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Catching up October '09 Lucha...

CMLL 10/16/09 @ Arena Mexico:

A full show made various TV shows!

Molotov/Starman vs Artillero/Super Comando: Excellent way to open the show. The tecnico team has shown in the past they can be lazy at times but they were trying hard here and the rudos always work hard. Crowd got into the match near the end and they had a nice little finishing sequence put together. The short TDN run was worth it for matches like this.

Estrella Magica/Lluvia/Marcela vs Hiroka/La Amapola/Princesa Sujei: Can't remember much about this so it clearly didn't stand out in any way. I do remember Estrella Magica trying her little half-moonsaultish dive to the floor and the rudas trying to catch her but failing miserably. Such is the CMLL women's division...

El Hijo Del Fantasma/Stuka Jr./Valiente vs Poder Mexica: Excellent match. You really can't go wrong with this crew and these guys had the extra motivation of knowing they'd be heading to a revenge match the following week. The Valiente/Rojo feud was the center of attention but everyone had their chance to shine. Rudos got DQ'ed and stole Valiente's mask post-match.

Volador Jr. vs Averno - Lightning Match: Exactly what you'd expect. Volador got in his trademark moves and Averno was only there to catch and wait for the part of the match where he got to tear at Volador's mask. Volador won to set up the title match the following week.

Mistico/Shocker/Strongman vs Atlantis/Negro Casas/Ultimo Guerrero: Mainly the Strongman show as the rudos were bumping all over for his sloppy moves. I don't really get it though b/c the idea is to push him as something DIFFERENT. So why have him do moves like fancy armdrags and planchas off the turnbuckles? I get that you want the crowd to be impressed but look at Giant Silva. He did his usual shtick for months before he began trying to do things like planchas off the apron. If you blow your load in the first month you are in - what's left for the crowd to be amazed by?

Black Warrior vs Yujiro - Hair vs Hair: Oh my god. Fucking awful. I knew Warrior didn't care any more by this point but he really drives the point home with his performance in this match. He just wanted to get his head shaved and go spend his dough on weed. So sad for a guy who used to be so talented. Crowd totally didn't see the finish coming because it was so lame. Warrior didn't even act like the loss meant anything so I don't think this even accomplished anything for Yujiro. A win over Maximo may have meant more.

CMLL 10/20/09 (10/24/09 on C3):

It should be noted that NOBODY came to see this show. I'd be stunned if more than 600-800 fans were in the building. The floor seats were virutally empty outside of the first 3-4 rows on each side and every time they did a longshot it appeared the bleachers were completely deserted outside of the usual tecnico supporters section. Pretty sad and even sadder is the wrestlers worked to the level of the crowd. They treated it like a nothing show and just wanted out.

Astro Boy/Guerrero Maya Jr./Sensei vs Dr. X/Hooligan/Nitro: Average opener. I've certainly seen better. Dr. X and Nitro really drag down any Tuereg matches they are involved in. Both are clearly out of shape and their bodies are wearing down. At least the actual team went over here which made sense.

Bracito De Oro/Electrico/Mascarita Dorada vs Pequeno Nitro/Pequeno Warrior/Pierrothito: As I noted above... these guys just wanted to go home. The entire match lasted 6 or 7 minutes. Third fall didn't appear edited at all and just had the dives and the finish within a minute. Even Dorada who always works hard didn't appear to be breaking a sweat here.

La Sombra/Mascara Dorada/Toscano vs Felino/Heavy Metal/Virus: This was the last chance to save the show and no dice. Dorada had a somewhat decent exchange with the rudos but once again these guys just wanted to go home. Sadly Dorada and Felino didn't make it as the planned finish went all wrong. They tried the old Mascara Magica/Felino deal where Dorada did a headstand and Felino caught him for a Splash Mountain off the top rope but he lost control of Dorada and they both tumbled to the floor with Dorada smacking his head on the apron and Felino landing awkwardly on his neck. They both lay there dead. Felino actually seemed more stunned than hurt but Dorada was clearly in pain. To their credit the other four wrestlers improvised a finish very nicely. Both guys got stretchered out.

Averno/Mephisto/Efesto vs Ray Mendoza Jr./Yujiro/Naito: A worst match of the year candidate. I still want an explanation of why the son of a legendary Mexican wrestler is always teaming with foreigners.

CMLL 10/23/09 @ Arena Mexico:

Women's tag opener did not air anywhere. Writing that just brings tears of joy to my eyes...

Bam Bam vs Pequeno Damian 666 - Lightning Match: Sadly this was joined in progress but what aired was awesome. Damian lept off the top into two feet from Bam Bam who then did his guillotine legdrop as Damian hung in the ropes except TO THE FLOOR! AWESOME! Then came one of the best spots of the year where Bam Bam tried an asai moonsault dive and Peq Damian just picked up his feet causing Bam Bam to bounce into the front row! Gave me fun flashbacks to the Astro Boy/Ramstein greatest spot ever! Clearly Bam Bam was dead so Peq Damian rolled him inside and gave him the J-Driller just to make sure. The reaction of the rudo fans in the front row was hilarious.

