it grow back within days. Maybe Maximo wins. So what? Taichi loses his hair extensions and Maximo continues to be a sideshow act and a big hair match win goes to someone who doesn't need it. Maybe Taichi wins. So what? Maximo's hair means nothing at all. It's a no-win situation for everyone.

The bottom line with this show is CMLL showed three things:

1. The head of the company (Paco Alonso) doesn't care about his own promotion.
2. Everyone with an important position in the company (Alonso, Mar, Colombo, Feliciano, Salazar, Noriegua, etc.) are all a bunch of chickens who would rather not compete when someone threatens their own territory.
3. The bookers are very uncreative and have no long term vision.

AAA TV (SUN) 06/06 Palacio de los Deportes, DF
1) Mini Abismo Negro vs Mini Charly Manson, Octagoncito, Mascarita Divina, Mini Histeria, Mascarita Sagrada, Mini Psicosis [AAA MINI, Ladder]

- This is stupid for so many reasons. You could make a list and the reasons just get dumber and dumber:

1. The title means nothing.
2. A ladder is going to get used in lots of matches later in the show so why kill the gimmick in the opener?
4. Injuries are bound to occur and you've got a wrestler booked in the match who is coming off major surgery.

Prediction? I just hope nobody gets hurt. The winner doesn't mean anything in the longrun.

2) Jennifer Blade, Rain, Sexy Star vs Cinthia Moreno, Fabi Apache, Mari Apache [loser is a maid]

- I could give a shit about this feud or the stipulation but Konnan thinks this type of stuff puts AAA on par with the WWE so all the power to him. I don't think the AAA locker room is done with Blade and Rain so odds are they'll win even though the tecnicas are due for a win.

3) Nosawa vs Christopher Daniels, Jack Evans, Extreme Tiger [AAA CRUISER]

- It should be about the time Jack won something of importance and I guess the Cruiserweight Title will have to do. Then he can defend it on his U.S. appearences which no doubt makes Konnan a little wet in the pants. Maybe Tiger takes out Nozawa with some crazy move through a table and that leaves Jack to beat Daniels.

4) Abyss & Cibernético vs Vampiro & Zorro

- In a perfect world Zorro doesn't show up for this and jumps to CMLL to lead the Team Independent with Garza & Aguila. But he's had tons of chances in the past to leave and hasn't so something is keeping him here. I'm just hoping once he realizes he's now playing second fiddle to VAMPIRO he will finally make the right decision. This match will be horrible on so many levels but I will continue to get a kick out of Dave Meltzer's weekly "this is Vampiro's last run on top" line. *L*

5) Alex Koslov, Chessman, Hernandez vs Heavy Metal, Octagón, Pimpinela Escarlata [seconds hair]

- This will probably be really short and to the point with everyone getting in their signature moves and the rudo ref losing his hair. I think back to that original Konnan interview on WON Live after Pena died where he said he was sick of AAA putting on crappy stipulation matches such as refs having their hair on the line. Guess he's okay with that now, huh?

6) Silver King & Último Gladiador vs Atsushi Aoki & Go Shiozaki and James Storm & Robert Roode and Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario [AAA TAG]

- Probably going to be the fourth match on the show where chairs, ladders and tables are involved. Titles are clearly coming back to Mexico, just depends which team is bringing them home. I'm going with Silver King/Ultimo Gladiador and hopefully AAA is at least smart enough to have them beat one of the foreign teams instead of pinning the one team they face on a weekly basis and will probably match-up with at Verano De Escandalo.

7) LA Park vs La Parka Jr. [identity]

- I've said it before and I'll say it again: LA PARK IS *NOT* LOSING THIS FEUD. Not his name, not his mask. I'm sure he made a deal where he'll go over in this match and maybe they'll call La Parka Jr. something like 'Hombre Sin Nombre' for a little while but this feud has no legs. LA Park is going to leave the company before it gets to a mask match. I guarantee it. He knows how to play these things and you've got be a total idiot if you think he's laying down and losing his mask to Karis La Momia. He's his own biggest fan and he can get way more money from a mark promoter in Monterrey or Torreon to do a mask match down the road with Wagner. I'm curious as to how the announcers deal with Parka Jr. losing though. They're so drunk when they do commentary that I doubt they'll be able to remember not to call him 'Parka'. This feud will be an epic failure.

8) Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Electroshock [AAA HEAVY]

- How badly would you have all laughed at me if I told you two or three years ago that Triplemania 2010 would be headlined by an Electro Shock singles match? You should all still be laughing if I told you yesterday that it was the headliner but to AAA's credit they have built Electro Shock up well. I presume Wagner goes over though and Electro returns to being a lifetime midcarder who only fills in on top of the cards when nobody else is available or the promotion is just plain desperate.

In the war of 6/6 AAA will clearly be the winner unless one of these two things happen:

1. Triplemania gets cancelled. (not likely)
2. CMLL manages to convince one of the top guys booked at Triplemania to jump. Zorro wouldn't be big enough. It'd have to be either one of the Parkas (doubtful), Wagner (not happening), Electro Shock (long probability) or Cibernetico (strong possibility).

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