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More October '09 Lucha!

AAA 10/23/09 in Mexico City:

It should be noted the turnout for this show was dramatically lower from the first dual tapings.

Decnnis, Mini Abismo Negro, Sexy Star vs. Jennifer Blake, Octagoncito, Rocky Romero: It was quite alarming to see Rocky Romero/Mini Abismo Negro go toe-to-toe and be looking each other in the eyes. Bye bye any chance of a WWE contract! Rocky/Decnis worked great together here. Would like to see more of that pairing in the future. Blake looked the best I've seen her thus far but she had two great catchers to work with and was away from the usual mess of a womens match. Good stuff in general.

Dr. Wagner Jr. & Jack Evans vs. Alex Koslov & Teddy Hart: The typical mess you'd expect with Wagner/Koslov just brawling while Jack/Teddy did their moves on each other. Might as well have run two seperate singles matches. Very disappointing.

Fabi Apache & Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Polvo de Esterllas & Rain: Only went 5 minutes or so and was mainly comedy outside of an exchange between the women. Uhm... the women with breasts, not the other women. Tecnicas went over.

Cibernético, Electroshock, Kenzo Suzuki vs. El Elegido, El Mesías, Marco Corleone: Horrible. Had to hit FF in the middle because the brawling was awful and the crowd was dead.

Not a good show at all.

CMLL 10/30/09 @ Arena Mexico:

Rare five match show but the opener didn't make TV anywhere. Momentos had clips of nice dives from Escorpion, Semental and Astro Boy though.

Máximo, Sagrado, Stuka Jr. vs. Euforia, Pólvora, Virus: Fredo's copy picks this up in the 3rd fall but you can see the first two on LoverIce's youtube channel. You don't miss much though. End of the second fall had a great dive spot where Stuka Jr. did a ringpost moonsault as the other tecnicos did cornerpost tope suicidas but the camera work and post-production (going to a split-screen) completely ruined the effect of the dives. Third fall was solid with lots of back-and-forth stuff. Stuka tried his sideways missile dive over the ringpost but came up short and got hurt. His teammates were still able to win though.

Valiente vs. Dragon Rojo Jr. - Mexican National Welterweight Title Bout: Didn't seem edited at all. Pretty good match although not at the level of Volador vs Averno from the week before. Valiente countered Rojo's finisher in the first fall but only got a two and was then put away. Second fall had some good stuff and Valiente took it with his tombstone into a lungblower. Third fall had the dives you'd expect... except no Valiente Especial which was strange. He did get in a bullet tope suicida, running somersault plancha and the old Silver King dive. Rojo countered with his plancha off the top. Lots of nearfalls but not many believable ones. Valiente eventually got the submission win. He worked hard to carry Rojo through this.

Misterioso II, Terrible, Texano Jr. vs. Blue Panther, Máscara Dorada, Toscano: Pretty much entirely dominated by the rudos so no cool Dorada exchange or Panther/Misterioso matwork. Dorada got in his Dorada Especial II (step-up somersault plancha) on Texano in the 2nd fall. Rudos won clean to set them up for the upcoming feud with No Limit.

Brazo de Plata, Héctor Garza, Shocker vs. Naito, Ray Mendoza Jr., Yujiro: Porky looked disgustingly fat. The match was centered around his return of course so he got in all his usual spots. Mendoza looked overjoyed that someone was finally around who could work on his level. So sad. So very sad.

AAA 10/30/09 in Veracruz:

Crazy Boy, Decnnis, Gato Eveready vs. Rió Bravo, Tigre Cota, Tito Santana: Fun opener. Crazzy Boy went move crazy during his mat exchange if you can believe it. Gato Eveready shined in his rare TV appearence as did the rudos who may have thought a good showing here to go with their 10/19 showing would get them elevated. It did not. The comeback spot was funny with Guapito jumping on Decnis' back to get away. There was a dive train and then Decnis used his finisher for the win.

Rain, Sexy Star, Teddy Hart vs. Fabi Apache, Gran Apache, Mari Apache: Hello randomness! Good to see Gran Apache back in action but how weird to pair him against Teddy Hart. Teddy got to do his moves on the old man but seemed extra cautious in punching him and kneeing him. He also got in a ringpost moonsault and should thank the old man for saving his life since he came up short after a slip. The real fun here was when Teddy and Mari got matched up. She killed him dead with a brain buster and then he countered by killing her dead with his power bomb into a lung blower! He even copped a feel during the move! This would have been a fun feud to continue so AAA killed it dead.

Joe Lider, Mantra, Nicho el Millionario vs. Laredo Kid, Octagón, Súper Fly: I was way off in guessing Black Abyss was Mantra but in my defense I guessed based on the photos instead of waiting to see the match. Had I waited I would have punched myself in the face for thinking it was Black Abyss. My new best guess is Mantra was either El Gallego, Mr. Condor or some random friend of one of the Roldans who wanted to try being a wrestler. Whoever it was clearly had no business in this match and his partners clearly had no interest in teaming with him since they ignored him in every double team move and got mad when he tried to interject himself. The match was heavily edited and yet Mantra blown spots still had to be left in so that tells you how bad things were going. The only time he got something right was a quick armdrag spot with Octagon leading to a tope suicida. The mere fact Octagon trusted him to catch a tope suicida leads me to believe it was one of the Diabolicos. Super Fly did a SFTD to nowhere and then got backdropped into the crowd in the only cool spot of the match. Actually I take that back... the inverted wheelbarrow into a backcracker was also really neat. As the Hermandad got the winning pinfall on Laredo Kid, Mantra ran over to sit on top and almost fell. Oy.

Alex Koslov, Teddy Hart, El Zorro vs. Marco Corleone, Pimpinela Escarlata, Rocky Romero: I'm convinced this entire taping was punishment for Teddy. First he had to work with the women and then he got put in this match, mainly matched up with Pimpinela who kissed him plenty of times. Teddy tried to do his moves on Pimpi who had no idea how to take them so it looked awful. Sucks to be Teddy. There were some funny spots with Corleone/Koslov and Romero/Koslov but in general the match stunk. Zorro ended up being put over thanks to outside interference from Konnan. There was a pre-match segment where KoslovCam first tried to peek at Rain's boobs (FAIL) and then caught Konnan and Zorro talking about what happened at Triplemania. The long forgotten angle! I didn't care enough to listen to what they said but I'm assuming based on the finish that the idea is Konnan helped Zorro here so show he forgives him. Awwww.

Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, Último Gladiador vs. El Mesías, Extreme Tiger, La Parka Jr.: Way too long. Should have went straight from the tecnico comeback into the finish but Wagner was involved so naturally we had to get brawling in the crowd that took forever and meant half the crowd couldn't see what was going on. This works in Naucalpan. It does not work on TV and in front of a large crowd. But it's Wagner. He does what he wants and gets away with it. Good for him. The setup spot for Tiger's dive and the dive itself were fantastic. That's about all I have to say about this match.

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