El Hijo Del Fantasma/Stuka Jr./Valiente vs Poder Mexica: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWESOME! I cannot believe CMLL didn't air this on TV. Well... actually I can. THIS is how you do a revenge match. You don't start with matwork or rudo brawling... you send the guys out to kill each other! The tecnicos attacked the rudos during their entrance and threw them off the stairs! Then Stuka/Fantasma did dual dives off the stage as Valiente gave Dragon Rojo a rana on the ramp! YES! MORE MORE MORE! So then Valiente tossed Rojo into the ring and the other two tecnicos beat up Azteca and Misterioso until they tossed them off the ramp and hit them with dual somersault planchas from the ramp! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! Valiente then completely fucked things up and got pinned clean by Dragon Rojo. Hot first fall! Crowd was really into by this point and the chants were louder here than for anything else on the show. Second fall was mostly just Valiente/Rojo stuff with the rudo running away and some mask ripping. The other tecnicos eventually got in just to hit more big dives and just when it looked like Valiente had things wrapped up... Rojo dropkicked him in the back as he tried a springboard and got the win. *standing ovation*

Blue Panther/Hector Garza/Sagrado vs Okumura/Yujiro/Naito: Another two fall match and a decent one too. Couldn't touch the previous match and was a definite comedown for the crowd so they should have reversed the order. Hindsight is 20/20 though. I thought Sagrado's performance was especially excellent but Garza was no slouch. Rudos got DQ'ed for a low blow on Garza. I guess they changed their minds after this b/c the feud switched over to Texano/Terrible.

Volador Jr. vs Averno - NWA Middleweight Title Bout: Excellent match! Much better than I originally remembered. First two falls aired in full. Third fall had a big chunk edited out but if you have the 3ra Caida DVD you can see almost everything you missed which looked really good. Some fantastic nearfalls and great dives from both guys. Finish was fun with Averno killing Volador dead with three straight Devil Wings. Crowd threw a bunch of coins into the ring afterwards.

Mistico/Shocker/Strongman vs Atlantis/Negro Casas/Ultimo Guerrero: Same deal as the previous week except more focus on Strongman vs Ultimo after last week's low blow finish. Mistico drove Negro Casas into the crowd with a bullet tope suicida in the third fall and a fan seemed to get hurt. Shocker and Strongman went over and did their dual pose to end the show.

CMLL 10/27/09 (10/31/09 on C3):

Leono/Metalico/Tony Rivera vs Caligula/Messala/Hooligan: Pure laziness. I can expect that from this tecnico crew but the rudos should be ashamed of themselves. Los Romanos mailed it in so much that they didn't even bust out their usual double team moves.

Fabian El Gitano/Flash/Rouge vs Dr. X/Skandalo/Vangelis: Flash was the only one motivated here. Weird match to pick to get motivated though since the crowd was boo'ing everyone here for their lack of effort and rightfully so. The rudos looked absolutely terrified every time Rouge did that move where he just runs at you and jumps as if not knowing what he is planning on doing...

Averno/Mephisto/Efesto vs Ray Mendoza Jr./Yujiro/Naito: A *little* better than the previous week but still absolutely horrific. I now know why the crowd here was only a bit better than the previous week.

Mistico/La Mascara/Volador Jr. vs Atlantis/Heavy Metal/Ultimo Guerrero: This was like usual main events where the rudos dominate early and the tecnicos come back to do their dives and then get all get exchanges against each rudo. Except this part skipped the exchanges and just had constant dives + a Mistico exchange with Ultimo Guerrero and Volador with Atlantis. Either they had another show to get to or just wanted to go home as fast as possible. Either way it annoyed me. Mistico went over Ultimo clean with La Mistica.

IWRG 10/8/09:

Jack & Miss Gaviota vs. Epidemia & Heavy Boy: Tecnicos were abysmal but the rudos held their own and had some interesting moves. I could do without Gaviota existing.

Eragon vs. Hijo del Signo: This wasn't as bad as I was led to believe. I enjoyed it and wouldn't be opposed to random singles matches weekly on IWRG TV. (I will eat those words before I finish typing this update)

Bushi, Exodia, Hombre Bala Jr. vs. Arlequin Amarillo, Arlequin Rojo, Gringo Loco: Fun match! Tecnicos were all trying stuff they were incapable of pulling off and I love stuff like that!:D All three rudos were tremendous at trying to catch the ridiculous moves and making sure the tecnicos didn't completely die on wacky dives and moves off the top. Bala Jr. impressed me enough to want to see more of him but I think he just disappeared after his two week run. Both Exodia and Loco screwed up dives in the third fall although I think the ropes were messed up.

Barba Roja, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan Jr. vs. Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWESOME! I seriously think the pirates have some issue with police officers b/c they destroyed the Oficiales as bad as I've seen them get destroyed. Words wouldn't do this match justice. Third fall ended up as a handicap situation with AK-47 being taken to the back for medical attention on his arm. Needless to say it was total destruction. Finish was BRUTAL. God bless IWRG!

IWRG 10/22/09:

Exodia vs. La Rata: ... Ugh. Told you I'd eat my words. I don't know where this match came from but I wish it would have never occured. Exodia isn't even good enough to be working tag matches let alone singles matches against a pretty much known guy who lies about being a former National Welterweight Champion! Nothing to see here.

El Hijo del Diablo & Gringo Loco vs. Pendulo & Star Boy: Barely better than the previous match. What happened this week? All the regular were working their real jobs?

Black Terry, Pirata Morgan, Tóxico vs. Brazo de Plata, Chico Che, Suicida: Would have been better without the immobile Porky and Pirata. Segura/Terry working the mat was really great. Chico Che almost killed himself on a botched ringpost tope suicida in the first fall. He bled a lot in the second fall but the match was a giant bore. Just guys stumbling around doing much of nothing. Morgan low blowed Porky for the win. Appropriate ending.

Flor Metalica vs. Atsuko Emoto [hair]: I have so many mean things to say about everyone involved in this match but I will bite my tongue. Plus I want to go watch Hawks/Flyers.

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